The Best Webinar Platforms With a Free Trial: A Quick Overview

Webinars are one of the most popular formats for connecting with the audience and sharing information with them. Unlike other formats of online events, Webinars are easy to host and can be hosted quickly and easily. Webinars are similar to their in-person counterparts and are hosted to address a larger audience at once. Not only this, Webinars are generally informative, and they mostly revolve around sharing knowledge and distributing information. 

Webinars are among the top preferences of the organizers and it is because of a few reasons. 

As we told you earlier, they are quick and money efficient. Not only this, but since webinars are mostly about sharing information, they allow the organizers to set themselves up as authorities and get their audience’s trust. 

The platforms that allow the organizers to set up webinars are known as webinar platforms. Given the popularity of webinars, it is quite obvious that we have an abundance of webinar platforms these days. But does that make it easier for the organizers to select one platform for hosting their webinar? We don’t think so. But, to help all the organizers who feel stuck due to the abundance of webinar platforms, we have brought you this blog.

In this blog, we have compiled a list of the best webinar platforms that come with a free trial. So, without any ado, let us get started. 


Mixhubb is one of the top names that several organizers and organizations across the world prefer for hosting webinars and other online events. It is a self-managed platform that allows users to plan and host their webinars however they want to. Not only this, but since it is a customizable platform, it allows users to design their webinars as per their needs and objectives. Moreover, it is a scalable platform, which means it is open to all kinds of event needs as well as the organizations. Mixhubb has been designed keeping the needs of the users in mind. Hence, it comes with a super simple and intuitive interface, making it easier for the organizers and attendees to access the platform and webinar.

In addition, Mixhubb comes with a set of wonderful features like recording, live chat, screen sharing, networking tables, etc. All these features help the organizers execute their plans effectively. Also, it is a super-economical platform, which means that the organizers don’t have to spend hefty amounts of money to host a webinar. What makes Mixhubb a different platform from others is the fact that it offers a one-month free trial, which the users can use to host an unlimited number of events. 

Zoho Meeting: 

Next up, we have Zoho Meeting, an excellent and top-notch webinar platform. This platform comes with extensive features that allow users to reach out to a huge number of attendees at once. The users get to stream their webinars on YouTube with this platform. Not only this, but it also allows users to send automated emails to users, record the webinars and share them, and manage registrations hassle-free.

At Zoho Meeting, you get to host webinars with as many as 3000 attendees at once. On top of that, it also provides the users with some of the best audience engagement tools. These tools help them keep their audience hooked to the webinar. It is a customizable platform that allows users to customize their emails and registration pages however they want. To make it easier for organizers, Zoho Meeting provides them with live analytics that enables the users to measure the success of their webinars. 


If you are into the online event industry, we are sure you have heard about this platform quite a few times. It is one of the most popular and efficient webinar platforms that allow users to host webinars effectively and seamlessly. GoToWebinar enables users to host all kinds of webinars. So, be it live webinars, on-demand webinars, one time webinars, or a series of webinars, you can host each and every kind of webinar with this platform. Along with it, this platform allows users to add their brand logos, designs, images, etc. in the webinars. It helps them align their webinars with users’ brands. On top of that, GoToWebinar allows users to keep their audience engaged with several tools. These tools include live polls, Q&A sessions, live results, etc. To help the users expand the reach of their brand, this platform allows users to share their webinars offline. 


Last but not least, we have another top name in our list of the best webinar platforms, Demio. This platform allows users to host their webinars in HD format. Also, Demio is a browser-based platform enabling the attendees to join the webinars from their browsers. Moreover, it is a customizable platform that allows users to customize their pages. In addition, Demio allows your attendees to interact with each other while the webinar is going on. 

We believe these four platforms that we have included in this list are the best platforms that one can use to host webinars. They are proficient, easy to use, and offer a set of advanced features that help the users create lifelike experiences.