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Know why dairy wall panels are a necessity for the milking parlors in the USA

The resilient, durable and lightweight PVC panels are a better choice than the FRP. The low FRP cost might look lucrative, but the durability of the vinyl panels proves to be cost-effective in the long run. PVC dairy wall panels is a one-time investment, whereas FRP pricing gets higher due to constant callbacks even after the installation. Make a wise choice – choose PVC.


Over the years, the dairy industry in the USA has undergone a sea change. However, the changes till now have been for the better. Today the American economy largely relies on the money made from dairy farms. The surge of dairy farms and their tentacles reaching out to the urban societies has led to amplified scrutiny of the industry. Regular inspections take place to ensure optimal health of the animals and hygienic storage of the dairy products.


Earlier, the farm owners used to invest in dairy FRP panels every few years to maintain good hygiene at all times. Dehumidification was also carried out on a regular basis. Nevertheless, the businesses were looking for a more permanent solution. That’s when the PVC panels came into the horizon. Duramax PVC dairy wall panels are essential to keep the facility running. Here are a few reasons why wall panels are essential for the dairy units to function smoothly without compromising on hygiene.


Waterproof panels like no other


Although dairy FRP panels claim to have water-resistant qualities, but with wooden backers, the panels end up absorbing moisture and destroying the walls and ceilings. On the other hand, the vinyl panels do not need backers for installation and are 100% resistant to moisture and even water vapors. In addition, the PVC panels made from 100% virgin vinyl don’t allow moisture to seep into the walls and ensure a dry environment at all times.


Fastest to install


The Duramax dairy wall panels come in DIY kits along with a user-friendly installation guide. The PVC panels do not need additional installation materials or skilled laborers. PVC installation is a one-person job that gets completed within a few hours. However, you can hire more people for faster installation. The vinyl panels have studs and hidden fasteners that make the installation seamless and faster. In addition, the smooth surface with no external hardware ensures greater strength and durability of the panels.


Easy to maintain


The vinyl panels do not need a regular cleaning or any deep professional maintenance. The smooth surface of the panels makes them resistant to staining. The panels don’t allow dust or dirt to reside on their surface. With no crevices or fissures, the vinyl panels don’t harbor hidden bacteria, dirt, debris, or any filth. The panels are easy to maintain with a damp cloth dipped in any strong detergent. The chemical-resistant panels can get bleached, which helps to retain their white and pristine appearance for the longest time.


Longest lifespan of PVC panels


Duramax panels have the longest lifespan as compared to others. The panels last for more than 45 years without the need for repairing, repainting, or replacements. The panels are exceptionally strong because of the inner webbed Truss design that delivers sturdiness and durability. The vinyl panels don’t rot, rust, mold, or delaminate, unlike other wall panels. The anti-bacterial panels help maintain the highest level of cleanroom sanitary conditions even in dairy units where the animals can litter the place around.


Fire-resistant wall panels


The vinyl panels are resistant to fire. The panels have a 1-hour resistance towards flames, which makes them an ideal choice for dairy farms. All the heating equipment in the dairy farms can pose a threat to livestock. If you are worried about fire outbreaks harming your livestock – then vinyl panels are a better choice than dairy FRP panels. With wooden backers, FRP gets ignited faster and leads to destruction. Therefore, choose vinyl panels and keep your dairy animals safe.


Certified panels


Did you know the Duramax dairy wall panels are certified under ASTM and CFIA? It’s true as the wall panels also reach FDA requirements ensuring their premium quality and ability to maintain high levels of hygiene. The panels also go through a stringent quality check inside the Duramax factory. The certified panels get cut and customized to meet the requirements laid down by the customer. After the quality checks get conducted, the panels get dispatched to reach the milking parlor in just weeks.


Wrapping up

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