How long does an abortion with pills last?

How long does a medical abortion last? Even if this question seems simple, the answer is far from it and has many facets. Understanding how the abortion process works, what a successful abortion means, and how long you may continue to experience the side effects of an abortion are important things to consider when assessing the length of time. ‘medical abortion.

The first signs that a medical abortion has started

Let’s start with the first signs that an abortion is in progress: You may experience cramps and bleeding will start within 3 hours of taking Abortion pills in Dubai online. Although uncomfortable, the cramps and bleeding are positive signs that the abortion is going as planned. They mean that the misoprostol has started to work on the uterus and the pregnancy is being pushed out of your body.

Cramping and bleeding are usually worse 4 to 8 hours after taking misoprostol. Remember that you can reduce the discomfort during an abortion by designing a self-care program in advance. You can learn more about how to manage the effects of a medical abortion in the General Advice section of our website.

A medical abortion will expel the pregnancy

How to take care of yourself during a bad abortion is completely up to you. Some women have no problem looking very closely at bodily discharge, while others prefer not to just do it. Both approaches are valid.

choose to monitor bleeding

However, if you choose to monitor bleeding closely during a medical abortion, you will actually be able to see pregnancy tissue coming out of your body. Keep in mind, however, that this will depend on the age of pregnancy; tissue expulsion from more advanced pregnancies may be more noticeable and that from earlier pregnancies may go unnoticed.

When aborting a pregnancy

When aborting a pregnancy in the first 10 weeks, the tissue may be smaller and look like dark grapes. You may also see a small bag covered with a layer of fluffy white. The size of the tissues will depend on the age of the pregnancy. Tissues from early pregnancy may be smaller than your fingernail, and tissue from advanced pregnancies may be the size of your thumb.

Once the pregnancy is expelled from your body

Once the pregnancy is expelled from your body, the abortion is over and you are no longer pregnant. This usually occurs within 24 hours of using the Medicine for abortion in Dubai.

After a medical abortion

This is where performing confusion can arise: if the pregnancy has been terminated, why don’t things immediately return to normal? Why can women continue to feel the effects of an abortion even after the abortion is technically complete?

In truth, the effects of an abortion can continue for several weeks. This does not mean that you are still pregnant, but rather that your body needs time to regain its former shape.


Bleeding is perhaps the most obvious sign of the persistence of the effects of abortion.

While it is true that the heaviest bleeding will usually peak 4 to 6 hours after using misoprostol, it is common for women to continue to bleed for 3 to 4 weeks after the abortion. This bleeding should gradually decrease over time and on its own.

Sometimes persistent bleeding can make women uncomfortable and they will wonder what they can do to stop it. Remember that it is normal to bleed; it is your body’s natural way of emptying the uterus after a pregnancy termination. As long as the bleeding is not exaggerated and there is no sign of infection there is nothing you can do but wait for it to gradually stop on its own.

In addition to the persistent bleeding

In addition to the persistent bleeding, women should notice a change in their pregnancy symptoms after using abortion pills. Nausea and fatigue will go away, breast tenderness will decrease, and the body will return to its normal state without pregnancy. The time for this change varies, but it usually occurs a few days after using abortion pills.

And finally: the pregnancy test. Women can use a pregnancy test after a medical abortion to confirm that they are no longer pregnant. Only the moment when they will perform this test is very important and will determine its reliability.

Pregnancy tests measure the amount of pregnancy hormone in the urine

Pregnancy tests measure the amount of pregnancy hormone in the urine. When there is a certain amount of this hormone in the urine, the pregnancy test will be positive. If the test is done too soon after an abortion, it is likely that the pregnancy hormone is still present and the test result will be a false positive. For a pregnancy test to give a reliable result, women must wait at least two weeks after having an abortion before having one.

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