How to Maximize Video Content Across the Major Social Networks?

A social media trend in 2018 would be defined as a video. People spend most of their time on the internet watching online videos using different social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc. Millions of viewers watch and share videos every day on Facebook. It’s trending these days.

Marketers use social media in their strategies. Whatever you are doing like hiring an employee or using youtube marketing in India, videos can serve you a purpose because they enhance the outlay and attraction of your proposal.

Here are some tips by which you can optimize your videos across the major social sites.


As time is passing, Facebook is competing for all other social sites. Users are watching videos that publishers create through the Facebook watch. Facebook stories are also making grounds on a larger basis which is also an amazing video-focused element. With so many platforms, it is hard to choose the best one among Facebook videos, stories, and Facebook Live. Facebook video marketing may follow given helpful points.

  1. Directly uploading videos on Facebook.

Videos which are uploaded directly on Facebook are viewed, shared and get comments at least eight times more than videos on YouTube or Vimeo etc. This is because native videos get more interaction and appreciation as compared to other third-party sources.

  1. Adding captions.

People spend almost all day on Instagram even at workplaces and in public due to very handy devices. Therefore, Instagram followers also keep the video contents silent mostly. By making the video able to be seen and watched there is a need to add soundless captions to it. Some animations, substitutes, illustrations, and titles also allow us to communicate with our audience silently.

  1. Going live.

More than 80% of people on social media like to stay alive instead of watching or reading a basic social post. It’s worth staying online and live broadcasting may catch you more attention.


Creating eye-catching visuals that stand up and high in other photos is what Instagram is all about. Here are some tips that can bring you a high Instagram feed.

  1. Performance of square videos is better than landscapes in a feed.

This is applicable to all types of social media including Facebook and Twitter. Videos in the square format are more appealing than in vertical form. Stories too are gaining popularity this way.

2.Using attractive graphics, illustrations, and animations.

Using bold and functional animations and graphics brings you an eye-catching platform for a large and quick audience.

  1. Capturing candid moments with Instagram stories and live features:

Millions of active users on Instagram stories add life to your company. You can also enjoy by going live and interacting with your audience. There is also a handy tip that every time you go live, your audience gets a notification.


The performance of the video on Twitter is surprisingly wonderful. It gets more retweets than photos. Some of the tips are as follows;

  1. Using native video features to extend reach.

The algorithm of Twitter is better than other external links. The autopay allows users to watch and interact more with videos.

  1. Keep tweet-like short videos.

Users on Twitter demand quick bursts of information. Most videos gain attention during the very first three seconds. It is not recommended to post videos longer than 45 seconds.


This is the professional forum among social networks, so keeping and maintaining an educational or professional tone is very important. People might be too busy to see frivolous content here.

  1. Leaving your sales pitch behind.

To stay updated and expand their networks, professionals use it. This platform can be used to share your expert knowledge on a topic and provide customer service for your products.

  1. Keep your videos only two minutes long.

LinkedIn allows longer videos as well but more than 50% of people like videos that are not more than 90 seconds. This is because LinkedIn users are busy people looking for the growth and development of their career.

  1. Adding subtitles.

Some users watch videos silently here like on Facebook. You should make sure to interact with your audience with the help of captions and subtitles. This can make their way easier even if soundless.

Social media is an awesome tool for interactions globally but not all the facilities are served on an only single platform. To optimize your reach and widespread your content use the above- given tips and go ahead!. You can use youtube marketing in India if you don’t want to go through this process or if you don’t have time for it.


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