Digital Marketing

How To Grow Your Business And Sales

How To Grow Your Business And Sales

1. Digital Customer Magazine – Old skimming, now digital

One of the earliest types of marketing was concealed within those pages in magazines. What better place to advertise your business rather than where people gather their information? Many have even created their magazines to advertise their businesses. note: buy facebook followers uk
Once magazines became digital advertising, it was more manageable. So it was until it turned into spam. The users began closing any browser window filled with paid content rather than genuine information.
Then, they turned them into publishing houses. Instead of getting into magazines, they began creating original content that people like reading.
A good example of how to make digital magazines for customers is directly from Foleon and their collateral design for Volvo.
digital marketing collateral

2. Business cards are the ideal ally for every meeting

How do you communicate with your customers? Do you meet with them in person? Do you go to meetings in person? Attending business meetings or conferences, seminars or even conventions? If you’re participating in at the very least one of these, then you must have a business card in your sleeves.
I know it’s old-fashioned, but it’s the most effective way to be sure you’ve not missed the opportunity to introduce yourself to prospective clients and partners.
Business cards can be designed in many innovative approaches. However, regardless of the method you choose, begin with the information you’re looking to give away the person you are and where you’re located.
Business cards as marketing collateral examples from Source

3. Calendars – on every desk and in pockets of everyone’s

We’ve largely transitioned to the digital age. However, we’re still shocked by having printed collaterals. Calendars are one of the things that people are still fond of offline. So why not create a calendar that has the theme of your business? Be with your clients each day and remind them of the ways your business can accomplish each time you publish a new calendar.

4. Corporate folders – another type of portfolio

Are you frequently involved in events, fairs or seminars? Then, a company folder is a perfect thing to have. The truth is that people who attend these kinds of events love freebies, and so why not profit from this opportunity to sneak in some additional information about your company?
The folders for your company are attractive and must contain all details about your company. Don’t be scared to include your business cards, presentations of products and other marketing materials concepts that outline your business’s activities.
Company folders, flyers, and Marketing collateral examples source

5. Brochures and flyers – the ancestors of newsletters

Then we should not overlook flyers. They might be a bit snarky, but that’s just because they’re poorly designed. Have you ever said no to a beautifully designed brochure?
Make use of these kinds of marketing collateral when you’re trying to reach large numbers of people but do not have their email addresses. One great example of a flyer is one taken from Tech Week. I couldn’t resist it, and I’m now making it known on the internet.
Creative flyer marketing collateral examples
Review and approval procedure
Before the final phase of each marketing collateral’s release, it must be approved and reviewed by the team member or client. To speed up the process and get fast feedback from other collaborators, you can use tools like Filestage. This process is also streamlined to aid in getting a better understanding of the various comments involved in this piece of content. You can ensure that nobody’s comments are lost throughout the process. At first glance, you’ll be able to identify the place every piece is on instantly.

Are you in need of an inventory of marketing collateral?

Now that you’ve compiled an extensive list of marketing materials, it’s time to begin. How do you ensure that any collateral you create for your brand is in sync with your company’s goals? We’ve compiled a shortlist of marketing materials you need to consider when embarking on your collateral development process.
The platform you’re advertising on – think about the place you’re promoting your collateral. If it’s owned, paid or earned, every platform has its own set of guidelines. The size of the file images, size of the image and colour contrast, the numbers of characters or words and more are all contained in the manuals. Be aware of the platform before making your collateral materials. note: buy facebook likes uk
Your brand’s personality is important to determine what kind of collateral ads will appeal to your customers, whether collateral print or digital. Therefore, your brand’s persona must always be in your thoughts.
Your logo – yes need to increase the size of your logo; however, it must be an integral part of your marketing collateral designs. Be aware that it must be integrated as easily as you can.
Colours of the brand – a bit obvious, but considering this is the list, the colours should be part of the checklist. For instance, creating multiple online marketing materials doesn’t mean that you can’t play with the colours. Along with your logo, your brand colours should inspire people to think, “Oh, my favourite brand produced another eBook”.
Brand style: round corners, images graphics, 2D 3D American English? These can all make up the brand’s design. Therefore, it is essential to incorporate them when defining the collateral for your business.

How do you create awareness for your marketing collateral

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I know it’s to be a bit overpowering. If you’re feeling exhausted from reading it, think about how my fingers and hands feel. However, this will only make me feel happy since it’s amazing to realize the number of creativity marketers put into their work. So don’t be afraid to keep this lengthy guide in your file and return to it when you’re looking for something different.



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