Revealing ICSE vs CBSE Hidden Secrets

Many parents and guardians are confused about choosing the suitable board for their wards whether they need to get their admission in primary, secondary, higher secondary or intermediates. India is a country of a vast scope of education, boarding and day scholars and ICSE and CBSE are the two most reputed boards for schooling. Hence we need to know all about ICSE vs CBSE. But reading out something about the latest tech and Technical news can be more interesting.

AlI About ICSE

ICSE full form is the Indian certificate of secondary examination. It is conducted for std 10 and ISC for std 12, governed by the council of Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE). This is non-governmental and for private schools. ICSE basically conducts its school examinations in English medium. The role of ICSE boards is to focus on scientific knowledge and it also plays an important role in giving equal importance to every subject of interest.

All About CBSE

The central board of secondary educations is a national level board of education in India for private schools controlled by the Union Government of India. There are almost 21,271 schools in India with languages Hindi and English and 220 schools in 28 foreign countries What is the role of CBSE? Its main purpose is to make a standard platform for every student in the country. The function of ICSE boards is to conduct examinations for 10th and 12th all over the country.

ICSE vs CBSE class 10

When we talk about matriculation. A child has full potential and right to learn about the various field, vast knowledge without bothering about which board would be good enough or easy to score more marks. when we aim at having more details about a topic ICSE would be a good option and when it comes to conceptual knowledge, CBSE would be preferred.

ICSE vs CBSE class 11

After matriculation, if we wish to excel in a particular field or if we wish to have a depth in knowledge about a particular topic we would opt for ICSE. Meanwhile, we cannot hide the fact that more than 50% of the schools in India have CBSE as it specifically aims at competitive examinations. it follows NCERT books which is the main syllabus for exams like NEET, JEE etc.

ICSE vs CBSE marks

most probably ICSE is a bit tougher than CBSE. It is said that the exam requires more practice, revision and preparation, One cannot take ICSE lightly if he or she wishes to score good marks

ICSE math vs CBSE math

People consider ICSE to be more difficult than CBSE as the syllabus contains more external assessments and practicals as well. Many students have also reported that the question papers have been more difficult and time taking, the paper comes lengthy. The difficulty of ICSE is so pronounced that there are many ICSE and CBSE memes related to it. When asked about what are the advantages of ICSE students over CBSE students has a simple logic that ICSE is a bit more conceptual and awesome for thorough study and is considered good for students till matriculation. for our intermediate studies i.e for std 11 and 12 especially science stream, it is more probable that we choose CBSE over ICSE as the CBSE provides syllabus of NCERT which is the core portion of competitive examinations.


ICSE vs CBSE, which is difficult?

Well, People consider ICSE slightly more difficult as its base is on a more conceptual topic and a thorough understanding

What are the disadvantages of ICSE?

Exam Boards questions papers are quite difficult and lengthy as said by the students of ICSE

What are the advantages of being an ICSE student?

It offers a comprehensive syllabus that provides Learners with a well-rounded learning experience. Students learn everything from current affairs to global affairs, covering a diverse range of subjects.

CBSE students future?

The syllabus of CBSE is based on NCERT, which is the core syllabus of various competitive examinations.

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