Searching For Raw Crystal Jewelry?

Why We Need To Search Raw Crystal Jewelry

When it comes to the Raw Crystals, people fame them for their unique features and rareness. Raw crystals are in the purest form, as they are extracted from the surface of the earth and are untouched by any external procedures that most Gemstones go through to create Gemstone Jewelry. This quality differentiates them from the rest and people love to add something unique to their collection. The Raw Crystal Jewelry comes with the most astonishing shapes and sizes of gems. Each crystal is different than the other. But these are not just restricted to jewelry and people believe that they are allied with astonishing Metaphysical properties. They are used in various healing therapies to attract a lot of positive energy into their lives. Here’s how you can place a Raw Crystal on your own to eliminate negative energies. Attract good vibes to you with the benefits of this gem.

Wear it, slay it

You can start by wearing a Raw Crystal Ring. It is something that remains intact with your skin and allows its vibrations to enter your body. Also, it maintains the balance between your mind and body.

Another accessory that you can start with is Raw Crystal Pendant. It remains close to your heart and throat and thus allow its vibrations to directly affect you. It helps in activating your chakras. And harmonizing them so that all the blockages which are stopping you to achieve big can be removed. It ensures you get a lot of success in your life.

There are other accessories which will provide you the same benefit as the one mentioned above. They also can be used as a styling hack to provide you that glamorous look you crave.

Positivity at Home and Work

These stupendous crystals have a grounding effect on a person. Thus it helps you to re-connect to your environment and surroundings.  Simply placing a Raw crystal at your office desk ensures bringing positivity to you. It light up the space in your office. Also, if you meditate with it by simply placing it on ground at your home, it connects you spiritually with rise above basic level.

Enhancing Relationships

These crystals provide you with self-growth, positivity, and success. Also, it helps you in maintaining good relationships with your friends and family. Many people widely use it as a thoughtful gift when it comes to gifting it to someone who is really close to you. You can opt for a Raw Crystal Bracelet as it really pairs up pretty well with different sets of attires and even Silver Jewelry. This thoughtful gift will show your true feelings to the receiver and the priceless thought behind it will only enhance your bond with them.

You can opt from many Raw Crystals like Raw Amethyst Crystal Jewelry, Raw Moonstone Crystal Jewelry, Raw Moonstone Crystal, etc. depending on your preference.

How to Cleanse your Crystal?

Yes, you heard it right, Raw Crystals need your care and proper cleansing from time-to-time to ensure their energy remains intact. If you have any jewelry piece like Raw Crystal Necklace, you can keep it wrapped in a soft cloth in your wardrobe. This will reduce the amount of dust and any other damage to occur. However, we recommend a proper cleaning for your crystal. Here are a few tips that might help you in maintaining its bling.


  • If your stone isn’t water soluble then you can simply run it under warm soapy water. You can even use a soft brush to remove any remaining dirt.
  • If your crystal is prone to water, you can clean by simply putting it under a weak stream of air.

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