Improve E-commerce Brand Identity with Custom Box Printing

You don’t have to spare huge chunks of assets for box printing on your e-commerce packaging. It can be done more conveniently than you might imagine!

But are custom printing techniques really that important? Do they tackle core packaging and branding issues? Are you scared of wasting time and effort on them?

If you are embroiled in all these doubts, then you have come to the right place! We would not only describe the contents of what makes for endearing yet impactful printing but also help you shun all inhibitions about obtaining such methods for improving brand identity.

Updating your existing e-commerce packaging boxes

Even if you haven’t thought about including modern brand aesthetics into your boxes, it is never too late. The following tricks can come in handy as they are easy to implement and simple to understand.

Consider a material change

What do you use for making shipping boxes? Ideally, the corrugated material works for the outer while the cardboard works for the inner product packaging. Sustainable boxes are the customer priority today. You can’t risk sending your shipment in any other box type.

Corrugated material is world-renowned for its flexibility and the support it lends to all product types. Placing your packaging bet on it would entail the brand to several benefits:

  • Catering to the current customer demands.
  • Radiating a positive brand image.
  • Cheaper packaging production.
  • Robust coverage for storing and shipping the products.
  • Forming into innovative shapes that attract customer focus.

Note what the rivals are doing

It always works to be aware of what your competitors are doing with their packaging. You can get unconventional inspirations and ideas for designing shipping boxes.

For instance, Amazon has started this new trend of placing third-party advertisements on its packaging. It is a new form of branding and lets customers get more details and brand info from portable boxes that travel everywhere.

Another example can be Apple using minimal box designs to attach a sense of regal brand ethics. Many businesses have started following this trend and improving their brand aesthetics.

Innovations like these are helpful in syncing with the market trends and also providing exceptional boxes to customers that elevate their unboxing experiences.

Bring out the best brand image

Determine what your brand values are and depict those on your boxes to impress customers. These don’t have to cost a lot. Simple but clear texts and graphics can illustrate how your brand is committed to customer satisfaction.

The boxes are also the right spot to convey if your brand has gained certifications, approvals, or any other regulatory acknowledgments. Certain popular brands like The Body Shop state how they care for the environment and community. Doing such tactics alters the customer perception of your business.

You will be amazed at how little additions and custom printing effects can bring out a larger change in your brand identity and sales figures. Just a little thought can go a long way in promoting positive branding among target customers.

How do these improvements encourage customer loyalty and satisfaction?

The golden question is that even after doing the above and more touch-ups, will your e-commerce box printing reap the desired output? It is this fear that limits certain brands from undertaking a packaging makeover. As a result, they lose out to their rivals in the long and short run.

Here we will explain how every improved shipping box element can fetch greater brand repute.

More visibility

Considering customer preferences gets the brand image more eyeballs. For instance, e-commerce brands that use recyclable boxes often get a nod of approval from buyers. They see it as an extra value for money and get to lower their carbon footprints.

Many e-commerce businesses are saving on materials too. Using custom measurements to create the boxes radiates that the brand is conscious of its activities. It improves customer satisfaction while cutting costs for the brand.

The success of online brands like eBay has cemented the fact that custom printed shipping boxes can change the way customers view the brands they purchase from.

box printing

Higher customer loyalty

Naturally, when customers agree with their shopping experiences, they are prone to being brand loyal. Shipping boxes give a strong representation of the business. So, customers either pledge to buy on a loop or don’t consider further purchases from the brand.

Your business must seem better than the crowd. And the most effective way to extend these sentiments is by exhibiting powerful brand vibes. These can be either in the form of memorable brand logos or by a signature color mix.

Radiant brand aura

The post-Covid-19 era sees a lot of brands concentrating on creating happy and favorable brand images to uplift the customers’ moods. They are more likely to buy from e-brands that emit a pleasing vibe.

Another factor that helps to upgrade customer sentiments is the unboxing process. Custom messages printed inside the boxes or additional trays and handles provide a memorable unboxing feel that compels customers to opt for the brand time and over.

It also elevates the chances of the boxes appearing in the numerous unboxing videos online. This offers a free method of brand promotion.

More for less

It stands true with packaging. Just a little change in the font style, personalized box features, or better box quality can be the catalyst that enables your brand to take over a larger share of the market.

Packaging with custom box printing techniques is also a great way to control costs. The materials and their grade can be utilized according to the set budgets. Placing important branding features on the boxes is also a good way to promote the brand image affordably.

Consequently, the better the boxes demonstrate the brand values, the stronger would be the brand enhancement. The shopping boxes can be your strongest marketing asset.


By now you would be convinced of the role of custom shipping packaging in escalating brand recognition. Get these now to start yielding higher sales revenues.