The best chemicals to use poison baits for rats and mice

Tomcat 4 lb All Weather Bait

The 4 lb All Weather Tomcat Bait is very easy to use and is effective against mice, squirrels, raccoon moles, tamias and other rodents that can make your life hell – Corroborated by customers.

We found this product to be the same poison bait used by pest control professionals at the Protecta Station but some think the 4 pounds is sufficient for non-commercial applications. The blocks, which are used as bait, have holes in which the steel of a rodent hunting station can be inserted. This item can keep the poison away from other animals as the block will be immobilized. You can also choose another bait station because we do not recommend using the Tomcat bait without one.

A bait bucket lasts longer in summer and fall, however in winter it can last the entire season. The Tomcat bait is quite efficient; Many people claim that they start getting dead rats the day after they start using them, while others start to see results during the first and second week of use. In the end, a lot depends on the number of rodents that are in the vicinity. What is certain is that when using this product you will not hear from these animals for a long time: “Once the proliferation has been solved, I leave a bait that I check once a month. If they have taken it, I will replace it at once. No more rats! “

Remember that rats can gather up the blocks and take them back to their nest, where they will die. So you might think that the bait doesn’t work, because you don’t see the rats’ corpses.  

Active Ingredient : Bromadiolone, each packet contains 1.5 oz.

Price: ~ $ 26.90  {link = 27}

Bait Block, Rodenticide, Anticoagulant for Rats and Mice JT Eaton 709-PN

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First of all, rats love this product. This information has been corroborated by Amazon customers. People prepare the bait station, place a block of this product and go to work. When they return, they find the station empty. That means that “something” has taken it!

Also, people who buy this product also use it to attract gophers and squirrels. Likewise, we recommend not using this bait without its respective bait station. We say this because many times people place the bait on the ground, the mouse gets it, eats it and leaves the brown granules (the poison) intact and escapes. Use the Protecta LP Rat Bait Station to increase the chance of getting rid of the rats that are bothering you.

Customers also noted that this product is fast and effective. A girl from commented that she started using the JT Eaton 709-PN and that the disappearance of the plague began to occur gradually. If you want to break this bait into pieces you can also do it. This bait does not have a hole in the center of the block; a feature that is present in other brands.

Another customer gives his opinion about JT and says the following: “Be patient; the rats will feed their young with the food they have gotten and see their reaction. If they find it reliable, they will end up eating it. ” Find other helpful tips here.

The JT Eaton 709-PN bait block is the first generation of baits with anticoagulant effects.

Active ingredient : 0.005 percent diphacinone

Price: ~ $ 25.49  (144-block bucket) {link = 28} 

D-Con Ready Mix Rat and Mouse Killer Bait Trays

This is a highly reputable rat killer product and contains 8 bait trays. All you have to do is remove the protective plastic and place the tray in the place where you think there is the most rodent traffic.

As some customers say, D-Con Ready Mix works efficiently with rats and mice, especially the infamous “Norwegian Rats”, squirrels and tamias. If you want to completely kill rodents you have to be using the product until the end.

Read some of the comments left by some customers: “My husband has been using this product for many years to kill the rats that were living in the attic. D-Con Ready is very effective, you just have to constantly check for the bodies of the rats that have died as a result of the poison ”.

By the way, there are useful tips among the customer reviews:

  1. Normally, the activity of mice increases during the month of November. Be alert!
  2. You can mix this product with peanut butter
  3. Combining other methods with D-Con Ready can stunt the effectiveness of the product.

Active Ingredient : Brodifacoum

Price : ~ $ 27.50 

Farnam Home & Garden Just One Bite II Bar

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This rat poison comes as a one pound block that can easily be broken into two 2-ounce pieces. According to customer opinion, rats find it very palatable. Best of all, not only will rats be attracted, so will mice, squirrels and tamias. Customers who purchased this product indicated that it worked like a charm. One of the buyers found a dead rat just 12 hours after placing the bait.

Clients recommend not losing faith if you don’t see immediate results. On the contrary, they think that placing larger portions or using the Farnam bait with a trap always gives better results. For example, a customer came to use this product with two “old-fashioned” traps in conjunction with an electronic trap and said it all worked wonderfully.

One of the customers said that he bought this rat poison for $ 11.90 and left it in the bag in the room. Later he heard a whispering and other strange sounds. It turns out that the rodents got the package inside the briefcase, broke it and started consuming it! The client said: “I know that one should place the bait in a strategic place, but I did not think it would all turn out this way”

You will probably have to dispose of the rats’ bodies after the poison takes effect. In that case, we recommend buying one of those 16-inch tweezers that people use to pick up dead rodents.

Active ingredient : bromadiolone

Price: ~ $ 9.01 {link = 29} 

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