How Professional Help When Termites Spread?

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Termite infestation is one thing that homeowners want to stay away from. However, despite all efforts, termites attack the property and leave the hollow structures. But do you know how do termites spread? If not, Pest Control Mawson Lakes is providing detailed information so that you can prevent the infestation beforehand.

How do you know the presence of termites?

Termites most of the time, stay away from your eyes and do their work. It creates a sudden problem as they damage the inner structure. But you can stay vigilant and check if you find any of the below signs:

Wings, dead, alive termites:

The presence of swarmers, workers in the home, is the first sign indicating termites activity is going somewhere in the home. However, they can be winged, alive or dead, depending on the infestation level.

It is wise to regularly check the window frame, doors, vent, and wooden structure even if you do not find any signs.

Hollow Wood:

When you tap on the wooden structure, a damaged wood will sound hollow. You can easily differentiate the sound. Moreover, if anything is extremely damaged, you may notice breakage or cracks, or loosed structure. Blister in wood is another indicator of the active termite infestation. If you do not want dollars of damage to your property, it is best to choose professional termite inspection to stay ahead of the problem.

On what factors termite growth depends?

Before we know how termites spread, let us see the factors that encourage their growth:

  •   Ease of food sources
  •   A moist and humid condition
  •   Contact of wood and soil
  •   Age and size of the termite colony

How termites spread:

Termites have winged female members in their colony who mate with winged males. The female then seeks a suitable environment and sheds her wings, and a new colony begins. Meanwhile, other termites hunt and collect food and build a tunnel in the following:

Mud tubes:

Mud tubes are the best indicator of the presence of the termite infestation, and they build from digging wood or soil. Termites use flattened muddy tubes to navigate, and they frequently travel and feast. You can easily see their mud tubes on the exposed surface, such as chimneys, floorings, plumbing, and other fixtures. It can even extend on the concrete foundation if there is any wood contact, and slowly they spread.

Cracks of the walls:

They can efficiently attack the home through the small openings. If they swarmer finds their way to home, they invite the whole colony and start spreading to all the wooden areas of the home. But, a regular termite inspection by a professional at Pest control Mawson Lakes can save thousands of dollars and prevent infestation.

Soil to wall contact:

If any wooden structure connects the ground, it acts as a bridge for termites to spread. Once they find entry to the home, it is challenging to get rid of termites. Therefore, to stop termites spreading, act from the initial stage and take termite control service providers.

What to do if you suspect termite activity?

Termite infestation, in some cases, may lead to a complete demolishing of the structure. In addition, they degrade the quality of wood by eating and pose a threat to kids and other families.

While DIY methods provide a temporary solution but you should not rely on them. Termite activity once recognised, consider calling the best and qualified pest control expert in  Mawson Lakes. Professionals identify the type of termite, their entry point in the home, and provide effective treatment. Their treatment does not leave any hiding place for termites and thus eliminates them from home.

Pest control Mawson Lakes provides services for commercial and residential property. You can also opt for a termite inspection once a year to prevent a future attack. Moreover, a termite inspection will also help if you are purchasing a new home.

Consider calling a professional Pest control company for Mawson Lakes home!

A termite infestation can cause dollars of damage, and the worst thing is you are not aware of their spread initially. The later you realise the infestation, the worse the damage becomes. Also, they are responsible for destroying the entire structure of your home. Therefore, you should be careful about any activity, even in the neighbourhood. Call professional Pest Control Mawson Lakes for termite treatment and removal.

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