Secure Wet Document Destruction Services And Benefits

Wet Document Destruction Services

Wet document destruction, also known as high-security paper shredding, is a method of removing all personal information on old or used documents. These services are popular among companies, especially those who need to destroy confidential data regularly. It’s costs vary depending on the amount of material you plan to recycle or destroy each month.

  • Wet document destruction is environmentally friendly and completely secure.
  • Wet document shredding can be more expensive than dry document shredding, but the benefits outweigh the costs.

Confidential Destruction

Wet paper is much harder to reassemble after it has been shredded. The services offer a higher level of confidential destruction than other processes such as simply burning or landfilling old paper. Paper is first soaked and then run through a high-speed industrial strength shredder that can grind recycled wood fibre into particles no larger than 2 millimetres.

Wet Paper Destruction Involves These Steps:

  1. Documents collection: Wet paper is picked up from any business, organisation or individual that requires its old documents to be destroyed. Wet paper is placed in containers for transport to the recycling plant and taken to the pulping area of the plant.
  2. Paper recycling
  3. Wet cleaning: The process ensures that all shredded materials are completely unidentifiable and unrecoverable. Wet paper may sometimes be soiled with oil, grease, dirt or food residue, so it must first undergo another wet cleaning process before recycling.
  4. Document shredding: During this process wet paper is shredded into tiny pieces, which are then recycled.
  5. Shredding companies use industrial strength machines that can grind wood or recycled office papers into particles no larger than 2 millimetres in diameter.

Benefits Of Wet Document Destruction

One of the most important things a company must do in order to protect itself from both internal and external threats. This is to shred any potential paper trails that may contain information on previous business transactions or data breaches. This makes sense for many reasons; however, companies might shy away from paper destruction because they don’t want to harm the environment with wasteful processes. Partnering with a paper shredding company that uses recycled products can help your company balance its own environmental beliefs with the need to protect itself. By taking on some of the costs of recycling, companies are able to make sure they aren’t harming the environment. While also protecting their customers and employees from potential risk.

When you recycle paper, you’re not only doing something positive for the environment, you’re also doing your part to keep your information secure. Through recycling paper, you are saying “yes” to protecting yourself and everyone around you from unnecessary risks.

How To Make Wet document destruction Safe & Secure For Any Business

Many businesses simply throw their sensitive documents in the trash. Where someone could potentially go through it and track down the information they need. Paper shredders can become a vital tool to limiting any potential threats from outside forces.You are eliminating any chances that would-be thieves have at gaining access to your business’s most valuable data. Whether it’s in storage or in transit. 

Advantages And Disadvantages of Wet Document Destruction

There are many different ways that businesses and individuals choose to destroy their sensitive information. Wet document destruction is one of the most popular options for getting rid of documents. This method can be less expensive than other ones, but it does lack some important safeguards. Here are some pros and cons to consider when deciding if this method is right for you.

Wet paper documents are usually cheaper than some of the other options on the market, including cross shredding and mobile document destruction. The wet process involves soaking sensitive documents in water. Destroying them thoroughly while keeping them intact. This can be less expensive that shredding or pulping because it does not require the use of expensive equipment and technology.

Wet document destruction leaves some information open to hackers, thieves and other interested parties. If you’re using wet paper shredding as a method of disposal, it’s important to note that the water does not render your documents illegible. In addition, wet paper shredding is very time-consuming for employees. Who have to sort through each piece of paper before throwing it away.


Wet document disposal is a popular choice for some, but it does have its disadvantages. This method can be cheaper than others. But it may leave items open to hackers and thieves who could use the information illegally. If you do choose wet document destruction as your preferred method of destroying records and sensitive information. It’s important to note that water does not ensure that documents remain illegible.