Internet and Its Effects on Intermediate College Student


Internet! I know you are well aware of it. It is turning this world into a global village. The Internet is helping people irrespective of their field.

Are you a college student and taking help from this giant for your intermediate program studies? If your answer is yes then you are more than welcome to read this article. I will explain the pros and cons of the internet to college students in this blog. 

I know you are thinking that there are no negative aspects of the internet, in fact, it is helping people around the globe to connect with each other. The incident happening in America is live to be a thousand miles away from the point of impact it is just because of the internet. 

Let me give you a small example, we are six people in the same room and we are friends. But, nobody is talking to anybody, everybody is busy with their mobiles and laptops using the internet and communicating with global friends, forgetting their local friends behind. I know this isn’t the professional example to proceed with. 

Wait Wait! Where are you going? The article isn’t complete yet in fact, it is the start. Get ready for some formal examples.

Below are some benefits and drawbacks of the internet for intermediate college students. I am using the word intermediate college again and again because these students are not mature enough to refrain from sweet poison.

Benefits of the internet in students’ lives.

  • Information 
  • Accessibility
  • Entertainment
  • Job Opportunity
  • Online Education 


The biggest benefit of the internet is to grab information. It contains information about every topic on this earth. You can find your way out through every problem using the internet. We can’t deny the fact that a mobile phone with the internet in it is the complete source of information.


We are living in 2021 which is why accessibility is listed in the benefits. As in the modern era, the internet is accessible in almost every part of this world. So its accessibility is also a benefit as we can ask the answer to every query at any moment of time.


Entertainment hooray! The thing everybody is in search of including me. With the help of the internet excessive entertainment is in the easy reach of every entity. But access to everything is bad. People are wasting their time for fun. I am not saying that you should enjoy it but there is a time for everything so you should follow the timetable.

Job Opportunity:

With open access to the internet, it is easy for professionals to get a job because there are a lot of online platforms for job seekers. Platforms like LinkedIn and indeed are helping job seekers all over the world to find their dream job. We can’t deny the importance of the internet in resolving poverty issues.

Online Education:

We can’t deny the importance of the internet in education. As we all are well aware of the pandemic. How bad it hits us. It is the internet that keeps our educational activities ongoing. When the schools were closed, the internet welcomed our students with open arms to gain knowledge via online classes. Online classes are a very beneficial source to keep our education going with the help of the internet.

Drawbacks of Internet

As we all know every coin has two sides, I’ve shown you the positive side of the internet for intermediate college students. Now get ready to endorse the negative side of the internet.

Given below are some points that show the worst side of the internet: stick to the article to get complete information.

  • Anti Social
  • Addiction
  • Vulgarity
  • Misuse
  • Health Concerns


At the beginning of this article, I have given you the example of my friends sitting in a single room but busy with the internet. This is a clear example of antisocial behavior. In any student’s life, friends play an important role to enjoy and study in college life. If you’re addicted to the internet, it means you are giving more time to your online friends’ circle. If you are dealing with an intermediate program or going through ADP business administration, college friends are a significant source of help.


As mentioned earlier you can avail the help of the internet for entertainment and studies but there should not be any addiction to it. When you’ll use it more than necessary, it will start causing adverse effects on you. With the addition of the internet, a lot of your useful time will get wasted and that will earn you nothing more than vain gloriousness. 


Vulgarity is the most dangerous and shameful face of the internet. There is a lot of unethical and immoral material circulating on the internet. That material can be in the form of texts and infographics, which is the main cause of vulgarity spread. Government should take actions against such data to eradicate the threat for kids to get addicted.


The Internet was developed to reduce the distance between people around the globe. It was designed to gather information from all over the world, but nowadays some entities are misusing it to spread hatred about religion and races. Many of them are working days and nights to trap people into their scams. Avoid such kinds of scammers along with the excessive use of the internet.

Health Issues:

We can see that the majority of the young generation is suffering from nearsightedness or farsightedness. The main cause of these diseases is the continuous use of screens. The Internet is causing adverse effects on our young generation and giving birth to a lot of health issues. This is an alarming situation. We should take the necessary steps to avoid this.


Excess of everything is bad, I hope I proved it in my article. The Internet is a very good source of knowledge, job opportunities, and entertainment but only for those who can manage their time. If you have an addictive nature then you should avoid its use, as it can cause adverse effects on your health and personality.

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