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Switch to PVC panels from the traditional FRP wallboard

FRP panels might seem like a real cost-effective deal, but in reality, there are several drawbacks. The FRP wall panelsare plastic materials that work great as an effective wall covering. For centuries, businesses have installed the FRP wallboard with the idea of protecting the walls and ceiling from moisture damage. However, these wall panels could not effectively do the job. The FRP panels started molding, rotting, peeling off, and giving issues. Business owners started looking for a more durable and effective wall paneling solution. That’s when Duramax PVC panels came into the picture. The premium-quality vinyl wall panels are a great alternative to FRP. Vinyl panels beat FRP in durability, strength, ease of installation, and numerous other ways. If you plan to change from FRP and install vinyl panels, then here are the reasons supporting your smart move!

PVC is long-lasting, strong, and rigid

The Duramax vinyl panels made from 100% virgin material ensure exceptional durability and resilience. The wall panels manufactured with ½ inch thickness ensure enhanced durability than other thinner wall materials. Although some vinyl panels require drywall and backers for installation, Duramax wall panels are thick enough to directly attach themselves to the walls and ceilings. The high-end panels have an internal webbed truss design that makes them tough and strong. The wall panels have high durability lasting for 45 long years without the need for any repairs, replacing, or refinishing. On the other hand, FRP panels have wooden backers that absorb moisture and start peeling off and delamination after a few years. FRP panels are not resistant to impacts and get damaged at the slightest blows and abuses.

PVC – Fastest to install wall panels

It takes two days to install FRP wallboard, which can significantly affect the business. FRP wall panel installation takes time, additional materials, and skilled labor. The entire process is messy and cumbersome. While installing FRP panels, one needs to shut down the business for a day or two. However, PVC panels get installed within 7 hours or even less than that if you hire more labor for the job. PVC installation is the fastest and easiest. The Duramax DIY PVC panels have a user-friendly instruction manual for installation. The panels have a hidden fastener installation system that ensures greater durability, strength, and resilience. The studs directly attach to the walls, and each panel has a tongue and groove interlocking system for enhanced rigidity. PVC installation requires no additional materials or skilled labor for the job. Fast-track your wall paneling installation by choosing Duramax panels.

PVC – Easier to clean

The FRP wall panel has a rough and delicate surface with wooden backers. The wall panel cleaning is difficult as FRP easily gets damaged and isn’t resistant to impacts, blows, and abuses. For cleaning the FRP wall panels, you need a soft bristle brush and organic detergents. However, the vinyl panels are much simpler to clean. The PVC panels are resistant to chemicals, making cleaning easier with bleaching and other strong, powerful detergents. The white, bright, and light-reflective vinyl panels get cleaned with a damp mop and soap. PVC wall panels don’t fade, stain, rust, or rot. The vinyl wall panels require occasional cleaning and aren’t dependent on professional heavy-duty maintenance, much unlike the traditional FRP.

PVC – Certified and hygienic choice 

Duramax wall panels are FDA-compliant and adhere to the quality parameters of CFIA and ASTM regulatory bodies. The high-end wall panels are certified, quality-compliant, and a hygienic choice for commercial and industrial sectors. PVC panels never mold, rot, absorb water, and are anti-microbial too. The panels have a smooth, non-porous exterior surface that doesn’t attract dirt, debris, and filth. The wall panels have no fissures that might harbor hidden filth and bacteria around the corners. PVC wall panels are certified and extremely hygienic for dairy farms, shipping containers, breweries, meat processing units, warehouses, garages, grow rooms, and also commercial kitchens and restaurants. On the contrary, FRP wall panels tend to attract moisture via the wooden backers. FRP rots and starts developing mold instantly due to the high moisture content inside the panel board.

Wrapping up

PVC panels might be slightly higher in cost but an affordable deal in the long run. The durable wall panels need no repairs and stay in good shape for at least 40 years or even longer. Get the wallboard at dirt-cheap factory-direct cost, dispatched within 2 weeks after placing orders. In addition, Duramax wall panels arrive with a limited lifetime warranty. Get a quote now.