Infections are everywhere and ear infections are no exception to this.

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They are pretty common among people of all ages. Ear infections are quite painful and uncomfortable to deal with. Ear infections are more common in children than adults. Most ear infections come with an approach that is based on waiting for ear infections to get better on their own.

The fact is that most ear infections become better on their own. However, under rare circumstances, these recurrent ear infections could be a significant indicator of underlying health insurance.

Sharing a similar incidence, my uncle who used to suffer from recurrent ear infections visited.  Later, he was diagnosed with meningitis and was treated for the problem. So, one shouldn’t overlook an ear infection as it can be potentially harmful.

How to Treat Ear Infections with Home Remedies?

Normally, ear infections heal on their own or can be treated by natural remedies. Yes, remedies that you used to hear from your grandmother. While following any of these home remedies, be mindful that these come with their fair share of risk and side effects. Here are some home remedies that are quite helpful to resolve ear infections.

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1- Use a cold pack

There is enough evidence to support the role of colds in pain relief. You can use a cold pad or can wrap ice cubes in a towel and put it on the painful area. A recommended practice is to keep the cold source in pace for 20 minutes. While using ice for ear pain treatment, make sure that you are not applying ice directly especially for children as it can cause damage to the skin.

2- A neck exercise can be a great help

Another remedy to deal with ear pain and infection can be a neck exercise. This neck moment can relieve ear canal pressure. To do this, you need to rotate your neck keeping it parallel to your shoulder. While keeping your neck positioned to the shoulder try raising your shoulder and maintain this position and hold it for a few seconds. This basic exercise can relieve the ear pain due to ear infections but make sure to repeat this exercise frequently throughout the day.

3- Use apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is also a useful agent that can help with an ear infection. Apple cider vinegar is known to deter bacterial growth due to its antiseptic nature. So, if you are suffering an ear infection you can use water diluted apple cider vinegar (1:1 ratio) as drops to deal with bacterial ear infections.

4- Work on your sleeping position

You may find it irrelevant but your sleeping position can help to relieve ear pain due to an ear infection. If you sleep on a side, try keeping your infected air facing upward rather than downside towards a pillow. Sleeping this way will also reduce pressure on the infected ear and help with ear pain.

5- Use heat therapy

Just like cold, heat is also effective in the treatment of ear pain caused by infection. You can use a warm-water soaked cloth and place it over your ear. Heat and moisture in cloth can be quite helpful in treating ear pain.

6- Acupuncture

The next remedy for the treatment of ear infections is acupuncture. This remedy can help to improve blood flow that reduces inflammation, ultimately helping out with ear infections and ear pain. An acupuncturist can help you with acupuncture treatment for ear pain.

7- Garlic oil

There could be many possible causes of an ear infection. One of these causes is the infections caused by bacteria, viruses or other disease-causing agents. To deal with these disease-causing germs you can use garlic oil. Garlic oil is a natural antiseptic that is known to fight different types of microbial growth causing ear infections. So, whenever you suffer from an ear infection, try putting 2-3 drops of garlic oil two to three times a day to deter this type of ear infection.

Bottom Line!

 Ear infections are quite common and anyone can get affected by these irrespective of age or any other factor. Most ear infections can be treated by using home remedies. A few home remedies effective against the treatment of ear infections are mentioned above. However, if none of these seems to improve your condition then it is advisable to contact your physician for directed treatment.

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