LA Times Crossword Game: The facts you need to know

The variety of crossword game on the internet that give opportunity to experience many versions. However not all that crossword games bring the different emotion and can attract players in a long time. If you a fan of crossword, surely you are acquainted with the LA Times Crossword Game – An ultimate crossword published early in the world and still attract player of all age and all around the world since published in 1968.

1. What is the LA Times Crossword Game?

The LA Times Crossword game is a type of word puzzle game that was first published in The LA Times, which quickly became one of the world’s most popular newspapers. Because of its origin, it retains the name of the news when produced for an online game.

The crossword game has many versions with a lot of strange and new factors. The traditional crossword game consists of clues and a crossword about parts of life.

2. History and development

From its first appearance in print on September 29, 1930, after a request from Arthur Szekely, who was the editor of The LA Times. It included six clues and an advertisement in various articles of The LA Times.

However, readers can find it on the website under the names iCrossing and Word Lens. Anyone can access the computer and enjoy this game to answer the puzzle at any time. People can also earn points by submitting the correct answer.People spend an average of 8 minutes per day solving crossword puzzles.

The challenging content is the new great update of LA Times Crossword game . No matter how much you practice and study, you’ll always make a mistake with that one word or phrase. The difficult crossword puzzle is the true challenge for all players, but it will also help you become a better player.

3. What is the difference between the LA Times Crossword and others?

For instance, a lot of them have the classic “clue in a sentence” problem—many words packed into a tiny amount of space. They also frequently lack grids or other restrictions that limit the number of characters or words you can use, making them quite open-ended. This means that even if the clues aren’t too challenging, finding good solutions can be challenging.

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Last but not least, the majority of puzzles are built on the idea of “clue reading,” which is more mental than physical and entails noticing patterns rather than remembering specifics. Crossword puzzles are no different; they simply have more words and letters than the majority of other problems.

4. How to play and tips to resolve LA Times Crossword Game

The rules of this puzzle game are very simple. You just access the web and find the word ” LA Times Crossword.” Choose the level—easy or hard—and start solving the word puzzle. Players may find the crossword puzzle challenging, but don’t worry. Some tips will help you solve the crossword quickly.

  1. Pay attention to the attention the meaning of each word before looking up the solution. It helps you find the answer fast and don’t affect by the wise of information
  2. To avoid missing any words, make sure you have all the letters of the alphabet written down before you begin.
  3. Try not to take puzzle completion or missing a clue too seriously; it’s good to get stuck on a puzzle now and then.

5. The difficulty from LA Times Crossword 

Difficulty from the longtime of improvement

LA Times Crossword has a history of appearance and improvement that is the reason why this game has types of clues in the variety of levels in each time. First published in 1968, this game includes “ A 5 letters that is a derivative of a scientific word ending in -ic . The word seems simple but it is truly hard to find the suitable word because it is rarely the word that ends in “ ic” just “icat”, “iconic”, and a couple of others. It’s not a common word, which makes it harder to find crossword clues. After the advancement, it’s a five-letter clue in a six-letter grid. The word can be harder but you have enough information to think about it. Like if the crossword about the island is not common but you still can think about its position or think about the relative information and find the name of that island.


This crossword clue is among the hardest ever due to a combination of these three criteria. A little island in the South Atlantic Ocean close to Chile’s coast is another hint from the Oxford Book of Crosswords. This hint may seem rather simple to you, but you’d be wrong. This clue is actually made more challenging by the phrase “near the coast of Chile.” While the majority of people are aware that Chile is a country in South America, they are far less familiar with the existence of a little island off its coast. It’s particularly difficult because it’s a six-letter hint in a seven-letter grid.

Difficult from double meaning

Clues that have double meaning is alway the true challenge for all players because you can easily think in another way and have the wrong answer. Example, the clue : “ Rock musician who was connected to the Doors”. It is not hard to finger out the clue but you can misread and think the clue is “ The doors”. To avoid unread or wrong thinking there some tips for you ;

  • Read the puzzle carefully
  • Read again if you don’t sure about the clue
  • Find other help if you don’t sure about the clue from friends  or suggest of game


Difficult from the clues

The following clue, “A British fish with scales whose scientific name includes the letters NH2,” is extremely challenging because it employs a wordplay notion. The majority of people would presume that this word refers to the gas nitrous oxide, which is sometimes utilized in medical treatments. However, the exact definition is “a British fish with scales whose scientific name contains the letters NH2.” This term refers to a group of bacteria that live in soil and water. An additional wordplay hint that most people find extremely challenging is “An American vocalist who has won an Academy Award.” Although most people are familiar with this singer, the crossword definition is actually somewhat peculiar. Its name is really a species of tree!

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Words That Adults Typically Find Difficult

Adults may find a crossword’s words to be exceptionally challenging. Scoundrel, for instance, is used in the clue that reads, “A rogue who attempts to obtain something through lying.” While the majority of people are aware of this word’s definition, there are undoubtedly many older individuals who are unaware of it. More terms than you might imagine are also difficult to spell and pronounce. The term “dulcet” in the following clue refers to a musical instrument, which is not a word you would often associate with crossword puzzles. Adults may find the next clue particularly challenging: “A kind of flower with a lovely scent.” Despite the fact that this hint is rather simple, there are numerous difficult to finger out the clue in short time.


If you are a fan of word puzzles and a crossword lover, don’t miss the LA Times Crossword game . This crossword is not only an entertaining online game for players of all ages; it is also the best challenge to help you become a better crossword solver.Last but not least, with its new updates and fun and strange word puzzles, LA Times Crossword is always the best choice for word lovers. Let’s have some relaxing time with crosswords in this amazing game with your friends and family now!

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