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Congratulations, the first degree is in the bag! The all-important question is now: is it worth doing a master’s degree or is it more lucrative to enter the world of work directly? Our tips will help you with your decision and Buy Research Paper Online.

What happens after the bachelor’s degree – go to work or do a master’s?

After the first academic degree, after the great joy, the equally big question arises as to how to continue after the bachelor’s degree? Because the bachelor’s degree made it possible to leave the lecture hall behind and swap it for the office even after an average of six semesters at university. A good choice for many, especially when the financial situation requires it. There is no blanket answer as to what advice should be given to university graduates. It depends above all on your chosen field of study and your personal goals, which decision brings you more advantages in the end.

However, if you decide to do a master’s degree, consider other universities than your bachelor’s alma mater. Authentic field reports on studies and universities by students are often helpful here.


What speaks for the Master:

  • With a master’s degree, the starting salary is higher and will also increase more rapidly over the years with accumulated professional experience .
  • You can specialize in a certain area – this increases your job opportunities immensely.
  • The probability of one day holding a management position is higher.
  • You want a job in research? Then the master’s degree is of course mandatory!


What speaks for the entry into professional life:

  • Gaining work experience – for many companies far more important than an academic degree.
  • The financial situation is easier to cope with, there is no need to finance a degree.


How Much Do You Earn After Graduation?

Fresh out of university, into professional life – regardless of whether you have a bachelor’s or master’s degree, at the beginning of your professional life you will first receive a starting salary due to a lack of experience. However, this starting salary after graduation is higher for a master’s degree. A master’s graduate earns around 250 euros more than someone with a bachelor’s degree. But that’s not all, in the course of working life the difference in salary will increase even further, by around 400 to 700 euros. The difference in salary between a bachelor’s and a master’s degree is particularly high in technical and economic professions.


Education yes, Master no?

It doesn’t always have to be the master. Even if the majority of students are still aiming for a master’s degree, you can continue your education without a master’s degree and increase your chances on the job market. Further training, courses and seminars outside of the university are a good way to combine job and education and to specialize in a certain area.

Of course, it is also possible to do a master’s degree part-time. However, one must be aware that a full-time job and a master’s degree are an extremely time-consuming affair. But those who see themselves beyond that massively increase their chances on the job market through many years of experience and the high level of education.


No Masters, no job, but wanderlust?

You absolutely cannot decide which path is the right one for you? Then think about spending a year abroad. This is welcomed by companies because you can gain a wide range of experience here. Of course, you shouldn’t be lazy on the beach, but gain work experience.

Work and Travel

A good way to combine work and experience abroad is Work and Travel. More and more young people treat themselves to this profound experience, which opens the way to new cultures in a completely new way.

Internships abroad

Would you rather gain subject-specific work experience that also has something in common with your studies? Then an internship abroad is a good choice, because internships are always a plus in your CV. With an online job search, you can quickly find an interesting job and if you follow our tips for applying abroad, you will definitely get the right internship quickly and Buy Dissertation Papers.

Just take a break?

Concerned parents will certainly cry out when you explain to them that you just don’t want to do anything after your bachelor’s degree, that you don’t want to decide for a year how to proceed. right? no way. In our fast-paced world, it can definitely be an advantage to simply take a break after your studies. No training, no further training, just concentrating on the question: What do I really want? If you use the break to answer this question honestly, you’ll be able to go out with a lot more power afterwards because you have a goal in mind that makes all the effort worthwhile.

A year off can also help you on a personal level – an important aspect where teamwork and leadership skills are becoming increasingly important.


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