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Latest Advance Digital Marketing Courses For College Students

The finest resource for information on Delhi’s digital marketing courses. For information on the best 20 digital marketing training facilities, digital marketing course costs, course content, instructors, and location specifics, read this blog post through to the conclusion.


There are more and more digital marketing courses in India that provide courses in Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, and Delhi. I already have a list of the best digital marketing courses in Kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai. Many people have questioned me about the top digital marketing training facilities in Delhi.


I’ve therefore created this list.


Selecting the Most Appropriate Digital Marketing Courses for You


Make sure the course covers all of the nuances of digital marketing while selecting the best digital marketing course. There are many subdomains within the vast topic of digital marketing. Anyone who wants to enter the profession of digital marketing must have a fundamental understanding of each of its subfields. When selecting a digital marketing courses, make sure it offers a clear understanding of the industry, aids in gaining practical experience through classroom instruction, and offers placement opportunities.


Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing in Kolkata


As you can see, Kolkata has a lot to offer those interested in digital marketing, as evidenced by the fact that there are more than 5000 job postings in just the city of Kolkata. The breadth of digital marketing and the available positions in this field are expanding quickly in Kolkata and will do so going forward.


The fact that there are openings for freshers in New Delhi’s digital marketing job market is one of its noteworthy and greatest features. To learn more about the industry, newcomers to digital marketing can enrol in a course. They can also work as an intern in a Delhi-based digital marketing agency to gain practical experience and exposure to a variety of digital marketing disciplines.The large number of job vacancies demonstrate that Delhi is not just India’s capital but also its digital marketing capital.


The finest strategies to launch a career in digital marketing in Delhi are listed below.


After earning your bachelor’s in digital marketing:


1st Career Path


Obtain accreditation from an online professional digital marketing course after graduating in marketing. Gain expertise in digital marketing by working as a freelancer or intern Apply for a position in digital marketing or train to be a qualified freelancer.


Work Path 2


graduating with a marketing degree; working as an intern; Develop your own brand through a digital marketing blog by earning a master’s degree in the field. Try to get a job.


If you don’t have a marketing bachelor’s degree:


1st Career Path

Graduation (with any specialty) Online certification in digital marketing is available. For free learning tools, follow blogs Create a blog or website a network Find employment or work as a freelance consultant.


Work Path 2


Any specialty upon graduation; a master’s degree in digital marketing or a closely connected field; Create a blog or website Job or internship.


The career pathways in digital marketing listed above are just a few typical ones in Delhi. In Delhi, there is actually no set path to a career in digital marketing. The next steps in a profession can change depending on a person’s experience, interests, and abilities.


Academy of Digital Marketing


In India, the Academy of Digital Markeitng is well-known for its online courses in digital marketing. The course is more than 80 hours lengthy and gives students Harvard-style case studies that aid in their comprehension of the specifics of the sector. Develop a range of digital marketing talents, such as copywriting, affiliate marketing, and more, by working as an international freelancer.


Apply now for the four-month course starting the first week of January!


Highlights of the digital marketing course

  • several LIVE projects.
  • 100% placement help with an average income increase of 110%
  • worldwide market for independent contractors forever.
  • Copywriting, affiliate marketing, and eCommerce Management are among the 18+ advanced modules.
  • Reasonable prices
  • 2,000 Rupees for each advertisement
  • 1 year of free hosting and domain.
  • assured cashback for internships
  • Over 25 Certifications
  • most demanding modules for half the cost
  • Learn from Sorav Jain, the top digital marketing influencer in the world.
  • APA-compliant case studies
  • international and national instructors
  • With this course, you can work as a freelancer internationally.
  • Discover full automation


Digital Vidya

It is one of the most well-known training businesses for digital marketing in the globe and was founded in November 2009 by Pradeep Chopra and Kapil Nakra. Both online and advanced digital marketing courses are offered in Delhi by Digital Vidya.


They provide 20+ Modules for Specialization in addition to their CDMM, which is their flagship curriculum. Both professionals and students receive training at all levels.


Course on Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing


Online and in-person classroom instruction


Fee for Digital Marketing Course: 49,900 INR with Service Tax


Search engine marketing, social media marketing, inbound marketing, search engine optimization, web analytics, and other topics are covered in the course material.


Manipal Prolearn


It is a division of Manipal Global Education Services, which provides numerous professional certification programmes in various areas of digital marketing.


With 500+ classroom batches and over 100 accredited courses, it has trained more than 50,000 professionals. features more than 15 industry leaders and global learning partners, including Google, EY, ITC Infotech, and HDFC, among others.


Digital Marketing Course: Project Management, Full Stack Development, Android App Development, Analytics, and Digital Marketing.


Online, instructor-led, and classroom courses are available.


The cost of a digital marketing course varies depending on the course, but everything has a free introductory course.


Digital marketing course topics include affiliate marketing, mobile marketing, UI/UX certification, and the fundamentals of digital marketing.


