Online Business Success Stories That Will Motivate You


The solution is sometimes right in front of you, even if you can’t see it. MixedMade is the perfect success story of two people meeting and skipping the “sell unique product” part while brainstorming. Nobody in their right mind would combine chilli flakes and raw honey. They already have and use spicy food in the world of cuisine. Casey Elsass and Morgen Newman, on the other hand, risked everything to create and sell this unique food combination, and are now considered “successful entrepreneurs.”

They tested the product numerous times before wrapping it in a modern, minimalist jar with chilli pepper in it. Customers were so taken with it that they almost felt bad about opening and testing this daring food combination. What is the most intriguing aspect of this business concept? They made over $165,000 in sales in less than a year. Knowing how well the product sells, Morgen and Casey considered turning this idea into a legitimate business.


Thus, in order to focus on the culinary (cooking/kitchen) niche, these geniuses rebranded as Bushwick Kitchen, an online store. What happened to keep them selling more daring food combinations? The idea’s simplicity, knowing you have two ingredients no one has tried before. Naturally, you’d like to put it to the test and see how the audience reacts. According to the figures, it worked pretty well in this case. Bushwick Kitchen is now a well-known brand with a successful story behind it, selling other similar products successfully.

Runway Azura

One of the success stories of dropshipping is this one. Sam Wood, an Australian businessman, increased his product range to offer on his lucrative dropshipping website, Azura Runway, by utilising BrandsGateway’s universe of potential. He sells all of our items on numerous platforms and marketplaces in Australia, concentrating on this market because he has a good understanding of it. Sam has been generating over $44.000 a month since he started this business because we were his first dropshipping provider. Azura Runway frequently earns about $2400 from a single item sale by selling the more expensive apparel.

Sam contacted us in the first place because he understood that the discounts we provide compared to the purchasing power of Australia’s people are the ideal formula for making a lot of money. The easiest advise he has ever given to rookie dropshippers. Sam asserts that “people will earn a lot if they do it the proper way and be at least 1% successful.” High-ticket items will always sell because there is always a market for them, regardless of the current economic circumstances. Whether there is a world war or a worldwide pandemic, they still want to appear attractive. Again, Sam concurs that Shopify’s accessibility makes it the perfect place to begin selling high-end goods.

According to him, it’s crucial to concentrate on the target market, identify, and define the consumers of luxury goods. It’s considerably simpler now than it was fifty years ago since living standards have gone up everywhere. Sam offers novice dropshippers another excellent piece of advise about utilising the markets. The opportunity to test prices on other marketplaces and increase sales will come from using BrandsGateway’s profit margins to compare your potential profits to those of your rivals.

Doughboys Club

A genius in the field of entrepreneurship is Michael Dubin. He was able to sell his business for an astounding $1 billion by offering goods for just $1. You’ll understand how something so straightforward became so successful by reading this narrative and why you hadn’t thought of it before. However, it might act as a starting point for when you’ll be considering the ideal alternative. What gave Michael his success and allowed him to retire before the rest of us?

In 2011, Michael started Dollar Shave Club. Customers sign up on the subscription website, pay the $5 (formerly $1) monthly subscription fee, and then receive high-quality razors via mail. It doesn’t seem like a good idea at first. But occasionally throwing it some fragrant shaving cream or another accessory helped to swiftly get the word out about this fantastic subscription service. Another fantastic aspect is that Michael’s Dollar Shave Club had no rivals. No other website provided the same service, and even if it did, the giveaways wouldn’t have even crossed their minds. This set them apart from the competition.

His business was acquired for $1 billion by the renowned Unilever corporation five years later, in 2016. The success of the business was a result of these distinctive traits. A few eCommerce business owners have recognised the brilliant marketing strategy of taking advantage of people’s routines and caring for them in exchange for a symbolic fee. The Dollar Shave Club is still quite well-liked in Canada, the US, and the UK right now. Over 3 million people subscribe to them, and about 20% of them are female.

Crystal Candles

Selling unique candles is one of the most amazing eCommerce success stories that has produced prosperous businesspeople. Diamond Candles was just starting to try to break through when co-founder Justin Winter made the decision to use social media to his advantage. The various rings that are concealed inside these candles make them special. What helped Winter create revenue was the sense of surprise and interest.

Diamond Candles initially lacked the marketing resources necessary to position itself as a credible business. Then they made the decision to improve the appearance. The answer was to leverage well-known social media platforms like Facebook to advertise what they sell. Due to the product’s enormous popularity as a present, the company currently has close to a million fans.

The founders Justin Winter and Brenda Cayton quickly gained fame and well-deserved acclaim by fusing several marketing strategies, such as eye-catching visuals and the “surprise” factor, with a truly distinctive product. These business owners assert that they have not yet invested any money in paid advertising. Because of that, the tale is much more admired by newcomers to the eCommerce sector.


Mattresses are the main subject of the final eCommerce success story. With monthly revenue of over $1 million and sales of more than $30 million in 2015, it is profitable. Once more, what makes this product unique?

These mattresses were so well-liked and sought-after thanks to David Wolfe. The two key reasons David was successful in the eCommerce sector were revolutionising the mattress and the sleeping experience.

Customers will specifically receive a 3-layer mattress composed entirely of foam. You may fold it so that it will fit in a large travel bag if you need to pack it. Many thousands of people have noticed the difference after Leesa was introduced. Their clients assert that over time, their sleep quality has improved.


Being motivated by individuals who have already achieved success is never a terrible notion if you’re still trying to succeed in life. After all, it can only give you more information or a starting point. These eCommerce success tales are mostly intended to teach you that giving up is wrong, though. Millions of eCommerce business owners struggle with these issues every day until their profits increase the next month. Keep in mind to be consistent, conduct research as often as you believe you should, and keep up with the most recent dropshipping news.

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