How to Solve HP Printer Device Busy Error

HP Printer Device Busy

HP is a famous printer brand but gets into errors often. The printers of HP are pocket-friendly and available in various sizes. When you send a new print job; it often shows busy errors. Your HP printer gets an error when it can’t process the new command. Several issues can get the HP Printer Device Busy Error. 

Reasons Behind HP Printer Device Busy Error

  1. HP printer memory is full
  2. Printer connection error
  3. HP printer driver files are missing
  4. The printer is dealing with runtime error
  5. The printhead is not working correctly

Troubleshooting HP Printer Device Busy Error

Restart the HP Printer

When you send a print command to HP when the queue is empty and it shows a busy error then restart it. Your printer is not working because some services get stuck. You fix those services, you have to restart the printer. Eject the power cord and reconnect it. Your printer will start automatically and services will start working. Now reconnect it to the PC and again send the print command.

Run the Printer Troubleshooter

Many HP printer related errors can be fixed with printer troubleshooting. The printer gets an error when some printer files are not working/missing. For repairing the printer files, the user can run a printer troubleshooter. Select Printer on the troubleshooter tab and hit the run button. After troubleshooting the printer errors, resend the print job and check the error.

Reset the HP Printer

When the user gets the busy error after making changes on printer settings then undo them. Your printer is showing an error because you have made some invalid changes. Go to the same settings tab and revert the changes. If you don’t remember the default settings then run printer reset. 

  1. Go to HP printer screen and tap on Setup
  2. Hit on the Tools folder
  3. Select Restore Defaults option
  4. Click on Yes 

HP printer will restart with the factory settings. Now go to password and set a new password for the printer. Configure the HP printer to your computer and send a print job.

Remove Pending Jobs

You get the busy status when the queue is full and you are sending a new job. The user should wait until the print queue gets space. Click on the print queue and check the print jobs. If any job is stuck then remove it and resume the printing. When the printer queue gets empty, you can take new printouts. 

Run Antivirus on the PC

If the printer is showing busy status and HP Printer Error Code 0xc4eb8004 then you should run antivirus. Your printer is not working because some viruses are corrupting the printer files. When you send a print job, viruses immediately correct the job and the printer can’t receive it correctly.

The HP printer won’t work until you will remove all the viruses from the device. Run the Defender and it will remove the malware. If you have installed a personal antivirus; run a full scan. After cleaning the PC, open the file and give the print command. Choose the HP printer and take the printout.

Reconnect the HP Printer

Reconnecting the printer can also resolve the error. Go to the HP printer and eject the USB cable. Now check if the cable is working or damaged. If you see any kinks, get a new cable for the printer. Use a new cable for printer connection. Send a new print command to HP. If the printer is on the network, disconnect it.

Go to the router and restart it. On the HP printer, restart the Wi-Fi button and the lamp will start blinking. Check the HP printer screen for the networks. Click on the correct network for printer connection. When the printer is connected, try taking a printout and check the error.

Repair your HP Printer Driver

If the driver is not available, the HP printer will show errors. You have to repair the driver on the computer. While using a printer on the network. You can share the printer but those devices should have the driver.

If you are using the printer on a new HP PC or laptop then you can access the printer device without a driver. But other devices require a driver. Click on your driver and run its update. If the driver is not working then you can reinstall it. Check the HP printer model and then search the driver. After getting the correct driver, your printer will start working. 


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