Proven Techniques to Deal with QuickBooks Error H303

QuickBooks has made its name in the marketing and accounting world because of its wide variety of features and user-friendly techniques. It has not only made dealing with numbers and balance sheets easy, but it also lets you perform the work in a smooth, user-friendly interface. But sometimes, QuickBooks error H303 arises which is a common H series error that occurs when the additional configuration is needed to access the company file. If this configuration is not present, along with the inaccessibility of the company file, other errors may also arise. Now you can learn how to eradicate this error by knowing its causes and consequences simultaneously. We would also recommend you to get in touch with our professionals to serve you with their best help.

Describing the Error H303 in QuickBooks

The error H303 in QuickBooks arises when the user is trying to fetch the online company file from a different computer. But the absence of additional configuration which is required to set up communication with the host computer, leads to this error in the application. The user gets interrupted by a message which claims, “The company file is in a different location. QuickBooks needs time to detect the company file and fetch information online.” To know the probable causes of this error message, go to the next section of this blog.

Probable Causes Creating the QuickBooks Desktop Error H303

The QuickBooks desktop error H303 might get triggered for the following reasons.

  1. If the network connectivity is not working correctly on the server’s computer, it will lead to unwanted issues while fetching information from the online sources leading to the QuickBooks error H303.
  2. Incorrect or damaged QuickBooks company files and program files like the network file and transaction log file can lead to inaccessibility of the application and eventually crash QuickBooks.
  3. Host settings also play a major role in trying to access company files from a different computer. If the host hasn’t permitted other servers to access information from its computer, then the company file will not open, leading to such errors.
  4. Antivirus software settings prevent third-party applications like QuickBooks from accessing any online information to protect the device from outsourcing viruses.
  5. Miscommunication between the host’s computer and the server’s computer may also result in the H303 error, as any network glitch or disconnection between these servers might even lead to the loss of the current account report.
  6. If the QuickBooks database manager service is off, many features start abruptly, leading to the error H303.

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Differentiating the QuickBooks Desktop Error H303

To differentiate and correctly detect the presence of the QuickBooks desktop error H303, take a look at these associated symptoms.

  • Unable to access the company file in multi-user mode.
  • The multi-user mode keeps shutting down with various error messages interrupting the ongoing work.
  • QuickBooks starts to respond slowly and eventually becomes unresponsive.
  • The Windows desktop also starts to blur and crashes down suddenly.
  • QuickBooks takes more than the usual time to load the company file.

Fixing the Company File Error H303 in QuickBooks

To connect to the host’s computer and eradicate the company file error H303 in QuickBooks Desktop, try these practical approaches.

Solution. 1: Check QuickBooks Database Server Manager Status

  • Commence the QuickBooks desktop on your server computer.
  • Move over to the File menu. Then select Open or restore company.
  • Select Open Company File. Find and open your company file. Then select Next.
  • Select the Open files in multi-user mode check box and select Open. Log in to company files.
  • From the File menu, select Close Company/Logout. This will close the company files on the server. Open the Windows Start Menu.
  • Enter “database” in Search and open the QuickBooks Database Server Manager.

Solution. 2: Modify the Location of the QuickBooks Company File

  • Create a new folder on your server system.
  • Set Windows permissions to allow files in the folder to be shared.
  • Copy the company file (.QBW) and paste it into the newly created folder.
  • Change the location address on your workstation. Open a company file on your workstation.

Solution. 3: View QuickBooks Services

  • Go to the start menu on the bottom taskbar and select Run as administrator.
  • Find and open the QuickBooksDBXX folder. From the Start-Up type, hit the Automatic option.
  • Check the status of your service now. Go to the Start option if the current status of the service is turned off.
  • Go to the Restore tab and select Restart Service. Select Apply to save your changes.

Solution. 4: Review the Host Settings

  • Open the QuickBooks application on all servers and workstations.
  • Go to “Files.” Select the menu and select the Utility option.
  • Click the Stop hosting multi-user configuration option.
  • To resume hosting now, go to the ‘Files’ menu again
  • In the utility section, click Host Multi-User Configuration.
  • Reboot the system and commence the application again to review the presence of errors.

Solution. 5: Take Aid from QuickBooks Tool Hub

  • Close the QuickBooks application.
  • Get the updated version of the QuickBooks Tools Hub to your server computer.
  • Run the downloaded record to put in the application.
  • Follow the commands at the display to finish the setup process.
  • Open the QuickBooks Tool Hub application and select the Company File Issues tab. Head over to the Run QuickBooks File Doctor tool.
  • Find the file in the Company Files dropdown menu.
  • Choose the required option and hit on the “Next” button. You will be asked to enter your QuickBooks password and click the Next button.

Summing Up

Dealing with the QuickBooks error H303 can be a task on its own as the error message continuously keeps interrupting the work. It not only disrupts the working process in the multi-user mode but, if not fixed soon, may result in the loss of the current report. If the required configuration is not updated, then this issue might continue for a longer time creating unnecessary delays in essential work. Nevertheless, we have had a detailed discussion on what triggers this error and how you can easily resolve them by following a few simple steps. We would like to take leave in the hope that the methods explained in this blog above will give you an idea to eradicate the issue completely. However, if you still face any problems or this error keeps recurring, you can dial 1-855-856-0042 and ask for help from our experts. You may also enroll in our Pro-advisor team, which will help you fix any sort of issues in QuickBooks.

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