Planning a Trip After Pandemic? Here’s What You Need To Know!

Planning a Trip After Pandemic? Here’s What You Need To Know!

It is tough to even imagine that we have been locked up in our homes for more than two years. The last two years have been full of roller coaster rides for many families and friends. To get out of that zone, you need a trip that refreshes you with new memories. Deciding and planning a trip for people you love is one of the most amazing times. From train ticket booking online Indian railways to booking the hotels to stay in, everything needs to be in check and aligned with the schedule.   

Pandemic has taught everyone a lot of big and small lessons in life, like how important hygiene is, how you need to have the backup of the backup, how essential it is to eat healthily and stay healthy, and whatnot.

Travelling after a pandemic still might be a nightmare for man people. Well, it can be for all of you if you do not pay attention to small details and take the necessary precautions. For instance, train ticket booking online Indian railways, now in this case you need to book tickets for your travel in a smart way. Because no one wants to face the hassle of buying tickets at the counter and even Indian Railways has made it compulsory for people to buy and book tickets online.

But where to book tickets? Your simple answer to this question is Trainman. Trainman is an app that provides all the services from checking the seat availability to seeing the train schedules of the respective trains, and it has all of it in one place. This is one of the ways you can find solutions when you are planning to travel after the Pandemic.   

There are many other things that one need to consider before finalizing any travel. You must rundown through them one by one.

Before Travelling   

Now there are plenty of things to keep in check before you decide to travel. The first would be to pick out the place you would like to visit. During Pandemic and after the lockdown was opened, there have been several changes in the rules and regulations in the tourism sector especially. It is essential that you are through with all the guidelines every state government has planned out for their region. Because the Covid cases were not in the same density in all the parts of India, some of the state’s recovery has been exceptional. On the other hand, few of them are still fighting through the situations and reaching the recovery stage.   

To make your travel hassle-free pick out the places which are fully open to travel, and the recovery rate is also good. This way you will not need to fulfil much of the strict rules and regulations of the state, and also you will be able to enjoy fully.   

Second and one of the most important things is train ticket booking online on Indian railways. It is important that you have booked the right train tickets by checking the timings of departure and arrival. 

While Travelling   

The first and foremost thing is to make sure that you are wearing a clinically approved mask while travelling. Even in the case where you might think you are just amongst your family, but even then, do not remove your mask. Because you will still be there in public places, and precaution is better than cure. Then ensure that your luggage is safely onboard in train and at the arrival to the destination as well. Along with your own safety, do not forget to ensure other passenger’s safety.

In public transport there will be other families and individuals who would be travelling in the same compartment, so try not to disturbance their travel by noises or any other hygienic issues. With the train ticket booking online Indian railways option, you can also book the tickets while travelling on the Trainman app. It will keep you updated with all the schedules of the next train will onboard.  

While travelling, avoid touching common areas; if in case you are using the toilets and washing area, keep a handy liquid soap along with you to rinse your hand immediately after use. It is advisable to carry your food along with you so that you will be assured that you are eating healthy homemade food even while travelling. Always carry basic medicines for fever, clod, a thermometer, or for any other allergies. A medical kit is a must when travelling for long hours. In case of emergency, you can have temporary treatment of your own. Last but not least is to apply sanitizer after every time your hand touches any surface in the train. Keep a pocket version of the sanitizer bottle so that it can be carried easily anywhere with you.   

After Reaching the Destination  

After reaching the destination, check all your luggage and other stuff before getting out of the train. Keep all your vaccination certificates handy with you, as it is thoroughly checked at every station. Then book a cab or any other public transport to the hotel you have booked. Always remember to first take a bath after reaching your hotel rooms after every train travel. Because of the long travelling hours people usually don’t take baths on the train. Always book a 10% hygiene hotel that follows all the Covid protocols.

Make yours after Pandemic travelling amusing and a memorable time. Avail all the services of Trainman app from train ticket booking online Indian railways to checking the availability of the seats, get it all covered in one app.   

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