Delhi Courses


One of the best places in Delhi to master digital marketing with a wealth of knowledge gained at an affordable price is this training centre. Very beneficial for newcomers since they instruct them in the numerous facets of digital marketing and help them obtain a good career. They have professionally trained more than 1200 people in more than 60 batches.


Digital market, stock market, and web design are covered in the digital marketing course.


Digital marketing courses are available both online and in a classroom setting.


The cost of the digital marketing course is INR 20,000.


SMO, PPC, advanced digital marketing, SEO, and other topics covered in the course


All India Management Association (AIMA)


You can earn a dual certification in digital marketing and business analytics through AIMA’s relationship with Digital Vidya.


You receive 12 online projects in addition to a 60-hour training course taught by an instructor. This programme uses a “do it yourself” (DIY) methodology to enable appropriate practical training.


Course on Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing


Online digital marketing course type.


Course in Digital Marketing SEO, SEM, web analytics, content and blog marketing, mobile marketing, etc. are all examples of content.


Simply Digital


with the intention of educating individuals about digital marketing in a straightforward and understandable manner.


With the brightest faculty members from IIT and IIM teaching both in-person and online classes, Simply Digital has become one of Delhi’s top digital marketing colleges.


Course on Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing


Classroom instruction in digital marketing


Digital marketing course topics include website planning and development, SEO, and PPC.





Offering a 100+ hour intense digital marketing course in Delhi with highly qualified instructors that provide not only practical training but also soft skills training and full placement support.


“My adventure through the Digital Marketing course at Eduprstine has been very profitable and educational. This course comes highly recommended for those considering a career in digital marketing. According to Ashish Barbaria, Manager- Marketing & Operations.


Course in Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing


Digital marketing training courses are offered both online and in classroom settings.


Cost of the digital marketing course: 33,000 INR


Digital marketing course topics include soft skill development, funnel marketing, marketing automation, and social media marketing.




They are based in Delhi, have 30+ training facilities around India, and have trained more than 15000 professionals as well as freshmen, earning them WCRC’s Gold Category designation.


Advanced Digital Marketing Training: Digital Marketing Course


Type of Digital Marketing Course: Classroom Instruction


Cost of the digital marketing course: INR 25,000


Digital marketing, SEO, Google AdWords, social media marketing, etc. are all covered in the course material.


Delhi School of Internet Marketing (DSIM)


For students, business owners, and corporate executives, a full training programme featuring live classroom sessions is offered. They have five centres in Delhi alone, as well as centres in Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Kolkata.


Mr. Shobhith, Ad Operations Specialist at Yahoo India and a former DSIM Trainee, says, “DSIM helped me acquire my first job with Yahoo India.”


Masters in Digital Marketing: a course in digital marketing


Type of course: Online and in-person instruction in digital marketing


Cost of the digital marketing course: 56,450 INR plus service tax (EMI available)


Online Marketing Course topics include social media marketing, Google AdWords and Analytics, and planning and building websites.




A premier digital marketing training facility in South Delhi offers career-focused training with 100 percent placement support. The course offers flexible class times. They provide 9 certifications in digital marketing over 17 different disciplines.


Advanced Digital Marketing: A Digital Marketing Course


Course Type: Classroom Instruction.


Digital marketing course topics include Web analytics, affiliate marketing, mobile and video advertising, and AdWords fundamentals.




a global innovator in talent and skill development In collaboration with an Irish institution, NIIT, which has locations throughout India, provides a Certified Digital Marketing course and a Diploma in Digital Marketing. This course from NIIT includes 8 flexible subjects that are taught to trainees by qualified experts.


Diploma in Digital Marketing: a course in digital marketing


Course Format: Classroom Instruction


Cost of the digital marketing course: 37,000 ( EMI available)


Introduction to digital marketing, SEO, strategy and planning, Google certifications, etc. are all included in the course content.


TGC Animation and Multimedia


In addition to a vast selection of courses including Animation, Web Designing, Graphic Designing, etc., an effective creative arts college also offers a Diploma in Digital Marketing. Most of their comprehensive courses include placement assistance.


Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing: A Digital Marketing Course


There are two types of digital marketing training programmes: online and in-person.


Digital marketing course topics include online branding, site analytics, managing data, pay-per-click advertising, and more.



Digital Mantra


One of Delhi’s top training centres for digital marketing, offering classroom instruction to assist you advance your profession.


They train students to get practical expertise to cater to potential future growth in the area by providing 30+ Advanced Digital Marketing modules. In addition to offering 12+ certifications, more than 40 tools are taught.


Course on Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing


Type of Digital Marketing Course: Classroom Instruction


Digital Markets Content covered in the course includes strategy marketing and planning, inbound marketing, and content marketing.


Expert Digital Marketing Training Institute


Another leading training facility that provides certification in digital marketing has trained more than 6000 people.


efficient learning through case studies that apply practical, real-world information.


