Is Mathematics Fun Or Phobia?

What is Phobia?

Phobia refers to an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something.

Different people have different phobia and they take special precautions or try to avoid them. Few people suffer from claustrophobia, which is fear of closed spaces; few suffer from insects, few from water, and so on. Few people suffer from a phobia related to studies and a particular subject and mathematics phobia is one of them. Few find Mathematics a fun learning subject and enjoy playing with numbers. Mathematics assignment help can assist you when in doubt.

I am Gurjeet Singh Sandhu, management Trainee at Lexicon International School Pune, which is one of the best CBSE schools in Pune. I want to share my experience, which my brother faced during his school time and saw the same phobia in one of our students studying in 10th standard.

Recently board exams were conducted and we got very good results. Parents were happy; teachers got the result of their efforts, which they have made for children. Our management team was also very happy because our student’s name was shining in the most popular newspapers. They got good marks and are now prepared for higher studies and can choose their subjects and have cleared 1 step towards their career goals. Mathematics assignment help can act as a tool to help you with your subject-related issues.

In all this happiness there was one student who was so happy that no one could imagine. We all know how 10th board exams are very important and the pressure that students face is too much. Everyone says the 10th class is the turning point in one’s career and everything depends on it. If you are in India 10th class marks decide your future whether you are applying for 11th class to choose your subjects then for college and then for your job. 10th class marks play a very important role.

So as I was saying I met with a student who was very happy with no image. The reason behind this was, he has scored very good marks in mathematics. He considered mathematics the worst and toughest subject in his entire life. From his childhood, he was weak in mathematics and all he did was to clear that subject and never thought he would score good marks. Whenever he saw books his fear of mathematics made him nervous and his confidence was lost.

His friends thought he was very dumb and criticized him for getting poor marks in mathematics. But this time he knew it was 10th class and he had to face his phobia of mathematics but he was not confident enough. He knew that if he did not clear the 10th class board exams he would fail and all his friends would move ahead. Moreover, his family will suffer from this. No parent in this world wants his or her children to stay behind and fail in exams.

I met this student in one of the extra classes that I used to take during my free time. I saw him, his voice was too low and he didn’t speak with others. He used to remain quiet all day and lonely. I started feeling bad and one day I decided to ask him why he is like this and likes to stay alone. He didn’t respond much to my questions and ignored me. But after a few days of struggle, I gained his trust and then he told me everything. I saw my brother in him when he was a little child. His phobia of mathematics made him like this. On that day I’ve decided I will help him.

I took the same steps that I took long back ago when my brother was facing this problem. My parents did not understand why his behavior had changed. My brother and I were close and shared almost everything. I helped him at that time and now he is a well-established businessman and his favorite subject is mathematics. Whenever he has time, he takes mathematics tuitions for free in Amritsar. Students love the way he teaches and waits for his classes.

So what exactly I did with my brother I will tell you and how this student in Lexicon International School got rid of his phobia and scored good marks. 


  1. First Thing First – Right Attitude

For me Attitude is everything. If you have the right attitude you can conquer the world and make it a better place to live. The right attitude can help you get that success that you have only dreamt in your dreams. Your attitude makes you feel good and confident. If you are confident then you can do anything and nothing is impossible for you. Your positive attitude towards seeing things will change everything. Then there is no place for saying “NO” to things or situations, which comes on your way to success.


So, I started building confidence within him and changed his attitude from negative thinking to positive. It took time but I know this will help him change.

  1. Personality Development

After a few days his attitude changed but still, he was not completely ready. I know no one can change in a day or two, it takes time. After his day classes and attending my extra classes, daily I focused on his personality development and changed his way of speaking from a very low-sounding voice with less confidence to an energetic voice. I started appraising his small-small achievements, his reading habit, eating good food, teaching good things, etc.

  1. Self-Motivation

It’s been 2 weeks I have been working with him and in between, I also got busy with my work. For 2-3 days I was not able to meet him and take extra classes and I was worried about this. I was thinking too much and thought he wouldn’t have practiced what I’ve told him to do. One of the exercises that I’ve told him to do was to get in front of the mirror and say,


When I met him and asked him what he did in my absence and when I heard his answer I was feeling so happy. He told me that he has started reading motivational books so that he can stay focused on his goals, stay self-motivated and stay away from negativity. Within two weeks I’ve seen tremendous change in him and he also noticed this.

  1. Sports

Sports help you to keep your mind fresh and healthy. Many people keep studying all day but don’t know this physical activity is also very important.

I have made a schedule, which he has to follow every day, which includes attending his every lecture, making notes himself, attending my extra classes, going home and revising his subjects, waking up early in the morning, and exercising. Doing Exercise early in the morning keeps you fresh all day and fresh oxygen keeps your brain active and boosts your memory power.

  1. Talking

Yes, you have read “ talking “. You must be feeling strange how talking can help someone to grow someone’s confidence or help in building personality.

Talking is a way where you express your thoughts to someone else. By talking you deliver emotions, feelings to the other person. If you will keep sitting quietly and will not say anything how another person will get to know what you are feeling or what you want.

Listening to others helps you gain knowledge and when that knowledge is shared you develop your mind from that knowledge.

Similarly, when I saw him I told him to talk as much as he can. Remember when I first saw him he was too shy to speak and his sound was very low. He started talking, expressed his feelings and made new friends. He told everything about his new friends and how intelligent they are. They were nice and helped him in his subjects and especially in mathematics. He started to enjoy their company, got good marks in subjects, and his fear for mathematics was gone. He learned how to express and whenever he got stuck in a mathematics question he asked help from his teacher to explain the logic and how to solve this particular problem.

Now he is not the same person whom I met 1 month ago. His confidence level increased within a short period and I was also feeling very proud. My efforts were seen clearly. His mid-term exams got started and he got good marks. He never left those habits and teachings which I’ve taught him. He continued them, did hard work, and scored good marks in exams. Now he is one of the brightest students in our school. To get more such insights visit our website Assignment help and search Mathematics assignment help.

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