Must-Haves for your Halloween Photo Booth | Photo Booth Essentials

Halloween is one of the most widely celebrated events in the world. From designing the spookiest Halloween costumes to carving jack-o’-lanterns and arranging Halloween bashes, Halloween is the busiest time of the year for some of us. 

Photo booths are an integral part of Halloween celebrations. Some people DIY their own booths and have fun with different Halloween photo booth props with their loved ones, while others buy or rent them out from different vendors. 

Although photo booths are trending these days, many people still have questions regarding the must-haves they should keep in mind when arranging a photo booth set up for their Halloween decor. 

We have put together a list of essentials you’ll need to create an unforgettable photo booth experience for your guests. 


Every Halloween bash is different and has a unique theme. Your photo booth backdrop adds life to your photo booth decor. 

While a plain black or white background seamlessly blends with all themes and props, you can also have fun experimenting with different backdrop styles and colors. 

For instance, you can use different fabrics, hangings, or printings to make your backdrop stand out and in line with your Halloween decor. Chalkboard backdrops, neon signs, sequin, and taffeta are some of the many options that exist in creating a flawless Halloween photo booth experience for your guests. 


Photo booths are all about clicking amazing pictures. But it is not possible without using some creative photo booth props. 

Pointed hats, wigs, superhero masks, and ghoulish glasses add a frightening vibe to your Halloween photo booth decor.  You can either buy ready-made props online or DIY your own by involving your friends and family before the event. The choice is yours to make…

Professional Camera

You need a professional camera inside your booth to ensure the highest quality of pictures. 

You don’t have to think about it if you’re buying or renting out a photo booth for your event. But you’ll have to arrange one if you’re taking a DIY route. 

There are many ways you can go about it. 

For example, you can set up a professional camera on a tripod. If you’re using a tripod, just ensure you ask someone to check camera settings from time to time. 

You can also have a smartphone on a selfie stick. Alternatively, you can use your tablet in a stand.

Some people also invest in a polaroid camera setup. This is the most popular option because these cameras are affordable and handy. Also, you can have your photos printed on the spot. 

Some photo booth vendors also offer photo booth camera rental services.  These professional selfie cameras with flashes will enable you to click some of the best pictures. The offer also includes a printer. That means you can get copies of your photos straight away. 

The best part of using photo booth camera rental services is you can still add a DIY feel to your photo booth by using your own props and customized backdrops. 

Good lighting

The most important aspect of a Halloween photo booth is lighting. Whether you have arranged your bash inside your home or outside, make sure there is enough lighting inside a booth to capture clear and visible pictures. 


Have a sign highlighting clear and detailed instructions on the use of cameras, props, and other essentials. Remember, not all your guests will be technically-shrewd to comprehend every instruction. So make sure you make your sign really simple for less technically-inclined people. 

A guest book

A guest book can be a great addition to your Halloween photo booth decor. Place your guestbook at a location where your guests can easily spot and sign it. 

You include a note in your instructions to remind your guests about signing a guest book and pasting their pictures.

Photo strips

 The best party favor you can offer your guests is their own pictures. Some photo booth vendors also allow you to customize your photo strips by adding your name, date, and other relevant details to your photo strips. 

Photo booth apps and printing

What is the point of having a photo booth when you can’t print your pictures out? After all, the entire concept of clicking those memorable photos is to organize them in an album and send them out to your guests.

That’s where photo booth apps and printing options step in. Luma booth, Photobox, or wifi booth – there are endless options to choose from.


Place your photo booth at a location where everyone can see or get access to it. This shouldn’t be a concern if you have planned a small Halloween party for your loved ones. But if you have planned something huge, you’ll need to dedicate ample space for your photo booth setup.