Techniques to Resolve the QuickBooks Unable to Open Company File Error

Undoubtedly, QuickBooks is the most used online accounting software in the accounting world because of its variegated attributes and benefits to ease vapid financial work. The business companies religiously swear by this application to maintain their expenses and incomes regularly. But the application becomes futile if errors and issues keep cropping up on the screen. QuickBooks Unable to Open Company File is one of those errors that disrupt the normal functioning of the application. To get a deeper view of this error, its possible causes, and solutions, dig into this blog. You can also communicate with our support team to get quick solutions.

What Happens in QuickBooks Company File Won’t Open Error?

QuickBooks Company File won’t open error is supported by a warning message: “Unable to access company files. Please try again later.” This message is implicit that due to some glitch in the application, the user cannot access the company file. QuickBooks allows the users to work on the company file and fetch various information according to their needs. However, such issues might interrupt this process.

Factors Influencing the QuickBooks Company File Won’t Open Error

There could be various factors behind the occurrence of the QuickBooks company file won’t open error, including:

  1. Fault in the Company File: Any damage or invasion of virus in the company file can create issues in accessing the company file.
  2. Internet Connection Problem: For an online application to function efficiently, a good internet connection is required. If the network keeps fluctuating, errors can cause an inability to access the QuickBooks application.
  3. Erroneous Nomenclature: The company file is supposed to have limited characters in its name. Any addition to the name may result in corruption in the file, leading to unexpected problems.
  4. Restricted Permissions: To access all the online features, the user needs to give the required permission to the QuickBooks application. If the requisite permissions are not allowed by the users, errors are bound to occur.
  5. Loss of Essential Files: Any damage or loss of the QBWUSER.INI file may result in triggering errors as the file is necessary for the QuickBooks application to function.
  6. Hard Drive Complications: The hard drive stores all the information of an operating system. In case there is any complication in the hard drive due to damage or corruption by the viruses, various issues might get triggered.

Distinguish the Presence of the Company File Opening Error in QuickBooks

Besides the inability to access the company file, the user might observe various other symptoms on their system, which can confirm the presence of the company file opening error in QuickBooks.

  1. Multiple attempts to open the company file can shut the application down.
  2. Unable to access the created reports.
  3. Difficulty in updating the payroll tax table.
  4. Other attributes of the application also start showing issues.
  5. The application doesn’t respond to mouse pointers and keyboard buttons.

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Best Possible Ways to Resolve the Company File Opening Error in QuickBooks

To eradicate the company file opening issue in QuickBooks completely from the system, try out these practical resolutions to fix the error.

Relocate the Company File

  1. Open the Windows Start Menu. Type “File Explorer” in Search to open File Explorer.
  2. Locate the folder containing your company files next. It is usually found in the QuickBooks folder. Right-click the company file and select Copy. Paste it on the desktop page.
  3. Try to “Rename” the file you pasted on the desktop lately by clicking right on it.  Give the file a descriptive name or add any random name.
  4. Open the QuickBooks desktop and head over to the File menu. Click on the “Open or Restore Business” option.
  5. Choose and commence the company file you copied to your desktop.
  6. If you are able to open the company file from this location, then the issues lie in the old location.
  7. Now move this company file to the original location and use this file as your main account.

Scan the File Properties

  1. Navigate to the Windows Start menu and click open the File Explorer.
  2. Search and find company files with .QBW extension. Right-click on the company file and hit the Properties option.
  3. Select Details. Selecting this option clears the Compression and Encryption check boxes. Click OK.

Modify the Host Settings

  1. Initiate the QuickBooks application on one of the workstations under the same network.
  2. Do not open company files. Choose the File menu and hover over to the “Utility” section.
  3. If you see the option to Host multi-user access, do not select it. Instead, proceed to the next workspace. This might not be triggering the error in the system.
  4. If you get an option to Stop hosting multi-user access, select it.
  5. Repeat these steps on all workstations.
  6. After changing the settings on all workstations, head over to the server computer which hosts the company files.
  7. If you receive the host multi-user option, select it and switch settings. Repeat the process and choose to Stop hosting multi-user access. This will reset multi-user mode.
  8. Follow the steps mentioned above again and choose the Host multi-user access.

Substitute the Name of the Company File

  1. From My Computers, select the Program Files in the C-drive. Open the QuickBooks file directory and access the company file.
  2. Substitute the name of the company file and choose the “Rename” alternative. Now, modify the name of the file considering the policies of the nomenclature, and save the file.

 Take Help from the QuickBooks Tool Hub

  1. Commence the QuickBooks Tool hub program and head to the “Installation Issues” tab.
  2. Start the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tools. The tool will automatically scan for the issues in the QuickBooks in a few minutes.
  3. After completion, hit the Finish button and access the QuickBooks application again.

Wrapping Up

QuickBooks Unable to Open Company File error can cause unnecessary delays in the work as the application doesn’t function if the company file doesn’t function properly. We hope that after studying this blog till the end, you must have understood the reasons behind the occurrence of the error. Hopefully, the solutions explained above will help you fix the company file error in QuickBooks. Nevertheless, you can always dial 1.855.738.2784 to contact the QB Expert and share your queries to get quick results.

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