Q&A with Sticker Guru’s Lisa and Lucy Zhou

When it comes to stickers and labels, there’s no one better than Lisa and Lucy Zhou of Sticker Guru. In this Q&A, they will share their tips for creating great stickers and labels, as well as answer some of your questions. So what are you waiting for? Get to know Lisa and Lucy better by reading this blog post!

What is Sticker Guru?

What is Sticker Guru?
Sticker Guru is a tool that helps you create custom stickers for your digital projects. You can customize stickers with text, images, and colors. You can also add stickers to photos and share them online.

How does Sticker Guru work?
To use Sticker Guru, first choose the type of sticker you want to create. Then, choose a background image or color for your sticker. Finally, add text or graphics to your sticker. Is Commercial Banking A Good Career Path In 2022

Once you have created your sticker, you can share it with others by emailing or sharing it on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

How did the company start?

Sticker Guru, a company that creates and sells sticker packs for the iOS and Android mobile platforms, started out as a side project between sisters Lisa and Lucy Zhou. The two decided to start the company after noticing that there wasn’t a lot of sticker packs available on the market. They worked together to develop their own sticker pack design software and began selling it online in 2012.

Since then, Sticker Guru has grown exponentially. The company now has an online store with over 500 sticker packs available, as well as an app store for both iOS and Android devices. They also have partnerships with various companies, including Amazon, Google Play, and Apple App Store. Sticker Guru is currently working on expanding their product line to include products like stickers, borders, frames, and games. Is Miscellaneous Manufacturing Industries A Good Career

What are the benefits of using stickers?

If you’re like most people, you probably use stickers sparingly. You might put a sticker on an envelope to make it look nicer, or stick one on a memo when you need to leave the office quickly but don’t want to waste time taking off your pen and paper. But did you know that using stickers can have a number of benefits?

One of the most obvious benefits of using stickers is that they can help you save time. If you use stickers to take notes during class, for example, you won’t have to spend time taking off your pen and paper each time you want to write down something important. Plus, if you have a lot of notes that you need to keep track of, using stickers will let you organize them in a way that makes it easier to access them later on.

Another benefit of using stickers is that they can help improve your productivity. When you use stickers to add reminders or deadlines to documents, for example, it will help ensure that you actually follow through with those commitments. And by keeping your work area organized and tidy, you’ll be less likely to get lost in it and miss important deadlines.

Finally, using stickers can also make communication easier between different team members. If everyone on your team uses different colors of labels for their tasks and files, for instance, it can be difficult to quickly identify which item someone is referring to. But by using labels made from stickers

How do you choose which stickers to produce?

How do you choose which stickers to produce?

There are a few steps involved in choosing the stickers that will be produced for a project. First, decide what the purpose of the sticker is. Is it for decoration, communication, or both? This will help narrow down which stickers to produce. Once that is decided, think about how large and small the stickers will need to be. These factors will determine what type of sticker printer should be used.

Once those decisions have been made, it is time to start looking at sticker libraries and search for specific designs that will fit the project’s needs. There are many online libraries that offer millions of different designs and sizes. It can be helpful to browse through these collections and see what catches your eye. Once a design or set of designs has been chosen, it is time to find a sticker printer that can handle this specific type of printing.

It is important to consider both the cost and the specs of the printer before making a purchase. For most projects, an inexpensive printer with basic capabilities will work just fine. However, for high-volume jobs or more intricate designs, it may be worth investing in a better printer that offers specific features such as automatic cutting and dicing abilities.

What do customers say about Sticker Guru?

Customers consistently rave about the quality of stickers from Sticker Guru. Lisa and Lucy Zhou, the founders of the business, have been in the sticker business for over a decade and know their stuff. Here are some of the comments they’ve received on Instagram:

“These stickers are amazing! I use them in my planner and they always look so good.” – @mnpackets

“The stickers are high-quality and really stick well.” – @thecreativeshack

“These stickers are really cute and perfect for use in stationery!” – @paperandinklife

“I’m obsessed with these stickers! They’re so cute and perfect for making personalized cards!” – @printables4u

What is StickerGuru?

What is StickerGuru?

StickerGuru is a website and app that helps people find the perfect stickers for their photos and messages. It offers a variety of sticker packs, including ones focused on kids, animals, food, and more. Users can search by topic or by type of sticker, and the site also has a section for custom stickers. The app has an intuitive design and users can browse through different categories or albums to find the right sticker pack for their project.

How does the company work?

Sticker Guru is a company that creates stickers for various occasions. Lisa and Lucy Zhou founded the company in 2014 and it has since grown to be one of the leading sticker companies in the world.

Sticker Guru offers a variety of sticker packs, including holiday packs, kid’s packs, and monthly subscription boxes. The company also offers a wide range of stickers, including popular designs such as emoji stickers, unicorns, and flowers.

Lisa and Lucy Zhou are two sisters who founded Sticker Guru together. They are passionate about creating fun and vibrant stickers that can be used for all sorts of occasions. Their goal is to make sticker collecting easy and affordable for everyone.

Sticker Guru offers a monthly subscription box that includes new sticker designs and different types of accessories. The sisters also offer educational materials about sticker collecting and history. These materials help children learn about the history of stickers and how they have been used throughout the years.

What do Lisa and Lucy think of the business?

Lisa and Lucy Zhou founded Sticker Guru in December of 2016 to help people save money on stickers. Lisa and Lucy have a lot of experience working in the business world, so they know a lot about how to run a successful sticker business.

When asked what they think of the business, Lisa said that she loves it. She enjoys being able to help people save money and be able to use the stickers in fun ways. Lucy agrees, saying that she loves coming into work each day and seeing all of the different ways that people are using their stickers.

The Zhus believe in giving back to their community as well. In January, they donated 5,000 stickers to a local school for students to use during Valentine’s Day activities. They also hold events such as “Sticker Swap Days” where customers can trade stickers with each other.

What does the future hold for StickerGuru?

What does the future hold for StickerGuru?

Lisa Zhou, co-founder and CEO of StickerGuru, is optimistic about the future of her company. “We’re constantly innovating and expanding our product offerings, as well as our partnerships with brands,” she says. “We see a lot of potential in the industry and we’re committed to helping kids get the most out of their sticker collections.”

Lucy Zhou, Lisa’s sister and COO of StickerGuru, agrees. “There’s a lot of growth potential in the market right now,” she says. “In addition to traditional sticker collections, we’re seeing more and more kids using stickers to document their life experiences or create works of art.”

StickerGuru is also active in philanthropy. The company donates a portion of its proceeds to charities that support children’s literacy initiatives and environmental causes.


In this Q&A with Lisa and Lucy Zhou, the founders of Sticker Guru, they discuss their business, how it started, and what advice they have for other entrepreneurs. They also share some tips on how to design stickers that will be successful and appealing to a wide audience. If you’re thinking of starting your own sticker company, or just want to know more about designing stickers in general, be sure to read this interview!