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How to Calculate Packers and Movers Chennai Price While Shifting

What will be the packers and movers Chennai price for shifting your things? What are the things that determine the cost? These are the questions that create worries for you. Don’t be! You can take help from an online cost calculator to know the exact cost of moving.

You need to put the information like how many bedrooms you have, the services you need, the distance, and more. After that, you get the right estimation of the moving cost. Yes, it is as simple as that.

You still have doubts in mind. Don’t get the exact idea of what factors influence the cost of moving, then here the article is for you. Continue your reading to have the information.

What Things Determine the Moving Cost?

There are many factors that determine the moving expenses. Do you want to know about this? If yes, then those are:

1. Volume of your things

How many belongings you are going to shift, count this properly. It will decide movers and packers rates in Chennai. The weight will be something that will decide packing and moving charges. If you have bigger and heavier items to move, then you have to pay less. But when job complication is not there and things are lighter, then you have to pay less. So, give the right brief about your things and get the best estimation.

2. Packing materials

Packers and movers rates in Chennai include the cost of packing materials as well if you ask them to pack. When they will share the moving quote, you will find that they mention the charges for that. Don’t exclude that cost. It will be the required one. For the safety of your things, you need this. So, have the right idea of how many boxes and other things you need. This will decide the charges of your move. Also, make sure that you get quality materials. You can’t compromise with it for the lower cost.

3. Needed services

You want them only to transport your things. If so, then the house shifting charges in Chennai will not be more. But when you ask them to do the packing, unpacking, and more along with the transportation, then they ask for the higher cost. You need to pay for that. Yes, the services will also decide the moving costs. Remember this while planning your move and calculating the moving expenses.

4. Preparing your furniture

You want the expert will prepare your bed, wardrobe and more for the move. If it is yes, then this will ask for the costs for sure. Disassembling and reassembling will be the tasks you want, the moving company to do. In that case, as well, you need to pay more. Yes, you should consider these things while calculating the moving costs. It makes a difference in the price.

5. When you are moving

The moving date will also make a difference in the house shifting rates in Chennai. Most people prefer to move during weekends. Are you the one who thinks the same? If so, then you need to pay more. But when you are okay to move during working days, then the charges will be less. Similarly moving during the peak season will be costly. But, when you move during the off-season, then the cost will be cheaper.

So, think about all and your date will make a difference in the moving cost, don’t forget.

6. Insurance

You have to protect your move. Yes, insurance is important and you have to take this. It will help you to do financial management in case of an accident. But, remember that this will be another thing that will give the hike to packers and movers Chennai price. So, you need to consider this cost while calculating the moving cost.

7. Storage

Keeping your things in storage will be another need. If yes, then this will make a difference in the moving expenses. The moving company will ask for the extra charges for it. If you are thinking about how much, then it depends on how many days you want to keep, the space you need and more such things. So, get the right information depending on those. After that, you can think that you get to know about the right estimation of the moving cost.

8. Travel fees

You have to reach your destination on time. Even you have to reach there before reaching your things. So, planning your traveling will be the need. You have to spend the cost for this as well. So, don’t forget to add the cost of this as well while calculating the moving expenses.

9. Carrying special items

You have a piano to transport. There are plants that you need to relocate. These are the things that need special attention. You have to find the special handles for that. Also, they will ask for the movers and packers Chennai price. You have to carry the charges. While you are calculating the shifting expenses using packers and movers online calculator India, you have to add this, if you need it. Don’t forget!

10. Distance

Where you are shifting and the distance between two places will decide the packers and movers charges in Chennai. Yes, it is. Keep this in mind. So, it will be your responsibility that you don’t assume anything. You have to give the exact idea of the distance and this helps you to know the exact cost of moving.

11. Stairs

There are stairs that the moving company will take for lifting your things. If so, then they will take extra charges for those. Even they need to use those for bringing down your furniture, then also it will ask for the extra cost. Mentioning this will be the need to get the right estimation. Remember that this will make a difference in the moving costs. So, keep informing it and this makes the moving estimation perfect.

12. Manpower

How many people is the need to handle all the moving tasks? Determining this will be another need. This will decide the moving cost as well. Remember it. When you don’t have more to do, things are lighter, job complication is a minimum, then you don’t need more people to work. So, the moving expenses will not be more. But when the moving needs more people to work on, then it gives the hike to the moving expenses.

13. Vehicle type for the transportation

You need to rent a bigger truck or a smaller one is appropriate. If things are not more, then you can transport your things through the shared truck. Whatever you choose, this will determine the packers and movers Chennai charges. Keep this in mind. So, pick the one that you need and check the cost.


Now, you have the idea of the things that you should consider for having the right idea of the moving cost. So, consider all and this will make the calculation of the moving cost perfect. Depending on this, you can plan your move. The perfect experience will wait there only for you. There will be no worries.

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