The most comprehensive training for digital marketing to advance your career


Course on Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing


Course Format: Classroom Instruction


Digital marketing course topics include marketing analysis, social media optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and content marketing

Digital Cruise


It is a rapidly expanding training organisation in India that caters to businesses, professionals, entrepreneurs, and students.


They receive training on real-world projects in order to gain the most exposure and strengthen their practical skills and land decent jobs. A total of 50+ batches trained 1500+ students.


Advanced Digital Marketing: A Digital Marketing Course


Online and in-person training for digital marketing.


Fee for a digital marketing course: 20,000 INR


Digital marketing training is available as both an online course and in-person instruction.


SEO, freelancing, professional blogging, Google Adsense, etc. are covered in this course.



Techstack, which was founded in 2015, has had tremendous growth in the past three years and now provides a wide range of courses, including Web design, web development, and big data hadoop, in addition to digital marketing.


Advanced and corporate technologist digital marketing are covered in the digital marketing course.


Course Type: Classroom Training in Digital Marketing.


Website creation, SEO, lead generation for businesses, and other topics covered in digital marketing courses


Digital Technology Institute


DTI is one of the best training facilities for digital marketing, with a faculty that is both highly qualified and talented.


The trainees are forced to learn in workshops and real-world projects with fewer individuals and more groups to promote effective learning.


Course on Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing


Type of Digital Marketing Course: Classroom Instruction


Course in Digital Marketing Content: Google Web Analytics, social media marketing, SEO, and content marketing, among other things.


Delhi Institute of Computer courses

Founded in 2009 strives to give its students a top-notch education so they may learn how to run a well-driven social media platform and reach their target market.


At a reasonable rate, they have trained more than 200 students. DICC seems like a solid foundation for anyone wishing to start a career in marketing.


In addition to digital marketing, other options include stock market, ethical hacking, and multimedia.


Advanced Digital Marketing: A Digital Marketing Course


Online and classroom-based digital marketing training are both available as types of digital marketing education.


Fee for the Digital Marketing Course: INR 25,000


Email marketing, RSS, video marketing, SEO, pay per click, etc. are all included in the digital marketing course material.



SSDN Technologies


Such high-quality training is provided by a top corporate training provider with the ultimate goal of developing India into a developed country.


For capable students, it offers professional, job-oriented digital marketing training. The number of people trained here has increased to over 1000 training sessions.


Digital marketing, social media, and search engine optimization


Classroom training for digital marketing.


Digital marketing course topics include Google Adwords (pay-per-click), special modules, SEO, and social media marketing.




Sahil Khanna, the founder of Lapaas, did so in 2012. After his online digital marketing course on his “Intellectual Indies” YouTube channel was a big success, they introduced an offline version with more than 26 modules to encourage entrepreneurship.


Digital Marketing Scientist: Online Marketing Course


Type of Digital Marketing Course: Digital Marketing Course Offline


Course in Digital Marketing Content includes business workshops and topics including search engine optimization, growth hacking, email marketing, social media marketing, inbound marketing, search engine marketing, web analytics, and content marketing.

Avyud Academy – Digital Marketing


Individual focusing is done to impart ideal knowledge of all subjects under Digital Marketing using a very career-oriented training approach.


A team of tech-savvy business professionals is available to provide high-quality corporate training for professional certification


Digital Academy India


The project was started in 2012 and then acquired by Digital Vidya in 2015.


Their goal is to prepare the marketing and global organisations’ leaders of tomorrow for broad changes.


Along with academic instruction, this institute offers practical training in digital marketing.


Students are instructed by highly skilled and knowledgeable instructors who draw on their own practical job experience in the business.


A course in digital marketing is available.


Online courses in digital marketing fall under this category.


Cost of the digital marketing course: INR 39000 plus service tax.


Content of the digital marketing course includes the following major topics: CDMA, CPDM, Google Adwords, Search Marketing, etc.


National School of Internet Marketing (NSIM)


One of the best digital marketing schools offering courses in South Delhi is National School of Internet Marketing (NSIM).


You can navigate through a successful career route thanks to our digital marketing institute.


The talents you pick up from us will launch a variety of skills in you, preparing you to seize opportunities that come your way.


Training in digital marketing: Advanced Training in Digital Marketing


Type of Digital Marketing Course: Online and Classroom Instruction


Fee for a digital marketing course: INR 25,000 plus GST (18%).


Course in Digital Marketing Web design without coding, email marketing, lead generation for businesses, Google Ads, Google Analytics, social media marketing (SMM), search engine optimization (SEO), and e-commerce marketing are among the topics covered in the course.



As a hub for digital marketing, Delhi has several training facilities. Here, we’ve created a list of the best 24 digital marketing schools, together with information on their programmes, tuition, and other costs.


Check out this resource if you’re looking for professional training in digital marketing.

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