Running tips for beginners

Running tips for beginners

Here are a few best running tips for beginners

1. Try to make a connection with the ground.

This is not a good method to just go run and return home. To run with consistency one needs to love the field.

The best method is for that either choose a park or gym that you like the most. after visiting that place, take a break in and absorb the surrounding with yourself.

Let the mind accept that place and in this way, it wants to go everywhere.

2. Celebrate small victory

Most of us go running and jogging and after a week we quiet as we don’t have any source of motivation. The best practice for that is to celebrate your small joys.

Treat yourself special (not with junk food) but any other thing that you like the most. have fun that day that you’ve completed a week of running.

Similarly, A month and might be 3 months, A year? Who knows?

3. Set your expectations low

At Strong Women, we’re all about setting big goals and striving to achieve them. We can do hard things! But the key to success is being realistic and that may mean setting the bar low.

Catrin MacDonnell says: “Don’t have high expectations. It’s OK to run for 10 minutes to begin with. Thinking I should be running 10k straightaway put me off! Something is better than nothing.”

4. Take it easy

Zuva Seven says that going out friendly and easy is the key to enjoyable running: “You need to run at a pace where you feel like you can run forever. Also, I loved Coach Cory on the Nike running app. He does a bunch of beginner programs that are really fantastic. He’s also hilarious.”

5. Wear the right footwear

To minimize injuries in the future make sure you wear the right footwear. Since we are running, the leg and back need to meet extra stress daily when the foot meets with the ground.

This stress can build stress and can convert into a sort of injury. To take care of this from the start one has to wear the best running shoes.

To decide which shoes you want for running, it is important to know running goals. Either you run for fun or have any past injuries.

If you have bad knees or legs you must wear shock absorption shoes that relieve the pressure from the foot.

6. Try Couch to 5k

Perhaps the most common piece of advice for beginners has been to do a Couch to 5k program. “I couldn’t run for 10 seconds before getting breathless last year – but Couch to 5k literally turned that around,” says Kimberley Bond. “Having realistic goals, making sure you give yourself plenty of time to achieve them, and making sure you take plenty of rest between runs is important too!”

But sometimes, you do need that extra push. “Someone recently said that the hardest bit of couch to 5k is ‘couch to the front door’. My running tips for beginners is to just focus on getting out of the house with your gear on, and see what happens,” Martha Hampson offers. “If you do some running, great. But if not, at least you’ve started the first step of the routine. I try not to have running as my goal at all. It’s just ‘twice a week I’ll leave the house for half an hour while wearing my trainers’.”

7. Get a 1/2 size up running shoes.

Running shoe size is commonly a half size bigger than your commonplace shoe size.

Along these lines, subsequent to deciding the length and width and your actual shoe size, attempt a running shoe that is about a half size greater than your standard shoe size.

8. Forget about falling in love with running

Of course, not everyone’s going to love running right away and the last thing you need is the pressure to enjoy something. So, if you are struggling to like running, forget about falling in love with it. As one runner told us: “There is so much pressure out there to pretend that if you run, you have to act as you love it. I run but I don’t love running at all. I love how I feel after a run and focusing on that feeling is what motivates me to go.”

9. Sign up for something

Signing up to ‘low-key events’ really motivated Michelle Wickham in the beginning as it gave her something to aim for.

“I loved the buzz from other runners and the spectators. Also, it made me realise that I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t super speedy. I then grew to (mostly) love running!”

10. Read up to get out

Two books changed my running life: Born To Run and What I Talk About When I Talk About Running. They’re both about long-distance running and the power of mental endurance, but don’t go thinking that they’re only worth a read if you’re a prospective marathoner.

“It’s amazing how motivating being told that humans are better equipped for long-distance running than any other animal is,” says Robbie Hawkins about Born To Run.

11. Have your gait analyzed

It is also the best running tip for beginners

The trainers you choose to run in can make all the difference. Unless you have your gait and run style analyzed, however, you won’t know what that perfect pair is. Research suggests that up to 75% of runners wear the wrong size shoe, and everyone has a unique way of placing their foot on the floor that requires a specific trainer.

Head to your Runner’s Need or Sports Direct where you’ll be asked to hop on a treadmill for a few minutes by an expert who’ll tell you exactly what you need from your kicks.

12. Put on your running clothes as you get up

My own top tip is simple: get dressed in your running bra, pants, and socks as soon as you wake up. You might not have time to run until this evening but if you’re dressed in your running under-armor all day, you’ll have a constant reminder that that’s what you’re doing later on. When the time comes, all you have to do is whip off your jeans and T-shirt for your best lycra and you’re all set!

13 Have any sports app

see these best sports app

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