Overlooked Zaxby’s Menu Items That Should Be Your Favorites

The fast-food industry, in a way, is like other industries such as music, film, toys, literature, and fashion. These are all industries that are subject to trends, and trends just come and go. Sometimes a product may not catch the attention of the consumers. In other cases, a product becomes popular, only to be replaced by a newer alternative. 

But then there are the classics. These are the items that may be overlooked in favor of a newer product, but then you come back to it once that newer trend is over. These are the proven icons that you never really get tired of, as they’re reliable and oh-so-good. 

And if you’re a Zaxby’s fan, there are the overlooked menu items that you should try again once in a while. Just because there’s something newer doesn’t mean these classics should be ignored. They’re still worth your attention, and the Zaxby’s pricing is just right. 

The Signature Sandwich

The year 2019 saw the beginning of the fried chicken sandwich war. That was when Popeyes and Chick-fil-A contended for the title of being the brand that offered the very best fried chicken sandwich in the entire fast-food industry. 

It didn’t take long for other fast-food brands to join in the fracas, as they introduced their own fried chicken sandwich contender. Zaxby’s had their Signature Sandwich, and it was very good indeed. 

Zaxby’s emphasized the high quality and utter deliciousness of their sandwich by making sure that there were few other ingredients that might become distractions. That’s why the sandwich was so simple. You had the fried chicken, with some juicy sliced pickles, Zax sauce, and the buttery potato bun. It was great. 

But it didn’t take long for some people to complain that it was too simple. That in fact, the Signature Sandwich was just boring. In response, Zaxby’s launched the Spicy Signature Sandwich, and it’s the current top favorite for many in the Zaxby’s menu. 

Still, the classic Signature Sandwich is an icon that you should order and appreciate every now and then. The juicy pickles perfectly complement the fried chicken, and the Zax sauce just brings everything together nicely. 

The Classic Zax Sauce

What made the Spicy Signature Sandwich better is just one change. Zaxby’s replaced the original Zax sauce in the sandwich for the Spicy Zax sauce. And that switch made all the difference. Soon enough, that spicy Zax sauce became the most popular in the whole sauce lineup at Zaxby’s. 

Yet the legend of the original Zax sauce endures. The current popularity of the spicy version doesn’t change the fact that the classic version was unique and just terrific. It makes you feel like summer: that you’re on a picnic, at a barbecue, or at the stadium watching a baseball game. 

And while this sauce was supposedly meant for just the chicken fingers, it actually pairs nicely with all the other items on the Zaxby’s menu. 

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Tongue Torch Sauce

With all the attention on both versions of the Zax Sauce, this particular sauce has been unfortunately overlooked. Some just ignored it under the impression that it’s ultra-spicy. 

But it’s not too spicy at all. While it does provide some heat, it’s not overwhelming. The hint of vinegar really expands in your mouth, but it’s just right. 

It’s true that this won’t really match with all the Zaxby’s menu items, unlike the Zax sauce. But it’s something different you can try, especially if you’re a fan of the basic ranch. 

Spicy Fried Mushroom

We’re not entirely sure why this item isn’t more popular. Perhaps people just want the reliable pairing of fries with the chicken. Admittedly, you don’t really find spicy mushrooms all that often in the menus of other fast-food brands. Mushrooms are just rare in fast food, spicy or not. 

But you should try to be adventurous, and here your gamble will pay off. It’s simply delicious. The crisp outside of the spicy mushrooms matches nicely with the soft mushroom texture. The spice level isn’t all that high, but it’s not boring, either. 

It’s usually served with the ranch sauce, but you can try it with other sauces as well. 

The Nibbler

This is great for those who don’t want a heavy meal. If you’re just looking for a snack or a light meal to sate you until it’s actually lunch or dinner time, then this is the Zaxby’s treat you want. It’s even great for lunch, as it won’t leave you sluggish afterwards. 

Basically, it’s just a chicken tender in a small toasted bun, with a bit of Zax sauce. Its simplicity is perhaps one of the reasons it’s ignored. But while lots of folks say that there are better options in the Zaxby’s menu, just about everyone enjoys it. If you just need something light to get you going, this is what you should order.