How to troubleshoot the printer error code?

Printers have become necessary gadgets today. Your printer device provides ease for taking hard copies of important documents, notes, photos, files, etc. But sometimes, the printer starts showing error codes and stops working. You should try fixing the error codes manually and use the printer device reliably.

Troubleshooting common printer error codes

Error code 0xf1

0xf1 is a very common error code and appears due to communication errors. The error message displays when the printer can’t communicate with the PC or network. You get the Epson error 0xf1 when the printer driver is not working.

The driver creates the communication channel and transfers the print job. But when the driver is not working, the printer can’t receive the print command. Go to the device and then check for driver errors. If its files are not working, repair them. Use the repair tool which can detect and fix the driver files. For troubleshooting driver errors, you can reinstall it.

Uninstall the damaged driver from the computer and install the new one. After installing the driver, check the printer for the 0xf1 code.

Printer error code E51

E51 error appears when your printer can’t find the required services. While printing, some services stop working and the printer gets an error code. Check the printer device and remove the power cable. Wait and reconnect the cable correctly. Now your printer device will restart automatically and the services will start running. Send a new print job and then try to take the printout.

Printer error E60

The printer shows code E60 due to a connection error. Your printer is not connected correctly. The user has to inspect the printer connection to fix the error. Check the cable ends and USB port for any damage. Connect the cable to another USB port for printer connection to assure that the cable is not loose. On wireless printer connection, disconnect the printer.

Restart the home connection and disable the printer’s Wi-Fi button. Now open the Wi-Fi button. The Wi-Fi lamp starts blinking and then you can search the network on the screen. Checklist and choose your network. The lamp will remain lit and the printer gets connected to the network. Now check the printer for the error code.

Printer Error 20

This is a cartilage-related printer error. You will see this error when the printer can’t find the cartridge. The user has to check the cartridge on the printer. Go to your printer and lift the scanner plate. Check your cartridge and press the sideways.

Sometimes the user forgets the yellow tape. Remove the tape immediately. Now reinstall the cartridge carefully on your printer. Close the lid and run the printer. Check the printer screen for error code 20.

Printer error code 1102

Your printer shows error code 1102 due to low ink. While printing, your printer can’t fetch the ink. On the printer, check its ink level. When the level is very low, you have to install a new cartridge. The user must use the original cartridge on the printer.

If it seems over-costly then check for the refills. Don’t use clone cartridges as they can’t fit correctly and may damage the printer. Purchase ink and refill the cartridges. When the ink level is high but the printer shows an error then remove the cartridge. The ink may have dried up.

For using the cartridge, you can add the solvent. Otherwise, use a new cartridge and then take the printouts.

Printer error 01

The printer gets error code 01 when its printhead or fuser stops working. Check the printhead for any damage. When using the printer simultaneously, the printhead may get overheated. The user has to stop the printer for some time.

Your printhead will start working. If it gets clogged then you have to clean it. Use the printer utility function for cleaning the head. The user can also clean it manually using a cloth. After cleaning, wait until the head gets dry. Now restart the printer and check the error code.

When the fuser is damaged then replace it. You can’t use the printer fuser if it gets burned out. Get a new fuser and then use the printer. Whenever you face any unknown error message with the printer; run the troubleshooter. The inbuilt troubleshooter tool will check the printer-related files and fix them.