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Significance of PVC Panels for Complete Protection of a Food Processing Unit

You should always prefer a high-quality paneling solution when you think of maintaining a food processing unit. Wall and ceiling paneling hold paramount importance in areas like food processing units. The more you emphasize paneling, the better you can upgrade the quality of a food processing unit. Vinyl wall board is the modern-age wall and ceiling cladding materials suitable for high-scale commercial infrastructure like food processing units. Made from 100% pure vinyl, PVC panels effectively safeguard the food processing units from the adverse effects of the environment. Besides, PVC panels are thin and lightweight, giving ease of handling during the installation. They are cost-effective panels that help you yield profits in the long run. Read further about why PVC wall and ceiling panels are the most sought-after cladding material for the food processing unit.

PVC Panels are 100% Water-Resistant- Reduces Humidity Level Effectively

What if moisture rises inside the food processing unit? You gradually observe the formation of cracks on the surface of walls and ceilings. It becomes difficult to retain the same outlook of the walls and ceilings, making the facility look terrible. The perfect way to eliminate structural deterioration concerns is to install a high-quality vinyl wall board.

Vinyl panels are impervious to a high amount of moisture. In addition, these panels do not contain pores, preventing moisture-locking inside their panels. As a result, no dampness occurs, and you can ensure maximum safety and hygiene of the stored edibles.


Keeps the Fire Accidents at Bay- Know How

Food processing units become susceptible to fire accidents. When equipped with combustible liquids, the chance of fire accidents becomes high. In such circumstances, you should install USA made vinyl panels. PVC panels have a standard Class-A fire-grade feature that resists fire accidents for at least 1 hour.


PVC Panels are Long-Lasting- Stay in Immaculate Condition for a Long Time

Vinyl panels have unparalleled strength and durability, unlike FRP panels. PVC panels have an excellent shelf-life period of 40-45 years that do not corrode, rust, delaminate, discolor, or crack with time. As a result, these panels stay in bright-like condition without any requirement of repairing, refinishing, or replacement.

Need Minimal Maintenance Only

When you invest in PVC panels, you can get rid of the hassles of regular cleaning. PVC panels are good washable cladding materials. Such panels do not require regular cleaning. They are easy to clean with a simple cloth dipped in soap or detergent.

Super Easy Installation Time

PVC panels consist of tongue and groove interlocking technology. In this process, the panels are attached to the studs without any need for surface fasteners and glue. Besides, No backers are required as well. One local installer can install PVC wall and ceiling panels within 7-8 days.

Rely Upon Duramax PVC Wall Panels for Installing High-Graded PVC Wall and Ceiling Panels

Welcome to Duramax PVC Wall Panels. We are one of the leading and well-known manufacturers of USA made vinyl panels. Our licensed professionals are committed to providing you with high-graded and cost-effective insulation for your small and large-scale commercial infrastructures. Some of the infrastructures include meat packaging units, dairy parlors, indoor Cannabis grow rooms, restaurants, warehouses, etc. At Duramax, you get highly advanced PVC wall and ceiling panels with excellent moisture-resistance features. In addition, our panels have a mold-coated surface that does not allow bacteria, mold, and mildew to reside on the surface. Moreover, Duramax PVC panels are combined with Science and Nanotechnology that offer a lifetime of value and performance.

No matter how expensive Duramax PVC panels are, you need to pay less than FRP panels based on the overall installation process. While the total cost of FRP panels sticks to around $141.50, the cost of Duramax PVC panels stays at $88.58. You save half of the material and labor costs on installing the Duramax PVC panels. In addition, you can customize the Duramax PVC panels according to your needs and requirements. Duramax PVC Panels are directly shipped from the factory to your location in just two weeks. Get a free sample today to know about PVC panels in detail.

The drywall might be a cheap option, but the wall material absorbs moisture, swells up, and molds easily. The drywall isn’t a great choice for the food facility. Drywall stains and the heavy-duty maintenance get expensive with time. Rather installing food processing wall panels made from 100% virgin vinyl is a more durable choice. The vinyl wall panels don’t stain, absorb moisture, mold, and are easier to clean. Get the Duramax wall panels in 2 weeks direct from the factory. Request a quote now.