The Advanced Guide to Wooden Doors And Frames Manufacturer

Despite what you may believe, do you have any experience with wood for doors and windows? Certain woods may possess qualities that make them perfect for some construction projects but make them a challenging choice for window and door components.

For this reason, wood scientists are necessary, and we rely on in-house, wood scientists with advanced degrees to influence their research and manufacturing procedures. You should understand why Pine is underrated, Oak is a bit high-maintenance, and why you shouldn’t just take a supplier’s word for it when they say they’re selling you Honduran Mahogany if you’re advising customers on what kind of wood might be best for windows and doors, according to Stairway Studio.

Which kinds of wood are used to make windows?

Stairway Studio offers three different types of wood for exterior use: Wooden Doors and Frames Manufacturer, Honduran Mahogany, Douglas Fir, and Pine. We also provide more alternatives in our clad wood selections.

All of our windows are made using pine – the material of choice:

When a distinctive appearance is needed, Douglas Fir has more vertical grain, even when finished. Because it has more heartwood, it is also a little more durable option than pine, but remember that a lot of a window’s durability depends on how well it is engineered to withstand water.

The most solid and long-lasting wood alternative that will operate well for a very long period is Mahogany. Only in a condensing space, such as a hot tub or pool room, may Mahogany be used.

We offer five facts about wood and windows that you probably didn’t know:

Tips on Wood Types for Windows and Doors:

  • Pine is not only less expensive, but it also makes a great material for windows

One of the most underestimated options for wood windows is pine. Although it might not be the best material for flooring, it is cheap and has all the qualities a window or door product needs.

Pine flooring is not a good option since it dents and dings too quickly. You won’t be walking on a window, however. It must not swell or contract excessively, and it must have a sturdy structure without being unduly inflexible. Pine has all the best qualities and is a fantastic paint and stain substrate.

  • Strength isn’t the only consideration when choosing wood for a window

We at Stairway Studio maintain that working with a maker who is familiar with the “personalities” of various types of wood is more crucial when developing a lasting window or door than just discussing whether one wood species would be stronger than another.

The qualities of a material are vital, if you truly comprehend a material, you can design for its limitations, embrace them, and work around them. Despite being one of the strongest woods available, “a bad window design with Douglas Fir will not endure as long as a good design with Pine.”

  • Not all rare or expensive window and door woods are difficult to deal with

Speaking of timbers with personalities, how simple or challenging it is to design for different wood species might affect how much they cost. According to Wallace, the cost of premium wood is influenced by accessibility, perception, and usability. Because Honduran Mahogany is difficult to get, it costs more money. On the other side, White Oak is more expensive not because it is more difficult to procure, but because it is more challenging to design for.

“Oak is a strong wood that is more difficult to dry and that shrinks and swells more than other species. Using it in a window or door comes at a cost since it requires more handling and more specialized design, Wallace added. “We use our wood expertise to prepare it to work well in a different application because it’s popular from an aesthetic aspect.”

  • Some manufacturers use the name “Honduran Mahogany” broadly

It’s expensive to obtain the actual stuff, but it’s worth it. Despite its frequent use, not all mahogany is the same. The only kind of mahogany that will display the desirable qualities that make this Wooden Doors and Frames Manufacturer so unique is the Honduran Swietenia Macrophylla species, which must be ethically procured from managed forests.

All of the Honduran mahogany that we purchase has a Forest Steward Council certification, according to Wallace. “We are certain that we are improving forestation and fostering the survival of this species since we know exactly where it is coming from. It’s more difficult to get, but definitely worth it.

  • It’s all about exposed surfaces when it comes to maintaining wood

Wood needs to be treat, just like any organic material, to ward off rot and pests, and some treatments leave behind untreated regions that might later develop into weak spots. Protecting your customers’ investment in windows and doors can be done in large part by inquiring about the treatment process.

According to Stairway Studio, we use submersion therapy to acquire a high loading of not just one, but three active and targeted fungicides, plus an insecticide and water repellant.

Measure the Dimensions to Determine the Size of Your Custom Solid Wood Door

Don’t forget to measure the door frame dimensions to ensure that your custom outside solid wood door fits the size parameters:

Measure the door slab, which is the real, solid-wood door itself, devoid of any frames or fasteners. The new door should be the exact same size as the old door if you intend to replace. The current door while keeping the current frame (height, width, and thickness). Take the measurement from outside the frame if you intend to replace the interior or external wood solids at the same time as the frame. The size of the net frame may differ across manufacturers.

Choose a configuration that works with the specified dimension

The owner must determine which door system would be best for this available dimension for custom wood doors, both inside and exterior. The owner and their designer have a variety of possibilities to choose from. For instance, US Door & More offers a variety of options if the owner wishes to build a custom double solid wood door.

Pre-hung or Slab?

The unique internal wood door needs to be pre-hung and slabbed. A pre-hung wood door is ready to be install and utilize with the prepared doorway. Since it comes with a door placed on the frame and the hinges. A slab door, on the other hand, which is merely a wood door without a frame, handle, or set of hinges is thought of as being simple.

What Wood Makes the Best Doors?

The most crucial decision is choosing the appropriate material for the custom wood door. Because it reflects the owner’s aesthetic preferences and taste. Mahogany, Fir, Oak, Walnut Exterior Wood Door, and a variety of other materials are available for solid wood doors from US Door & More.

Different types of wood can be use for interior and exterior doors, depending on personal preference, location, and climate.

Alder and Poplar are the most common wood kinds for inside custom wood doors because of their affordability and beauty. The grain pattern of knotty alder contains knots. This gives the door and its appearance even more rustic charm. 

What wood is best for front doors?


Alder is a great choice for exterior doors as it has a unique grain and prominent knots that add texture and character to the door. This hardwood also absorbs dirt very well and can give doors a pale yellow to deep reddish hue.Alder wood doors are very inexpensive. View our selection of alderwood doors here. cherry
Generally dyed in darker tones, cherry wood is red. Characterized by its smooth touch, Cherry is a beautiful choice for traditional homeowners who want a darker wood. Cherry is very expensive, so it may not be your first choice for exterior doors.


Hickory has a distinctive grain, often with bird pecks and mineral streaks. It comes in many color variations and may be lighter than other types of wood. mahogany
Mahogany also stains well, giving the door a darker color. They are more expensive than other types of wooden doors because they are waterproof and do not expand or contract.


Oak hardwood has a dramatic grain. It is easy to get dirty and has excellent weather resistance.


Maple hardwood has a consistent texture and grain pattern. A Maple is more commonly used indoors because the wood brightens when exposed to the elements. It also tends to shrink over time. tree for your outside door


The interior doors are constructed of pine wood, which is also the least expensive material. Mahogany wood, which is well renown for its aromatic properties. Appears to be the perfect choice for outside custom wood doors. Mahogany wood has a soft grain that blends well with both traditional and modern architecture. Exterior wood doors frequently experience rot and decay, and mahogany wood appears to be the most durable option for this.

The primary goal of our company – Stairway Studio is to provide the best products and services in the market. Additionally, we offer steel doors and frames of the highest caliber at competitive prices. Contact us today to install the best doors possible!