How to pack when moving?

Did you know that doctors recognize moving as one of the most stressful situations for the human body? It is even banned for pregnant women – experts believe that expectant mothers do not need such experiences. But how to do it in such a way as to change the place of deployment without unnecessary nerves and expenses and not turn it into a family disaster?

If you approach the process with due responsibility and pragmatism, you will be able to save a lot of effort that you will need when arranging your home.

What packaging should be used for different things?

If you want your move to be a success, you need to understand: that putting everything in impressive boxes will not be enough. Each item has a different degree of fragility and transportability – this must be considered when choosing them.

  • Thick corrugated cardboard boxes are the most versatile type of packaging. Stock up on such products of different sizes and shapes: square or rectangular.
  • You will need a lot of things: different types of adhesive tape, bubble wrap, protective profiles (they are also called “corners”), and others. All of them are very important for safety.
  • Well! What is not suitable is packages and bags – the risk of not bringing your belongings intact with such packaging is growing exponentially.

How to save space?

There are a few simple rules, following which you will be able to pack things as efficiently and cheaply as possible!

  • Watch your boxes weight. Each box is designed to carry a certain number of kilograms. If you exceed this figure, you can lose the contents during transportation.
  • Always relevant: things are heavier at the bottom of the container and lighter at the top.
  • Fragile items – smaller boxes and do not fully load them.
  • The more fragile the thing, the more carefully it is worth monitoring its safety – a pimply film will help you.
  • Separately pack indoor plants: arrange them by size and separate them with paper.
  • It is also important to correctly arrange the already packed things around your ex-living space. They should not interfere with the movers.

How to fold clothes compactly?

Clothes make up a huge part of the total mass and take up a lot of space in luggage. But some ways will allow you to pack it with a minimum of space!

Let’s summarize:

  • Sort by season: this will save space and time upon arrival.
  • Use the suitcases before you start filling the boxes. So you solve two problems in one fell swoop: oversized bags will go into business.
  • Purchase wardrobe boxes – these are containers with “shoulders.” You can just hang things on hangers.
  • Hide the small in the big. For example, outerwear pockets are a great place to transport laundry.
  • Divide not only by season but also by belonging to family members – then it will be much easier.

How to properly fold dishes, books, and small accessories?

Relatively small items require attention no less than large ones! The thing is that the vast majority of them are easily beaten or torn.

  • Dishes should be packed only by variety: plates, glasses. If you still have the original packaging, it will fit perfectly. If not, prepare containers of a suitable size, cardboard delimiters, and bubble wrap.
  • Books are packed exclusively lying down – first large ones. Next, fill the resulting voids with crumpled paper so that literature cannot move freely around the container.
  • Try to pack the little things where there is a space – to fill it and optimize the space.

How to pack furniture when moving?

Furniture also requires a special approach because it is important not to injure it.

  • Explore everything you can. Put things together, so you don’t lose anything.
  • For upholstered furniture, you will need a film – it will help protect against dust. In addition, cardboard “corners” will come in very handy.
  • Dismantling built-in-furniture yourself is a big risk. If possible, seek the help of specialists.


In conclusion, let’s say that the whole process can be given to you easily! The main thing is to treat it with due responsibility and not forget about the positive – a new life stage should begin with positive emotions.

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