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Move your Furniture via Packers and Movers

Some people prefer the DIY method instead of booking reliable packers and movers to shift your furniture hassle-free. They are under the notion that a DIY move is easy to handle. These people usually take help from others to shift these items. However, there is no guarantee of getting the desired move if you opt for the DIY relocation process.

This is the reason why most people opt for professional movers and packers to move their furniture pieces. They can rely on them as they can easily handle the furniture move in the perfect way.

These people have wide domain experience that can help you shift your furniture without any extra effort. However, managing each stage of your relocation process is crucial for the complete success of your furniture shifting process.

You can easily organize your furniture moving process if you keep in mind the following tips: –

Measuring your New Home

Positioning your furniture in your new home is a strenuous task. So, you should measure your new home to know the place where you have to put your furniture items. You must know beforehand about the total space of your house before moving. This’ll let you know where you have to put your furniture items in your new house.

After measuring the space needed for your furniture, you can manage the unloading process of your furniture items efficiently. This way, you’ll already know how much space you need for your furniture items. This helps you carry only the important furniture to your new house. Hence, you must measure your house space before shifting your furniture pieces through packers and movers Delhi to Kolkata.

Your movers too will find it easy to relocate your furniture if you have already decided their position. So, they only have to confirm the position of a particular furniture item before unloading it. This’ll certainly provide ease to them while moving your furniture goods.

Sort Out your Waste Furniture Items

It’s not judicious to carry the furniture that is lying unused in your house. These furniture items only add weight to your consignment. Also, the movers quote high prices for bulky items. So, the best would be to get rid of these items as soon as possible.

This’ll remove most of your stress related to your move. So, you should first recognize the furniture pieces that are unused. Once you identify them, it’ll be easy for you to get rid of them. After sorting out your furniture pieces, you can easily get freedom from them. You can get rid of these waste items in two ways.

You can either sell these items online or you can donate them to charitable institutions such as NGOs and orphanages. If you wish to sell them online, it’s best to make an account on the websites that sell second-hand goods. You are only required to post the images of your unused items there. Once you do this, the website visitors will check these images. If they like your products, they’ll make an offer from their side. If you like their offer, you can sell your products at these prices.

Collecting Moving Supplies

If you have chosen DIY move over choosing the packers and movers, you must buy the required moving supplies. Some of the moving items you’ll need for your move include hand trucks, furniture pads, shoulder dollies, straps, etc.

Let’s know about a few moving supplies for shifting your furniture: –

Hand Trucks: – These items are extremely useful for you in lifting and loading your furniture. They are specially designed to move your furniture piece safely. This helps you in minimizing the efforts that you put in while lifting and moving your items.

Furniture Pads: – These moving tools also work great in moving your items. They prevent your products from slide-off. Although these items are expensive, they are much helpful for you in relocating your items.

You can also use the blankets if you don’t want to use furniture pads. These moving items will be the best for moving your less-fragile furniture.

Shoulder Dollies and Straps: – With these items, you can easily lift your bulky items such as couches, refrigerators, and safes. These items let you move and load your bulky furniture without the extra strain during the move. Many people buy these items for your move.

Prepare for the Worst during your Move

Any extreme change in your weather can provide damage to your furniture. Remember, your furniture items are extra sensitive items. So, they can’t withstand the bad effects of the weather. Sometimes, the weather can be so adverse that you can’t even think of moving from one location to another. So, you must prepare to face the adverse weather during your move.

However, if you have no other option but to move in the adverse weather, you must devise the best methods for that. You must possess this knowledge before moving your stuff via packers and movers Delhi to Kerala. However, the best would be to check the weather of your source and destination before starting your move.

Remove the Doorstoppers

It is advisable to remove the door stoppers while moving your furniture items. These items are barriers to your furniture relocation process. If you remove them, you’ll have more space that will help you move your furniture pieces perfectly.

Hatch a Proper Plan

You should stick to great planning before moving your furniture pieces with the movers and packers. Make sure to sort out your furniture items first. After that, you can easily carry the furniture to your destination.

It would be better if you label the boxes of your furniture items. Remember, these are fragile items so you’ll have to take great care of them during the shifting process.

You must also make a floor plan for your furniture moving process. This’ll help you in placing your furniture easily into your new home.

If you have booked movers and packers, you can share the layout of your new house with them. This’ll help them in placing your furniture according to the layout.


The furniture shifting process through packers and movers is much easy if you follow the above-mentioned tips. You can get information about other tips to shift your furniture efficiently.