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How to Migrate Earthlink Emails to Gmail? Step-by-Step

migrate earthlink emails to gmail

Ofarticle | You are finding the best solutions to migrate Earthlink Emails to Gmail directly? Then in this article, you will get the most recommended solution to complete the conversion process.

Multiple users are looking for a solution to Transfer Emails from Earthlink to Gmail. Would you like to continue using the Earthlink webmail service, but do you have a Google account? If you said yes, then read for make it simple instructions on how to do that.

If you are an active Earthlink Webmail user and using your Earthlink email account, then this blog is useful for you. We will discuss with you how to export your emails from Earthlink to your Gmail account.

Below are Users Query:-

Query1: Can I use a transfer tool to transfer emails from Earthlink to Gmail on a Mac (Apple computer)?

Query2: My spouse and I have been with EarthLink since we bought our first computer. Our email addresses have always been the same. However, I am not very computer aware. My husband had set up a Gmail account a few days before. He told me about his experience using Gmail and how much he likes it. Now I’m thinking of switching from EarthLink to Gmail. I looked everywhere but couldn’t find a solution. Hopefully, you will be able to assist us.

IMAP Email Migration Tool is the ultimate solution to resolve this issue. It will easily migrate Earthlink email to Gmail or G Suite account whether you are a Windows user or Mac user.

Note: There is no manual method because the manual solution is so long for the migration of Earthlink to Gmail with many limitations. That’s why below we have explained the easiest solution to Migrate Earthlink Emails to Gmail Account with Attachments.

How to Transfer Emails from Earthlink to Gmail? | Automated Solution

Export your Earthlink email to your Gmail account with the help of this software.
Which is mentioned below to convert your all data from Earthlink to Gmail with calendars,, contacts, tasks, and so on.

This utility maintains you migrate Earthlink email file structure and folder hierarchy during the process and after the process. You will get accurate data after the conversion. This tool supports Windows Operating System and all versions.

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Earthlink to Gmail Migration Tool – Working Process

  1. Download and run the Software on your Windows OS.
  2. Now, Select the open Button from the top menu bar section on your screen.
  3. Choose the Email Accounts option in the pop-up window and click on Add Account.
  4. Then, fill out the Earthlink email account details and hit Advance Setting if there is any need.
  5. Now, select the Export and choose Gmail to Export emails from Earthlink to Gmail.
  6. Click on Save Button.
  7. Demo Edition Export only 10 items from each folder and for more you have to upgrade to Licensed Edition to Export All.

What are the Benefits to Migrate Earthlink to Gmail Account? | Simple Steps

This software offers you several options along with Migration are follows:

1. Convert Earthlink Email Attachments: You can export emails from the application, but it also has other features. And, it also allows you to convert email attachments to other file types. EarthLink email, as well as email attachments containing a user’s most essential data, can be simply transferred to a Gmail account.

2. Maintains File Structure and Folder Structure: During the conversion from Earthlink to Gmail, the software maintains each file structure of the email data. You will get accurate data with the formation as you maintained.

3. Batch Earthlink Email Export Facility: The Earthlink to Gmail Migration software allows you to transfer multiple folders at once. Users can easily export email files in bulk without losing any information.

4. Selective Email Files Option: The Software you to choose the selective email folders that you want to migrate. You can check and uncheck the files and folders from bulk data. Users can easily save users save and effort with the help of these utility features.


Above, we have provided the step-by-step software to migrate Earthlink Email to Gmail Account. With the help of an automated solution, one can easily accomplish this task without losing information. So, download the tool and resolve your query without facing and losing any data.

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