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New Arrivals Furniture Items on Luxury Brands

The New Year is a time when we can consider updating our interior setting and invest in trendy and new design furniture.  Furniture and interior design trends are constantly evolving as people look for new ways to furnish their homes. 2021 is about to end, and there are several trends that people have already started incorporating into their houses for the next year. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and luxurious furniture styles that will make your home look deluxe in 2022.

Top designer furniture trends for 2022

With so many modern-day designs for home and decor available in the market. The latest trend that has taken hold over the last couple of years and seems to stay a bit for longer- is natural finishing or materials. Materials such as wood, glass, stone, metal, marble, are now more popular rather than plastic and synthetic materials. In the next year, we expect to see the latest sofa design with unpainted wood furnishings, stone textures, ceramics, glass finishing, and cane, rattan, and bamboo furniture in homes.   

The maximalist approach

People who like to have colourful decorations; can take up the maximalist approach and channel their free-spirited essence. This approach allows you to experiment with colours, bold patterns and various textures, whether it comes to new design chairs with bold pattern quilting, or plain velvet quilting for a classy look. 

You may add bold looking pieces of designer chair and sofa sets to your living area or dining room. If you’re looking for a furniture home that has got a luxurious collection of these sofa chair sets you may want to visit the “Urban Galleria”. They have got plenty of designs with a vast collection of sofa designs. Such as one, two or three-seater sofa sets, L-shaped sofas, deewan sofas, wooden sofas, leatherite sofas, velvet padding sofas, sofa stools and sofa cum beds. Moreover, the colour range is exquisite, such as neutrals, dark shades, and light vibrant shades as well. To add some life to your living space. 

Exquisite comfy chairs

There’s always a room or space in your home. Where you like to spend most of your time relaxing and unwinding. Be it a sofa or the lawn chairs in your garden, everyone has their spot to chill out. However, you can revamp your relaxing spot with a superb collection of designer chair that you can check out at any designer furniture store. For instance, “Meeshan Luxe Home” has a stylish and trendy range of new design chairs that can be used as a bedroom chair, office chair, lounge chair, or study room chair and so forth. 

So it’s time to unwind for extreme comfort in Meeshan’s “Olson relaxing armchair in Hybrid Leather”. Which is a perfect chair for the time when you want to take a brief nap. Or drink your tea or simply realign your posture. You might wonder that the designs by Meeshan are slightly expensive. But they are worth the quality, design and overall product that they offer. These luxuriously crafted chairs with light wood texture legs; along with premium quality quilting is all that you need to revamp your home décor. 

Eat-in style

Metal is considered very trendy these days for furniture. It was previously found only in kitchens and bathrooms. But now metal gives a whole new shape to the furniture, such as brass, bronze, golden, and copper are quite an emerging style when it comes to the home furniture. 

It’s a mere blessing to sit together with all members of the family at a round dining table and enjoy your meal while sharing your entire day’s activities with everyone. So if you’re a family of four or more, a dining table design in Pakistan of 4 or 6 people will be a tremendous choice to be added to your dining room. The best place where you can find a compact yet modish dining table for sale in Pakistan is “Interwood”. They have dining tables of various materials to match your home décor and aesthetics. The “Fresco 6 person” or 4 person dining table will be a sleek and smart choice to add some life . 

Breakfast on the go

The kitchen is perhaps the busiest corner of the house as there’s always something cooking up. With our lifestyles being “on the go” nowadays. We hardly get the time to sit down and have our breakfast properly. But if you think of placing a kitchen table in that area, all will be bound to comply and have their breakfast like a king!

A petite kitchen table “Laurel 6 person dining table” from “Habitt” is an excellent choice as it is not only simplistic in look but can also merge easily with any sort of kitchen setting and has an easy to clean surface. This modern style kitchen table has a shiny marble top finishing, which is easy to clean up the mess and spillage after any meal, and have metallic legs for a stronghold. So now you don’t have to worry about cleaning up. The aftermath mess that your kids make before going to school.