Regular Car Servicing – The First Step to Safety and Smooth Driving

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Getting a car service and maintaining it is one of the crucial aspects of being a motorist. It is not just about ensuring your safety but also a smooth car operation on day to day basis.

Many people have no idea about what’s all included in car service and what is the total expenditure. This blog is a guide to all your questions and what you expect from a car service.

What do you mean by a car service?

Just like we humans need a regular health checkup, your car also needs a routine checkup at some garage or service centre. A mechanic or an expert thoroughly examines your car condition along with the internal and external parts. If a part gets wear and tear it is suggested to get replaced. For instance, a car tyre or oil filter gets damaged, then you can ask for the part replacement as a part of the car service. Commonly, they advise you to replace all other parts too that show potential faults. This is how a car service is essential to spot out issues with your car and fix them before they actually break down.

With the help of regular car servicing, you can ensure an extended life of your car. However, when you plan to sell your car, the complete service history adds to the resale value of your car. That service history shows how well your car was maintained so far.

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How is a car service different from an MOT?

Yes, service and MOT are two different things. You can grab the benefits of both of them at the same time or you can go one by one. Generally, many service centres offer a package that combines both the car service and MOT together. But remember, they are not the same process.

MOT: MOT is an annual test that ensures car safety and ensures its smooth operation on road. As per the legal standards, an MOT is a primary check once your car becomes 3 years older. If you don’t hold a valid MOT Shaftesbury then don’t drive on the UK roads.

Service: Car service is obviously not a legal requirement by the government. It totally depends upon you if you want to get your car serviced. Once you see any signs of wear and tear then we recommend you to go for a car service to ensure the best operation without any scope of risk. Usually, the car manufacture lists out all the parts that need to be regularly serviced in the garage.

When you should car for a car service?

Nowadays, modern cars have a health indicator or service indicator that reminds the due date for your car servicing. The indicator also gives an account of the time and mileage since your last service. Details of the car servicing are usually mentioned in the handbook so you get a clear idea about the next service schedule. Most car manufactures recommend you to get a car service every 10,000 – 20,000 miles based on the type of car you own. If you visit the garages, they would recommend the service package based on the time period or the number of miles covered by the car, like:

  • 1 – Interim service – conducted after every 6 months or 6,000 miles, whatever comes first.
  • 2 – Full service – Conducted after 12 months or 12,000 miles, whatever comes first.
  • 3 – Major service – Conducted after 24 months or 24,000 miles, whatever comes first.

What comes in a car service package?

Consumers have usually this question that What’s all offered in a car service . But that actually depends on the service centre you visit and the type of service you prefer. Commonly, garages offer three types of services as interim, major and full car service. All of these services involve the physical checks of the car, which means any damage caused to the car body and car tyre or wheels. Additionally, other checks include the examination of the steering system, brake system, gearbox, oil fitter, coolants, fluids, suspension, and car battery so as to ensure the smooth operation of the car. For people who own an electric or a hybrid model, the car services would also include checks for charging ports, wiring and connections.

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