How to quit smoking

Smokers find it difficult to quit smoking but once they start making an effort things turn out to be better. The use of tobacco and second hand smoking is the reason of many deaths all over the world. Even though people are aware that there are a lot of health risks of smoking but they continue to do so. There are a lot of withdrawal symptoms that a smoker has to go through. You cannot quit smoking in one day as it is a journey that will take a lot of time. When you decide to quit smoking it can improve your health and make your life better. Smoking can deteriorate the quality of health and also reduce your life span. You need to alter your behavior and try to cope up with the withdrawal symptoms that come with it.  Here are some tips and tricks to quit smoking:

Be well prepared for the quit day

When a person decides to quit smoking there are a lot of things they need to prepare.  You can set a date and reduce the amount of cigarettes at first. If you try and change your mind it is not going to work in your favor. The blank cigarette boxes that smokers purchase usually have warning signs at the top of them. All you need is to give a lot of attention and try to quit smoking. There are a lot of ways to quit smoking. The first thing is to reduce the number of cigarettes first and then move on to the next step. Instead of quitting smoking suddenly you can look for your comfort first. When you prepare to quit smoking let your friends and family know about it. If you get the motivation and inspiration at the same time it will be good for your health. The nicotine replacement therapy is very much popular if you want to quit smoking slowly. Once the quit day arrives try not to smoke at all. You can invest your time in some other activity and don’t rely on the cravings for smoke.

Non-nicotine medicines

There are a lot of people who try out non-nicotine medicines. Even FDA has approved these medicines for long term use. The names of these medicines are bupropion (Zyban) and varenicline (Chantix). You can also visit a doctor and he will guide you which medication can be suitable for quitting smoking. Sometimes they also write a prescription and help you in a lot of ways. Bupropion will start working on the chemicals on your brain and reduce the urge of smoking. If you want to quit smoking permanently take this medicine for about six months or more. However there can be some risks associated with the use of these medicines. It includes mood swings, depression, suicidal thoughts and other such harmful things.

Look for behavioral support

A lot of people depend on smoking due to emotional and physical issues. You need to tackle the dependency on smoking. There are some good counselling sessions that will help you deal with it. When you physical symptoms start getting better the emotional ones will heal very soon. With the help of counselling and other medications you can get back on track very soon. One good way to quit smoking is to go for a walk or try other exercises. Even yoga has proven to be a good success for the smokers. You can get the therapy done either on the phone, online or going to the doctor personally. In USA there is a smoking help line for those people who want to quit smoking.

Try using E-cigarettes

Even though E-cigarettes have their side effects but it is proving to be a successful method to quit smoking. According to the latest research they are less addictive than a regular cigarette. As the use of smoking is increasing all over the globe many smokers are making use of E-cigarettes. However these cigarettes have a potential harm as they are also addictive. It is linked with arteries damage and other health issues. There is no doubt that quitting smoking is not easy and you need long term plans for it. If behavioral therapies are not your thing there are other therapies that you can try out.

Tips for avoiding the common cravings

Many people who smoke also have a habit of drinking. You can keep both the things at a moderate level and try quitting them both once and for all. Many brands are using empty cigarette boxes that made with premium materials. They should also give warnings to smokers so they can keep the number of cigarettes in control. You can go for a walk and try to keep yourself busy in other activities. The common symptoms include frustration, anger and restlessness. Quitting to smoke may not look easy but if you try these tips and tricks it will be helpful in a lot of ways.