Instagram Marketing strategy to be effective How do you make it work.

Instagram is the latest trend for all generations of people today. Its unique features, ease of use, Instagram stories, and sharing of photos make Instagram truly unique. You can read stories of others and themselves right on top of their feed. These Instagram stories are available up to 24 hours and are seen numerous times.

A ring with a variety of colors is visible around a profile picture and indicates that they’ve published Instagram stories. If you click on the circle icon that appears in front of a friend’s name you will be able to view a slideshow that will show all the stories related to that particular person. To read someone’s story you have to follow them or their account must be made public. The story will expire within 24 hours of being posted.

Now, suppose that you didn’t see a certain event, even though all your acquaintances were watching and you feel like you’re missing out. According to many developers, the entire purpose behind this 24/7 deletion strategy is to force you to take a look at your phone every often. Social media platforms employ this method to increase the number of users who are engaged and generate more traffic.

This will leave you wondering what to do with old Instagram Stories? You’re in luck we have answers to your questions.

How to See Previous Instagram Stories?

So, I’ll cut off the band-aid. It is not possible to look back at previous Instagram stories after they’ve expired. The duration of Instagram stories regardless of whether they are the story of someone else or your own is only 24 hours. They then become the memories of Instagram. Snapchat was the inspiration behind this feature of the automatic deletion of stories on Instagram.

But, there is hope Chum. There is a positive side to this scenario. The popularity of Instagram stories grew and so did the fervor of the query There are a lot of Instagram influencers who provide important information or cool tips and tips on stories. This made Instagram users unhappy because the stories were allowed for 24 hours. However much we make use of our smartphones, however, we aren’t able to constantly be connected to them.

In the year 2017, Instagram finally responded to their users and introduced the capabilities that include Highlights and Archives. Contrary to Snapchat however, it’s possible to save posts that you have posted on Instagram in the event of a delay beyond 24 hours.

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Your curious mind might be asking how you can view your old Instagram stories using Highlights? The highlight is a great feature of Instagram that allows stories into a continuous stream in the feed. Stories posted to the Highlights section of an Instagram account can be seen repeatedly without limitation on time. They will not expire until or unless the account’s owner decides to take them off.

How do I view expired Instagram Story Highlights?

Stories can be organized into Highlights, which anyone can publish to their feed on Instagram. While they’re classified as Highlights, however, they appear exactly like an ordinary Instagram post.


You may be thinking what is the best method to save your Instagram stories and video content on InstagramLet me tell you something incredible. While normal Instagram stories are deleted within a day, they remain saved on Instagram. You must be impressed.

Many people are unaware of what archives are on Instagram and how to access them. This is a feature with that you can save your Instagram posts. Let’s say your story goes away before you even save it. Do you fret since you can resurrect the story? But, you only can utilize this feature to your benefit and the stories won’t become available to others within 24 hours.

How can I See Old Stories with Archives?

Today, Instagram stores the stories you share in Archives as a default. To see those archived stories Go to the profile screen and press the hamburger buttons located on the upper-right corner of the main menu. Choose “Archive,” and you can access your archived stories. These stories that have been archived can be highlighted and shared also. . If you believe you are lacking in knowledge to enhance your Instagram Account, Bestfollowers is highly recommended to Purchase on Buy Twitter Followers UK as well as your account’s management. If the Archive feature isn’t automatically enabled You can enable it manually. Visit the Settings within your profile, and click to open the “Privacy” icon. Once you have opened it, click”Stories” from the “Stories” option. From there, inside, you will be able to manually enable the option to save your personal stories to Archives.

Take a Screenshot

In addition to Highlights and Archives, there are other ways that the Instagram account can copy a story. If the story you are interested in is your own, click on the icon that says “Seen By,” located on the left side of the main screen of the story. Choose the Download option which will save the tale to the camera roll of your phone.

How do you capture Old Instagram Stories with Screenshots?

If the story is a different person’s story, however, you can be clever and obtain an image. However, in certain states, the person who wrote the story gets notified that you took an image of their stories. Another option is to make use of websites that allow stories of others are saved. One of the most striking websites of this type is Stories. It lets you save incredible content from other influential people or even your friends.

Whichever website you select for that reason, you must review it thoroughly. For the site to function it must be allowed by it to access your data as well as your Instagram profile. Make sure the website you choose to use is trustworthy.

Ask Your Friend

If you’ve not read your friend’s story The simplest and feasible option is to contact your friend. It is possible to ask for them to open their archives and share their stories previously with you. When the tale is from someone distantly acquainted, perhaps you should not ask for their past stories. It’s not a good idea to appear desperate

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