Real Time Video Streaming – Make Your Online Business Top-Ranked in 2022

With conferences and events now top happening online, there are a lot of new live streaming or real time video streaming cases. Many business leaders are learning, not all real time video streaming is the same. Events that you thought you were viewing live may have occurred more than a minute back. The most well-known live video streaming protocols like RTMP and HLS, often known as “real-time” are determined by transmission, encoding, and decoding. Every one of these processes presents a delay before you get to see and hear the amazing content.

Livestreaming or real-time video streaming is a very successful and cost-effective way to reach an international audience concurrently, regardless of where your audience is or which device they’re employing. The video streaming business is very popular today.

How Real-Time Video Streaming Lead to Business Growth

Live video streaming with RTMP or HLS is not an option when real-time engagement is crucial. In many scenarios, anything besides real time video streaming platform can seriously affect the viewer experience and could make the whole thing unfeasible. You can now learn how to create a video streaming website by referring to top online resources.

Online Auction

When talking about an auction in the online world, the same responsiveness, speed, pace are important to maintain the ambience. For bids to pour in and be known fairly and correctly by the auctioneer, only real-time streaming will come into play.

Auction houses utilize real-time streaming solutions such as Vonage Video API to get more bids while still keeping a similar sense of excitement as their actual showrooms. In this way, they can sustain their businesses in the pandemic scenario and increase their customer base all across the world.

Interactive Webinars

For a true-blue interactive webinar, real-time video streaming is a necessity. Or else, answers, questions, arguments, and conversation become disconnected. Real-time webinar hosting on an online video platform is important to end-users. Webinars are about interaction. The more engagement amongst your attendees the more probability of converting.


As any teacher will let you know, it was difficult enough to sustain a class in order before including the difficulties of a virtual classroom setting. For remote learning to work out well, communication has to be immediate. For in-person learning or training, a real-time video streaming platform is an effective way to get an experts panel from across the globe to take part in the same conversation and get to a large audience.

Social Interactive Broadcast

Online communities and the social media world continue to expand and live video is a part of that change. For developing relationships, nothing defeats real-time. Social interactive broadcast lets product developers have actual conversations with present and prospective crowdfunding backers. Trust is a huge element that leads to effective campaigns in the video streaming industry.

Sports Media and Entertainment

Before the pandemic, sports leagues were allowing fans to talk to the players with a real-time engaging streaming app. These days all major sports leagues are packing in seats with grand screens presenting fans viewing in real-time from home. So other events and talk shows are usually filmed before live audiences. While other protocols let these shows reach a large audience, real-time communication ensures the format is a success and makes sure the work goes on. It is always beneficial to develop a video streaming solution in these times.

Interactive Gaming

The already expansive gaming industry has grown in this pandemic – as per a Vonage report, 35% of consumers have reported interacting more with virtual games and entertainment in the month of August in 2020 than in January.

Everyone is aware that gaming is more entertaining when it is social interaction, and timing is important for the gaming experience. Anything except a ambiancee video streaming solution won’t work.

Benefits Of Online Video Streaming Platform

Instant Viewing

You will get instant access to the movies, even when you are out on the road. A few platforms charge a monthly fee, and in turn, you receive full access to the programming

Piracy Protection 

Live streaming services and an online video streaming platform fight the distribution of infringing streams during live broadcasts or events and this protect brand reputation and investment in good content for content owners, rights holders, and platform operators. This leads to effective piracy protection.

Availability in different formats

Streamed video content includes YouTube videos, movies, TV shows, and other live-streamed content and is available in different formats.

Variety of Content 

Live streaming of content or a video streaming solution is not just limited to live video and audio streaming services. You have the adaptability to use a range of forms of multimedia and video content which includes text, pictures, and live chat. You can also reformat your live streams to on-demand content.

No Download Time

Streaming platforms have made it easier for people to view their favorite shows without being concerned about download time. All you require is a stable internet connection to view any show.

No Need for Memory Space 

As there are zero downloads involved, you don’t have to be concerned about running out of memory space or disk space. Downloading large videos to the computer may take up huge spaces on the computer, which may impact your computer performance. You can now build a video streaming website easily today.

Fast Playback

At the early internet stage, there was a need for webmasters to add a link on their site if they wanted to do sharing of videos with visitors. Visitors would have to download videos and watch them at a later date. But video streaming has changed this as you can get fast or instant playback.

Cast to TV 

You can now cast live video streaming solutions from the device to the TV. It enables to cast local videos and online videos, images, and music to TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Xbox, Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, or other DLNA Devices.

Clear Sound and Picture

Different from pirated sites, the audio and video quality of movie streaming is generally high.


These platforms are designed for content creation which proves to your audience that you are an intelligent, advanced, and technologically savvy company adept at carrying out updated and innovative solutions.The online video streaming solutions and live streaming services let you access a wider view base and tailor the viewing experience to fulfill the needs of different consumers.