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Is WPC Decking Surface-Compatible?

Does WPC decking just work for elevated decks, despite its well-deserved reputation as a more durable alternative to wood? We have good news if your ideal deck comprises a patio or deck that hugs the earth. WPC Decking boards and plastic planks may be put contacting the ground, unlike wood decking, which is vulnerable to rotting and insect damage. In actuality, WPC decking is capable of going considerably lower. Continue reading to learn what we mean. Also, Are you looking decking sale? Get WPC boards at economical prices here. 


What Level Are You At?

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Create a Fantastic New Outdoor Space for Your Home with the Disco Deck

Create a Fantastic New Outdoor Space for Your Home with the Disco Deck

Disco may be a thing of the past, but people will always want stylish new decks. Here are some crucial things to think about before you begin if you’re thinking of building a new deck. The location of your new deck might have a significant impact on the material you choose. Will the deck sit in direct sunlight, will it be a floating deck, and will it encircle your pool? Your final material selection is affected by all of these circumstances. Some of these locations could be primarily wet or, on the other hand, extremely dry, both of which might have an impact on long-term performance. Splinters may be a problem with a standard wood deck near a swimming pool where many people will be walking on their bare feet. WPC Decking is a good option to take into consideration in each of these scenarios.

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WPC Decking may be put in direct contact with the ground and offers durability, attractiveness, and nearly maintenance-free upkeep. It is actually possible to place it underwater, under the ground, or on the surface of the water. Other alternatives to traditional decking materials, such as certain WPC and PVC decking, are moisture-sensitive. However, our WPC decking may be put underground and will survive for many years.

Each wood fiber in our products is encased in recycled plastic thanks to our Solid Core Difference, providing the highest level of weather resistance even when they are in direct touch with the ground or submerged. It becomes resistant to warping, moisture absorption, insect damage, and other things thanks to this approach. For more than 30 years, outdoor living areas throughout the nation have used us to help prevent structural field failures. It is the only wood WPC deck material whose warranty is unaffected by direct contact with the ground.

Laying WPC Decking on Soil or Grass: Get into the Rhythm

Laying WPC Decking on Soil or Grass: Get into the Rhythm

Despite being appropriate for installation on soil or grass, WPC Decking is not meant to be used as a structural support component. A substructure made of treated wood, metal or other materials that adhere to building requirements must be used to install the material. The performance won’t be impacted, even if the terrassendielen kunststoff may come into touch with the ground during any of these sorts of installations. A ground-level fascia installation, an outdoor ADA ramp, ornamental trim on hot tubs, raised bed planter boxes, and other examples may fall under this category. These pointers will help you build WPC decking that makes ground contact.

Avoid laying a deck surface directly on the ground without a foundation that complies with local building requirements. Any WPC decking must be supported by a sturdy substructure to guarantee the decking surface is stable. The decking boards’ plastic will be alright, but if a strong underpinning isn’t provided, the building code won’t be met, and the decking may move with time, leaving you with an unstable surface.

Use the proper fasteners for the application to attach the deck or decking boards in plastic. For assistance choosing fasteners, consult our installation guide.

Laying WPC Decking on Concrete: Like a Rock

Laying WPC Decking on Concrete: Like a Rock

In locations like patios, porches, outdoor kitchens, and particularly pool decks, many homeowners opt to immediately lay terrassendielen abverkauf over a new or existing concrete slab. Here are some recommendations for installing the WPC deck over concrete.


  • First, assess the concrete area.
  • Make sure there are no chips or cracks in your concrete.
  • To allow water to drain readily away from any building, the concrete should slope away from it; the minimum slope is 1/8 for every 1′.
  • Concrete surfaces should be level; avoid any locations where water is pooled as this indicates a dip in the surface that may retain water and provide a favorable environment for the growth of mold and insects.
  • Including a sleeper, the system is a smart move.
  • To verify that your sleeper system complies with any requirements, be sure to review your local building codes.
  • Over a sleeper system, installation advice for WPC decking
  • We have excellent decking boards plastic in the Vantage 2x size.
  • For a secure deck surface when employing a Vantage 2x product as a sleeper joist, the decking boards’ plastic must be supported by the concrete slab over its whole length.
  • To fix the decking, use face screws rather than concealed fasteners.
  • Don’t completely enclose the sleeper system substructure to let air and water flow freely away from the house. Instead, take out any plants or other items that can hinder the substructure’s air and water movement.
  • Joist access may be required for repairs and debris clearance, necessitating the removal of surface decking boards plastic.


Decks have gained popularity as a unique outdoor living place that homeowners may design for themselves. With the aid of WPC Decking, you can design stunning, useful outdoor areas anywhere that will last for many years. We offer decking sales on our website.