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The 7 Best off-page SEO Trends and Techniques

SEO can be tough to keep up with, but if you want your site to stay up in the rankings, you have to stay on top of off-page SEO trends and techniques. These seven techniques will help you do just that!

1) Update Your Meta Tags – SEO Trends

According to experts, meta tags are just as important as content when it comes to SEO. While they don’t necessarily factor into search rankings, meta tags can increase click-through rates by 1%-5% on your web pages. If you’re going to craft a new set of meta tags or update existing ones, there are a few tips and tricks you should know: • Make sure your keywords fit naturally within your tagline.

2) Write Awesome Titles

You can dramatically improve your search rankings by simply increasing your click-through rate. The key to higher CTRs is simple: write awesome titles for your content. A good title attracts clicks, a bad title does not. If you have an SEO company in Chandigarh handling your marketing, give them a call if you’re not sure what words to use or how to craft a compelling headline that will lure searchers into clicking through to your content.

3) Create Relevant Content

You can’t expect Google to understand that your website is a great fit for certain types of searches if you don’t give it evidence of your expertise. If a user searches for the best SEO company in Chandigarh, wouldn’t you like to be at or near the top? It all comes down to relevant content on your site, which means coming up with unique articles about SEO Trends that users will find helpful. Your unique focus could also extend to an SEO glossary or other reference articles on SEO topics—something else that search engines pick up on.

4) Outreach Like Crazy

If you have a list of contacts, outreach to them like crazy. You can be direct or ask for an introduction first – whatever works best for you! If you’re not getting responses, try reaching out on social media or through email subject lines that stand out. It helps to mention specific accomplishments (startups they invested in, competitors they know, etc.). And if your initial reachout doesn’t work? Reach out again! Your goal is to catch their radar. That can happen after one back-and-forth exchange or it can take dozens—and each may get more difficult than the last as people start ignoring you. Don’t let that deter you; be creative with your approach and your persistence will pay off!

5) Use Social Media for Traffic Generation

The development of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ has made it easy for your company to advertise its goods or services through these sites. When you have a higher number of followers or likes on your site, more traffic will be driven towards your business. This means more potential customers who can give you sales conversions which will result in more revenue. Many SEO companies in Chandigarh provide social media optimization services that help your business flourish online.

6) Get Backlinks from Influencers in Your Niche

Though links from influential sites aren’t a direct ranking factor, they can be a huge boon to your site. The more important an influencer is in your niche, the more powerful these links can be—especially when combined with other proven on-page SEO strategies. It’s important to remember that not all influencers are created equal; some are incredibly difficult to contact directly. Your best bet for finding influencers who will take you seriously is simply to do your research. What blogs does your target audience read? Who do those bloggers respect? The answer will likely lead you toward even bigger names in your niche. Which might open doors for you down the line.

7) Create Email Newsletter Subscriber Lists

Signing up for an email newsletter can be a way to generate leads, though you have to be very careful. Just because someone opts in doesn’t mean that you’re free to blast them with promotions—but it does mean that you can use them for your own purposes. Ask if there are any special interests or topics they want to know more about. It’s a great way to get feedback on your work without having to ask outright. But also gives you valuable information on how they think (and what they might be looking for). Remember: Always give people an option to leave your list if they no longer want emails from you. This is good business practice and avoids potential spam complaints.

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