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How to reset roomba? 3 steps to do

RAre you having problems resolving a problem with your Roomba and need to reboot it? We are aware of the situation. There are instances when there is no way around a problem. The last resort is to conduct a Roomba factory reset. However, before you execute a factory reset on your Roomba, you need learn how to do it correctly.

To factory reset a Roomba, open the iRobot Home App on your mobile device and make sure it’s connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Roomba. Select Remove/Factory Reset from the Settings menu. To complete the factory reset, the Roomba will restart, and all saved data will be erased. This will also work if your Roomba so loud.

We’ll show you how to properly reset a Roomba in this article. We’ll break down each exact step according to the Roomba model, including the “Soft Reset” and “Hard Reset” procedures, because there are various iRobot Roomba models. So grab your Roomba and let’s get this party started.

Why Factory Reset a Roomba?

A factory reset is a feature that returns a Roomba to its factory default settings. Simply said, it’s as if the Roomba’s memory has been erased and it’s fresh new. This is usually done to fix unanticipated robot issues, problems connecting to your home network via Wi-Fi, or other unexplained mistakes.

But, before you go ahead and factory reset your Roomba, are you sure you need to? If you’re having minor troubles with your Roomba that can be quickly remedied, there’s no need to factory reset it. Simple issues, such as faulty batteries, can be simply replaced. Typically, a factory reset is advised for,

1. Transfer From the Previous Owner

When someone buys a used Roomba or receives one from a friend or relative, the first thing they should do is factory reset it. This clears the Roomba’s memory and disconnects the robot from any previously saved data from an iRobot account. Only then can the Roomba’s learning process be restarted by the new owner.

2. Last Resort to Troubleshooting

There are occasions when there is no other option except to factory reset the Roomba. A charging issue is the most typical issue that arises with a Roomba. While there are simple solutions to the Roomba’s charging issues, the last resort is to just reset the Roomba to its factory settings.

What Happens to the Roomba After a Factory Reset?

So, following a factory reset, what happens to the Roomba? The Roomba will be removed from the iRobot HOME app as a result of this action. Cleaning preferences, language options, and time zones will all be reset to default. Any saved data on the iRobot account, including smart home connections, will be deleted as well.

If the Roomba has mapping capabilities, it will erase all previously made and stored maps. The cloud data, app data, and account associations will all be preserved if the factory reset is done from the robot itself. After the factory reset, you can restart the Roomba’s learning process.

How to Reboot a Roomba?

A reboot is not the same as a factory reset. You may only need to reset your Roomba to resolve some issues. On both the robot and the smartphone app, it’s more like a “force close.” If your Roomba isn’t working properly, consider rebooting it before performing a factory reset. Here’s how to resurrect a Roomba from the show:

  1. Press and hold SPOT Clean and Dock for 10 seconds on the Roomba 500 and 600 series.
  2. Roomba 700, 800, and 900 Series: For 10 seconds, press and hold the CLEAN button on your robot. When you release the button, your Roomba will play the reboot tone.
  3. Roomba I Series: For 20 seconds, press and hold the CLEAN button on your robot. The light ring will revolve clockwise in white when the button is released.
  4. Press and hold the CLEAN button on your robot for 20 seconds on the Roomba s Series. The light ring surrounding the bin lid will revolve clockwise in white when the button is released.

How to Factory Reset a Roomba?

The mobile app can do a “Factory Reset.” A Roomba’s factory settings will be restored. All data stored on the app and in the cloud will be deleted. Like resetting roomba i7, you can do this also easily via irobot app.

On a Roomba, there are two sorts of factory resets: soft reset and hard reset. Without removing the data from the app, a soft reset is performed manually on the robot. A hard reset, on the other hand, is done through the app and returns the Roomba to its factory settings. All information on the app and in the cloud will be deleted. Because the Roomba 614 lacks Wi-Fi connectivity, it can only be factory reset manually.

  1. Press the CLEAN button to start the Roomba 614.
  2. For 10 seconds, simultaneously press the DOCK and SPOT buttons.
  3. At the same moment, release them.
  4. Wait for a beep tone from the Roomba.
  5. To complete the factory reset, the Roomba will restart.

And there you have it: a simple yet comprehensive troubleshooting guide on how to properly reset a Roomba. Remember, if the problem persists, you should contact the official iRobot support team for assistance in diagnosing your Roomba issue. If you look after your Roomba, it will last a long time. Visit our site for more.