Some important things related to hot stone massage

Hello friends, how are you guys, hope you will be fine, you are warmly welcome, in this article, with the help of today’s article, we are going to get complete information about some important things related to hot stone massage in full detail.

You must be aware that people are paying so much attention to their health now and are using many different methods to fix their health. One of the best ways is a hot stone massage and by using hot stone massage, you can get rid of problems like exhaustion from your body and you can make your body healthy.

If you do not have much information about it, then we have tried to give every information related to it below. So if you read this article carefully till the end to know about it, then let’s start this article without delay.


What is special about hot stone therapy

Hot stone therapy is the use of smooth flat stones for massage. Their number: for hot therapy – 40-50 black stones (their temperature is about 50 degrees), and for cold – 18-20 white stones (cooled from 0 to 10 degrees and at room temperature).

Stone therapy The structure of the stone should be porous, flat, smooth to slide comfortably over the body, and should remain warm for a long period of time. A slightly porous surface promotes deep cleansing of the skin and removal of toxins.

A perfectly smooth surface is used for general massage. The following types of stones can be used: rhinestones; basalt; Jade; marble; rose quartz. You can buy stones in the form of sets for offers to buy them in specialized stores “Green Elf”, Axiom Cosmetology, “Mega Spa”.


Why hot stone massage is useful

Stone therapy is a general strengthening procedure, when using it, the following results are felt: the metabolism is stabilized; lymph flow and blood circulation are stimulated; beneficial effect on the nervous system, and nervous tension;

Thanks to the use of oils, the skin becomes elastic and soft; Relieves muscle pain, fatigue of the spine, and heaviness in the legs. To use a massage method like stone therapy, basalt stones of different temperatures alternate with each other.

Warm ones warm the body, relax muscles and relieve cramps. The use of cold stones during the procedure does not cause negative emotions, because the body, with the help of the masseur’s actions, prepares for the effects of low temperatures.

Stone therapy strengthens and tones the muscles. So friends, in this way, hot stone massage proves to be beneficial for our body and it is also useful, so let us now move on to the next topic and get some new information related to it.


How to use a stone in hot stone massage

Classic stone massage with stones. Stones of different temperatures are alternated or only hot ones are used. Effects: muscle relaxation, improvement of local blood circulation, acceleration of metabolism, emotional relaxation.

Modeling massage for the whole body includes a number of restorative procedures, including stone therapy. Also, a dot is used with it. It has an anti-stress effect. Corrective massage with chocolate cream.

In order to saturate the skin with minerals at the beginning of the procedure, it is necessary to take mineral baths with a hydromassage effect. After this, the stone is massaged with hot and cold stones.

This effect contributes to weight loss and the creation of a slim silhouette. Then the skin is treated with a scrub containing Dead Sea salts and minerals, which improves blood microcirculation and has an anti-inflammatory and cleansing effect.

After that, a full body wrap is applied using basalt crystals and herbal extracts. This treatment lubricates the skin and helps eliminate toxins. Anti-aging crystal body massager.

The original technology is used with the use of semi-precious stones aventurine of a special shape. Effect: relaxation, decrease in body volume. Anti-aging crystal face massager.

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