Boost up your sales with these 8 mesmerizing Rigid boxes tactics

Rigid boxes are the ones chemically composed of polyvinyl chloride, which gives a shiny and lustrous look to the boxes. These PVC packaging solutions are made up of water-resistant and fire-resistant elements, making them a perfect fit to make hand boxes and tote boxes. They are also the first choice of manufacturers when making rainproof packaging solutions, hence, can be transported in heavy rain without getting damaged. Rigid Boxes are far cheaper than leather and provide more benefits to their users as compared to leather boxes. They are not made up of animal skin or wool, which makes them an easy solution to go for when one aims to save biodiversity. They are made up of vinyl chloride gas, which makes them a hard and rigid material for packaging.

What is Rigid Materials?

Are you looking for ways to make your Rigid boxes look more appealing? Let’s dive into 8 such mesmerizing ways that will boost your sales exponentially.

The trending Rigid boxes are getting in trend with each passing day. They are highly in demand and generate loads of sales for their consumers. It is mainly because they can be used to pack any product inside, predominantly to keep it safe from dust, water, and flame. There are numerous innovative ideas that can be applied to these in order to make then ten folds more luring and desirable following are 8 best tactics and ideas to boost the sales of such boxes:

Adding Graphics Logo:

Adding a sumptuous logo onto the boxes can get the customers’ eyes glued on them. This tactic is very useful in the case of high-end brands that have successfully made their positive reputation in the market. When people see the name of the most desirable brand printed beautifully on the custom boxes, they dare not to ignore that particular box and end up buying that even if they do not need that at that particular time. For instance, a famous brand Michael Kors has used the same trick in making some of their see-through boxes, which have successfully gone viral among the youth.

Using Handles with Magnetic Clasp:

A PVC tote box can turn out to be very convenient for buyers, as people always tend to buy something feasible and easy to use. Using handles with boxes can add to their worth and appeal. The handle used can be made up of separate material or the ones that are made by designing a cut in the same material. Fabric handles made up of modified and rigid fabric fibers can also serve this objective very well as they are highly durable. Custom printed boxes and packaging

Another fact that adds to their beauty is the magnetic clasp when a handle is complimented with using a modern magnetic closure to the box, which will give the box an elegant and classy outlook.

Custom Color Options for Custom Rigid Boxes:

The boxes can be customized as well according to the demands of the consumers as they generate more sales for them via custom mailer boxes. If their brand caters to a particular color theme, they can get the box customized according to the same color theme. The manufacturers tend to dye the box with the required colors giving a perfectly fresh and flamboyant finish to them. Moreover, the color gradient theme or mixed color themes can also be added to these boxes. One can go for see-through color customization or opaque color customization as per the market demands.

Sculptural Clear Structure:

The feature that can make the designer Rigid boxes stand out the most these days is their sumptuous clear structure, which gives the viewers a sneak peek into the classy belongings of any person having these boxes. Even the colored themes of these boxes have a transparent finish, which enables the viewer to see through them. This beautifully sculptured structure of these boxes never fails to attract the maximum number of buyers.

Adding Belts:

The perfect way to boost a box business is to make the boxes as much convenient as feasible as possible. Adding belts to these boxes serves this purpose [precisely as belts make them very easy to carry. If a person is holding too much weight, e.g., grocery items. It becomes near to impossible for that person to carry the additional load of box. However, this problem can be solved using belts as these belts evenly distribute the weight onto the shoulder of a person preventing any muscle strains. This will target more customers, thus, leading to more revenue.

Premium Finish Customization for Custom Rigid Boxes:

The clear Rigid boxes can prove to be the better alternative to leather as they are cheaper. Than leather entailing more salient features than leather boxes. They have high resistance to water and fire, unlike leather. Which is a result of their chemical makeup, including chlorides in it. The only thing that attracts the buyers to leather boxes is their luxury looking leather finish. Which can be added to these boxes by customizing them to give the same look like leather.

Adding Pearls and Embellishments:

Embellishments are used to make a thing look more bewitching for centuries. The same can be applied to these packaging solutions, by applying pearls, broaches, or any other embellishing materials. Furthermore, these accessories can be add to them in a domestic setup. Consequently making this option a budget-friendly innovation that can be use by the small business startups.

Chained Handles with Rigid Boxes:

Many well-known brands and industries have used boxes with metallic chains to attract more customers to their products. They are predominantly use to give a metallic and lustrous outlook to the boxes, making them three folds more adorable. For instance, Channel is one of the most influential brands in the box industry that uses chain handles. With most of their boxes, enchanting a large number of people through their high-end finish. Hence, this is a try and test method to boost sales, which have been use by many leading firms.

All of the mentioned above tricks are the best and most affordable ways to boost the business of Rigid boxes. However, this vast market always gives a huge margin of customization in addition to all of the mentioned above ideas. Custom Rigid boxes are the best option to opt. If the consumer wants the business design exactly as per their taste.