Know About Brief History of WWE Championship Belts

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Most wrestling and boxing championships represent by a championship belt. In wrestling championships, wrestlers wear the championship belts around their waists or carry them over their shoulders upon winning the title. In professional wrestling championships, the title belt is the recognition of a wrestler’s promotion. Wrestlers who draw the greatest fan response will compete with the current champion for the title belt.

Origen Of the championship belts

Professional wrestling championship belts originated from the championship belts in boxing. Wrestling belts are made of well-designed gold plates. The name of the title and the wrestling promotion is printed on a leather strap with a gold design on the belt. The color and design of wrestling belts vary with each title and promotion.

In 2002, all major world wrestling entertainment titles included a nameplate with the current titleholder’s name on the bottom of the main faceplate. Recently, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and World Championship Wrestling (WCW) merged into the World Wrestling Entertainment Undisputed Championship. Since then, a nameplate has been added to the design of the new WWE championship belt.

High-quality leather

High-quality Title belts are used in the production of wrestling belts. The leather has good abrasion and flame resistance. The tensile and bending properties of wrestling belt leather are better than that of any other leather. They are also finely to give a shiny look.

The title belt for different wrestling championships varies with the design of the nameplate. Wrestling belts have a larger thickness and width compared to other belts. The length of wrestling belts can adjust to suit the wrestler.

Both amateur and professional wrestling championships give wrestling belts as the title reward. A good wrestler can sustain a large fan following over a period of time. Wrestling championships usually generate fan interest in terms of event attendance and TV viewership.

Wrestling organizations contract or suppliers

The highlight of any wrestler’s career is to become a champion and wear as many of that organization’s wrestling belts as possible during their career. The reason being as a champion, chances are you’ll make more money during your reign, and merchandise sales, plus get better known as you gain championships.

As a fan, most of the wrestling organizations contract out to suppliers a chance to develop replica versions of those belts and offer the chance for you to actually own one of the same titles your hero owns. The belts range from foam rubber to a very detail replica of any title, complete with side plates, an authentic strap with the same snap patterns, and some can even customize to include different plates, to a build-your-own version of a belt.

Online for wrestling belts

You can spend hours searching online for wrestling belts, and not find what you want, or you could go to a reliable online site and look at what is in stock. The title belts range in price from an action figure’s small title strap starting around $0.95 to an actual replica of Edge’s WWE world belt with an inscription and signed by Edge for around $399.99.

The pricier the belts are, the chances are they are the ‘real deal and could come with an autograph as well from that particular superstar when he was holding the title. Some hand-made belts on other sites sell for close to $2700.00, whereas you can get the same belt for lower prices via eBay which is essentially the same quality as the more expensive ones.

Help preserve memories of great matches

If you’re planning on starting your own federation, or just want to re-live a moment in time. when your favorite superstar became a specific champion, wrestling belts help preserve memories of great matches. The wrestlers that held that particular title you have your eye on, and that moment in time.

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