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Michelin – the Top Tyre Brand for the Year 2022

In search of a powerful pair of tyres that change the dynamic of your favourite car? Choosing the best tyre will judge the car’s performance in the future and influence the safety of the beings. What if we suggest such a company that can ensure you the safe driving ever? Well! Michelin Tyres Ponteland is the perfect spot to pay a visit that offers extraordinary variants in tyres for every motorist’s desires, in and around.

If you are seeking help in finding the best suitable set of tyres for your car, then Meadowfield Auto Centre is the perfect establishment to reach. We import and supply a wide range of Michelin tyres that suits many modern vehicles at competitive prices.

Is the Michelin a Trustworthy Brand?

Michelin is the global leader in tyre manufacture and export technology, based in France. Michelin is super known all across the globe with almost 70 production units starting from its headquarters at Clermont-Ferrand, France, and various branches across the UK. 

This French legend is suitable almost for every model (both expensive brands and mid-range cars). Michelin is also huge in the exportation game as it has associations with distribution and trading networks from almost 170 countries, including the UK, USA, Russia, India, and many others. Yes, Michelin is the most trusted brand with more positivity received from plenty of users from many nations. This brand is also familiar with the racing background.

Why Choose Michelin?

Being in the industry since 1889, Michelin never disappoints with its quality and remains the top-selling brand of all time. One of the many attractions is its availability, as Michelin comes up with various models every year. The company conducts exclusive testing for every consumer model before its release. 

Considerably, Michelin is one of the few companies that follow innovative fuel efficiency technology. This brand also promises the most prolonged treadwear warranties ever. Michelin is engaging in the manufacture of tyres and related products for cars, SUVs, trucks, scooters, and motor vehicles.

What Makes Michelin Powerful?


Michelin uses a lightweight rubber compound that enhances flexibility. This material also promotes high temperature withstand even during the high rotation.


Tyre’s design of the Michelin is one of the main reasons behind the brand’s success. The brand design aids in the higher traction that can survive any surface.


Michelin tyres are the safest option because these tyres as the company use a unique technology that promotes high grip irrespective of region and climatic condition.


This brand has the most long-running tyres in the present-day market due to the highest treadwear count.

Our Top Michelin Best-performers:

Michelin Defender T+H:

This particular model is the most famous among passenger car users. Many customers reviews state that this tyre gives them the most peaceful and uncompromised safe ride. T+H tyre is also considerably the longest-running passenger model that offers an incredible 1,30,000 miles of the super-comfortable journey. This all-season version is a pro in grip and traction that assures the butter-smooth ride irrespective of the climatic conditions. The Max Touch construction and exceptional treading of the tyre are long life.

 Michelin’s Intellisipe technology promotes outstanding grip by maximizing the biting edges. This version is available in 26 sizes that can fit various passenger cars of several brands. The company promises a prolonged standard warranty six-year for 

Michelin Defender T+H.

Michelin Defender LTX M/S2

Defender LTX M/S2 is another all-season model that gets tremendous love from users everywhere. This tyre gives the best performance in any weather condition and is also a pro in temperature resistance. A high treadwear score is also a big yay to purchasing this model, thanks to Michelin’s EverTread compound. 

This technology also promotes 10% longevity of the tyre, and there is proven evidence that this model offers 70,000 miles of the flexible journey. Another attraction of the Defender LTX M/S2 is that the tyres can deliver a sublime grip even for the shorter brakes. The higher traction due to the Max Touch construction technology makes the driving tension-free even in snow and wet regions. This technology also aids in less-fuel consumption and saves an estimated 65 gallons of fuel in the tyre’s lifetime. This tyre is more compatible with lighter trucks and SUVs and is available in almost 77 sizes.

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