How to Improve Your Reading Score Band in IELTS

reading score band in ielts

reading score band in ielts

Reading Score Band in IELTS Test

Here are some ways How to improve your reading score band in IELTS test mentioned by the best IELTS coaching in Jaipur. IELTS reading test questions often include dates, names, Numbers, new posts that are part of your answer.

Score Band in IELTS Test

  1. It Has Always Paraphrased
  2. Skimming
  3. Scanning
  4. Focus On Metaphors, Not On Words
  5. Test Unique Exam Strategies Then Choose A Winner
  6. Try Our Reading Exam Strategy
  7. Find Text, Underline And Evidence In The Number
  8. Improve Your Reading Speed

It has always paraphrased

This tip reading is the most essential part of IELTS. This means you’ll need to choose from the options for a correct answer, there’s always a brief section in the text that says the same. IELTS reading test language is designed to test your understanding of the complexities. This will evaluate your ability to understand the same (or similar) thoughts hidden behind different words and expressions.


If you read in the usual slow, relaxed manner you will not pass the IELTS test. Skim and scan these techniques make use of quick sight and keywords to help you move faster through text.

Skimming is increasingly reading to get a general overview of the content. Here’s an overview: Read the first paragraph carefully to find out what the text is about. Focus on a few sentences before each paragraph, which will give you the main idea of the text. Always read the final paragraph.


Scanning is rapid studying to discover unique facts. IELTS reading test questions often include dates, names, Numbers, new posts that are part of your answer. When you scan, make sure to:

Always underline important specific information and numbers. You don’t need to read every word. For information such as name, dates, figures, figures etc. From the question, identify the keyword and then scan text and possible synonyms. This will give you quick answers.

Focus on metaphors, not on words

Read again, and then reinvent it in your own words. This mini-analysis allows you to focus on your thoughts instead of what you’re trying to say. This is extremely important because the answer you are looking for has also been rearranged definitely.

Test unique exam strategies then choose a winner

Each site, teacher, and alumni will have a guide to pass the reading test. Take these steps, but take measures that are best for you.

Some students read the question first and then the text is the best way. Other students do the exact opposite. Try both ways for different practice tests, and the technique that marks you the highest is the winner.

Try our reading exam strategy

This way you can keep a piece of information in the brain. Your brain will struggle to keep the question in mind and find the answer at the same time. But if you quickly remove the part of the text, discuss the topic of what you just read and go into its options, you’ll find the answer easier.

Find text, underline and evidence in the number

Again in the reading passage, find the exact location of the phrased answer compare the keywords in your answer and rest assured that this is one. Then underline the line in the passage. Then write the number at the top of the question answered by that line as simple.

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This is what you need to do to avoid guessing and being relaxed during a reading exam. And yes, there is always the same correct answer. Despite what many can think, there is no alternative. This is why tests are prepared.

Improve your reading speed

To make the 60 minutes excellent at the IELTS studying examination, you want to enhance your studying pace when making ready for the examination. Here is a brief guide to increasing reading speed.

Instead of bouncing from one word to another, increase your reading vision to add three words at a time. Use the pointer to increase speed. The pointer will be in between three words each. Moving quickly through the text will make you progress faster.

Make sure not to sacrifice understanding for movement. It’s easy to read at a pace through an article and then it’s much easier to remember nothing. Avoid using your new speed reading skills in the test of online reading comprehension. Get help of the best study in Italy consultant for achieve your goal. Also you can select any nation of your choice with the help of best overseas education consultants.

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