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How Are Slide And Stack Different From Bi-fold Sliding Doors?

People are confused between bi-fold doors and sliding doors. The decision for the correct purchase mainly depends on personal preference and budget. Both these sets of doors create a connection between inside and outside space. This provides lots of natural light and gives a chic and modern look. If you want to decide between installing a folding door or a sliding door, then it is essential that you know the differences between them. Bi-fold doors and sliding doors offer a huge range of benefits, but choosing the door depends on your needs and available space Read More Schlüsseldienst Ingolstadt

What are Bi-fold Doors? 

Bi-fold doors are made of two-door leaves that you can open and fold back against. The panels are connected by hinges which run back and forth. These doors can open up an entire opening, connecting the inside of your space with your outdoor space. Bi-fold doors take up width and depth when you open them. This means that these doors will take up space in your home externally. The panels aren’t as wide as sliding doors, so you will need more panels to span your opening. 


  • Fully opened, which connects indoors and outdoors. 
  • The traffic door option is available
  • Wide ranges of options
  • You can open these inwards as well as outwards
  • The aluminum frames are lightweight, which increases home value
  • These doors are available with a low threshold and work in a large or small opening


  • These doors require space
  • A high number of frames ruin the view

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What are Sliding Doors? 

Sliding doors are made up of large panes of glass that can be moved to the side. These doors give an uninterrupted view and are ideal for large openings so that you can enjoy the natural light. The bi fold sliding doors don’t provide a full opening as the doors must slide back against each other. A sliding door is a popular choice for homeowners with limited space. In sliding doors, each panel operates independently, allowing you to open as few or as many panels as you like. Sliding doors have less hardware and aluminum holding, and the panels are larger and heavier than bi-fold doors. 


  • Takes the least amount of space. Slim sightlines
  • These doors are lightweight and easy to slide
  • The large glass panels provide an unobstructed view 


  • Less convenient for quick access 
  • These are very expensive. 
  • The flush track cannot be achieved because of the space required for the roller mechanism. 

What are Stacking Doors? 

The Stacking Doors are 3 to 6 glass panels that slide along an aluminum track. And that eventually stacked in front of one another. This design allows for more open space and lets in abundant natural light than bi fold sliding doors. These doors do not fully open, but they provide a wide-open space and a sleek and contemporary design.


The type of doors you choose depends on the space’s dimensions and the room’s view. If you have a space open more often, then bifold doors should be your choice. Sliding doors are cheaper, and they offer a quality of life. 

Thermal efficiency

Sliding doors are made using more glass, which means they are very thermally efficient. Bi-fold doors require more door profiles, which can lower the doors’ thermal efficiency.  

Ease of access

Bi-fold doors can completely open up by folding back, which offers greater ease of access sliding doors must always slide open. You can always open one door for quick access, making bi-fold doors convenient. 

Configuration variety

Sliding doors only come in 2, 4 and 6-door configurations, but bi-fold doors can be configured in any number of panels depending upon the visual appearance.

How do you open sliding doors? 

  • Open the daily door.
  • Then slide and stack each panel independently

How do you open bi-fold doors? 

  • Unlatch every panel, which will allow folding
  • Then push each hinge point towards the exterior
  • After that, fold doors in a stacked direction.

When it comes to choosing the door type, it depends on your needs and preferences. It would be best if you chose which is best for your home or space. You must know that each door type comes in multiple styles and configurations, and you can customize it according to your needs.

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