Is it really necessary to make a business plan?

If you want your business to have the best chance of succeeding, a well-thought-out business plan is a way to go.

A business plan is essential for anyone who wants to start a business. But is a business plan really necessary today? Too often, we hear that the business plan is no longer needed or obsolete and useless.

A good marketing strategy is the first step in building a profitable business

If you are an entrepreneur or are starting to do so, you are probably wondering what the most used technique for planning a business is. Entrepreneurs who want to launch a company should have a clear action plan

Ask a hundred entrepreneurs to build a business plan, and they will answer you with, “it is not necessary.” So the business plan is one of the great victims of the digital revolution because people think it is no longer needed. But that’s not the case at all.

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You don’t need to be an expert to write a good business project.

Business plan creation software can help you create the right business plan for your business.

A business plan can make everything easier: marketing strategies to innovative ideas, market analysis, and financial planning.

The business plan should include your company’s details: objectives, resources, the definition of the target market, the strategic and marketing plan, the financial plan and the organization chart.

Here are some points taken from an article in The Economist that could help you understand the meaning of this document:

The business plan can be useful in several circumstances:

  • Business plan for your new company
  • Business plan for your already active business to significantly improve business results
  • support a bank loan application
  • convince an investor or a service provider
  • present your strategy in a deal under discussion
  • new product design

Find out how to start the process of creating a business plan with our guide

Start analyzing and defining your goals.

There can be no business plan without objectives. This process helps to focus your business and not to second your attention.

At this point, analyze your professional history, your experience, your commitment, your strengths and weaknesses, your strengths and even your weaknesses.

The history of your strengths, weaknesses, potential customers, promising competitors, markets and business strategy could help improve your marketing strategy.

Here are some tips for creating a business plan:

The first step is to write a draft and register it as other business documents.

This is useful because your team can contribute to the drafting.

At the same time, everyone can see what you are trying to achieve.

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Why create a Business Plan?

A company that operates without a business plan is always at risk, while new initiatives without a solid business plan are very close to the road to failure.

Only 2% of startups submit a business plan document before launching, while this document is essential to understand if a startup has the potential to become a success.

A good business plan is an easiest and fastest way to understand if a startup is doomed to victory or failure.

Most of the several million startups launched yearly fail within the first few years. The main reason for their financial problems is a lack of planning.

Some of these failures would have been avoided by having a business plan in place.

Try to avoid this traditional mistake and prepare your business plan by specifying what results from you intend to achieve, the associated risks, and the action steps.

However, most startups may not have an accounting background to help them make adequate forecasts.

Here is where business planning software can fill this gap.

This software provides a mix of economic and accounting analysis tools, including forwarding pricing, budget and expected outlook, which can help new entrepreneurs understand and manage business operations, learn at home, and make informed decisions in real-time.

  • The business plan allows you to make your ambitions realistic and identify areas for improvement for your company.
  • A business plan lets potential investors have a detailed description of the business plan and prospects.
  • In an existing company, the business plan can identify company priorities from some phases of launch (marketing, sales, production, services, etc.) and overcome any crisis.
  • Finally, a business plan is essential for all those companies that aspire to finance solutions from banks and investors.

Make your business plan

Your business plan is the most important tool at your service to be able to effectively implement a winning marketing strategy, economic planning and budget that can be seen in a positive light, it is also an opportunity to keep your goals in mind. More ambitious and to plan an advance in that direction.

Do I have to use a template, software or consultant to write the business plan?

There is no solution. The choice you make is based on every single situation. However, the three possibilities are complementary and can be part of an organic business process. However, the advice is to take hold of the concepts of the business plan, both for internal and external use in relations with partners and financial institutions. Furthermore, if you decide to consult a consultant to construct a business plan, you will still have to provide data and “to speak the same language” can help reduce development times.

To create a business plan, delivery times vary from 2 to 4 weeks (these are the average times once commissioned, not counting the search for a consultant and the definition of the estimate). If you want to quickly test your idea or you need to submit a business plan for a loan, business plan software is the fastest solution at your fingertips. You have probably already done some market research and, therefore, immediately check the goodness of your project at a preliminary level. The external consultant at the beginning will know less than you and will have to collect material and then do research and analysis, actually lengthening the time.

Before spending a few thousand euros to commission the realization of your business plan externally, try to test and implement it yourself. Advantages: you will know more and be more prepared.

Changes these days require us to continually review corporate strategies to remain competitive.

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