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How To Create & Digitize Flower Embroidery Designs 2022

How would you like to create beautiful flower embroidery designs without having to spend hours learning complicated techniques or spending thousands of dollars on expensive software? If you answered yes, then you’ve come to the right place.

The beauty of embroidery is its versatility. From simple to complex, it can be used to decorate clothing, home décor, wall hangings, bags, shoes, etc.

There are endless ways to use it. And now, thanks to the power of computer graphics, you don’t have to be a designer to create unique embroidered artwork.

You can start creating beautiful flower embroidery designs digitally today. All you need is a good camera, a computer, and some basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop.

Let me show you how to get started. I’m showing you two different ways to capture images for embroidering. The first technique involves taking pictures simply by holding the flower in front of a lightbox and putting fabric over the top.

Then, once we have our capture file, we will import it into Photoshop and stitch the image onto fabric. This is very quick but does not produce high-quality imagery as the following method, which uses a flatbed scanner.

Digitizing Embroidery Flowers

When personalizing your flower design, make sure you choose a few flower machine embroidery designs for your bouquet from a reputable embroidery design company.

A poorly designed flower design can be unattractive since the stitches won’t match up seamlessly. You may also want to order a sample to know what you’re getting before you commit to ordering full-size.

As for my two methods below, both work very well. But if you’d prefer, you can always go with the traditional way of hand sewing. Just grab a needle and thread and start stitching away!

Photography Method

Capture Your Image Using Light Boxes

If you’ve never taken any photography classes, you might find this the most challenging part. It’s important because it could look messy when stitched onto fabric if you only take one flower picture.

The first thing you need to do is decide where you’re shooting your flower photo. Ideally, it would be best if you had plenty of space around you.

Keep your subject focused while not capturing other objects too close or far away. For example, keep your flowers out at least 3 feet away from anything else (like leaves).

Also, hold your handbag near your chest and have the flower inside the bag. If you move closer, your hand will block much of the desired background area, and the resulting image will likely appear blurry.

Essential Digitizing Tools For Beautiful Floral Embroidery Designs

  • The Circle tool in Hatch is a great way to make wreaths and circular bouquets!
  • Create a small arrangement of flowers and a few leaves.
  • Position them on a lightbox.
  • Now, place the top piece of paper over your arrangement. Next, adjust the placement of the bottom sheet so that it covers the whole structure.
  • Once everything is aligned correctly, press down firmly. Now all you need to do is crop the photo. Crop with scissors wherever you see unwanted areas like white space between the flowers or dark backgrounds.
  • Take care to cut along the edges of the paper, not through the backing. With the cropped photo in place, export the image file to your computer and open it in Photoshop.

Use ESA Fonts To Create Flowers in Embroidery

You can use fonts to create beautiful floral embroidery designs. This method is more time-consuming than the others, but it produces stunning results.

All you need are some free font files. If you don’t already have Adobe Illustrator or Microsoft Publisher installed on your computer, download them for free.

Both programs include a wide variety of free downloadable fonts. There are several excellent fonts available for free online.

Some popular ones include ¼ cup, Balthaser, Bookman Old Style, Coelacanth Sans, Daffodil Text, Helvetica Neue, Helvetica Narrow, Iosevka, Lora, Majura Pro, Myriad Pro, Open Sans, Optima.

Using Texture in Embroidered Flowers

Add texture to your embroidery designs by adding fringes after you sew. Use these tips to help get the best results! In addition to adding decorative touches, fringing gives your project a finished look and gives it depth.

Whether you choose to add fringe into the petals or stems, you should be sure to leave enough room to allow fringes to run freely. The edge doesn’t come off quickly, and it tends to fray even more if you try to remove it later. First, trim the ends of your chosen motif.

Now carefully fold your fringe into thirds, ensuring that each piece extends past the edge of the cutout shape. Using sharp scissors or a pair of straight pins, begin cutting your fringe pieces into triangular sections.

Continue cutting until you reach your desired length. Remove pins immediately before sewing your motif, iron the fringe flat, if necessary.

Embroidered Design Patterns For Stencils

How to Sew Embroidered Stencils?

This is another beautiful pattern you can create with the circle tool in Hatch. Just be careful not to over-stitch!

Using A Laser Cutter Machine To Cut Fabric Embroidery Patterns

Laser Cutting Machines can save you lots of time! They work by projecting a laser beam onto a blank piece of cardboard, which cuts the material underneath.

machine embroidery

This means that there is no actual cutting involved, just heating a thin layer of plastic at the point where the laser hits it. It uses less energy too, which means it uses less electricity. And the result is usually very smooth and professional-looking patterns. So much easier than trying to hand cut fabric shapes!

You can print it right away or make templates first when you’re done digitizing the design. Print onto heavyweight paper (at least 80lb), such as construction paper. Or, if you prefer, print onto freezer paper instead of regular printer paper.

After you’ve placed the freezer paper on top of what’s published, secure it with a staple gun or sewing pin. You’ll want to use something stiffer than regular paper because you won’t like the piece to stick to itself while you’re working.

When you’re ready to sew things up, peel back the freezer paper and start stitching!

Here’s how to make a stencil template so you can reuse the same pattern again and again!

Simply tape three layers of paper — one for printing and two for tracing. Place your image on top of the middle tracing sheet.

Then trace around your design and cut out the entire stencil, leaving about 1⁄2 inch all around the edges of the pattern.

Next, take a permanent marker and draw guidelines along the edges of the lines you traced. Finally, trim around those guidelines, ensuring that they remain centered when applying the stencil to your fabric.

TIP: Do not put a lot of pressure on your machine during this process; otherwise, the ink may spread and blur.

Adding Special Touches To Flower Embroidery Designs

flower embroidery design

There are other ways you can embellish flower designs without sewing them yourself. These are great options for creating unique projects! If desired, you can also attach gems and buttons to your flower designs to complete them!

Add your creative flair to the flower creations by following these tips for adding unique touches!

The easiest way to decorate your home for Fall is to change up your bedding! Create a fresh new look with pillowcases and sheets that are bold and bright!

Many fun prints are available now that feature everything from pumpkins, leaves, and apples to acorns, owls, and pine cones. Here are a few suggestions for a colorful fall theme!

Embroidered Pattern Designs – Easy Ways To Embroider Your Flowers

Embroidery is a style of decorative needlework in which threads are used to create images on cloth using a variety of stitches called embroidery stitches. These stitches were developed over several centuries using different methods based upon the materials at hand, including silk, cotton, wool, linen, leather, and even metal. “embroider” comes from Middle Frenchembrouder, meaning “to stitch into.”

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